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Top 15 One Piece Games

One Piece hasn't seen the same level of success in the gaming industry as other well-known shounen games. One Piece hasn't performed as well in the business as anime like Dragon Ball and Naruto, which have several well-known game series to their names. Of sure, anime aficionados may ...

Top 20 Military Anime

We've seen a lot of excellent action anime, including battles for life and death and monster-slaying sequences. But what about protracted conflict? That's right, today we'll discuss the greatest war and military-themed anime ever made. Will you locate a TV show about a significant conflict between ...

Top 24 Demon lord anime you need to see

You've come to the perfect location if you're looking to indulge your obsession with demonic creatures. Demons can take on several shapes. You could find it appealing to the idea of helpful neighborhood devils. It's also feasible that you'd prefer using evil, soul-eating demons to combat ...

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