Top 5 Rugby Anime of all Time

Rugby is not really all that popular in Asian countries at least that use to be the case. But now with the increasing rise of rugby anime's more and more people are trying out rugby. So to further fuel the rugby fire here are the top 5 best rugby anime ever made. Enjoy..!! All Out If ...

Top 5 Volleyball Anime of all Time

Volleyball is sadly one of the most ignored sports genres in the anime world. There were only 5 animes made that actually feature volleyball. Volleyball came into light after the recent success of Haikyu as one of the best sports anime ever. So without further ado here are the top 5 volleyball ...

Top 7 Cycling / Cycle Racing Anime

Many anime fans wanted to know which are the best bike racing anime to watch in 2021. Since there were so few we decided to make a list of the 7 best bike racing anime of all time. If you haven't checked any bike racing anime yet then this list is sure to make you fall in love. Yawamushi ...

Top 10 Tennis Anime of All Time

Tennis is one of the niche anime genres that some anime lovers like. I tried to find the best tennis anime to watch but I couldn't find a decent one. So we decided to make our own list of tennis based sports anime. So for those who love tennis anime here are the top 10 tennis anime they need to ...

Top 10 Basketball Anime of all Time

Kuroko's Basketball Currently, one of the best and most popular anime in the world when it comes to basketball. With amazing artwork and deep character growth, Kuroko's basketball has pushed basketball anime back to glory. Kuroko is actually called a prodigy and is considered to be ...

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