Top 20 Flirty characters in anime

There's just no excuse not to fall for an anime character. And I'm certain that you can't hide from a careless rickroll anywhere. Here are our selections for the best anime characters that are worth emulating. Tanaka Tanaka is a drowsy youngster who constantly nods off and appears ...

Top 25 anime to watch with your life partner

Whether you are blissfully married or seriously lacking in the love area, anime shows are enjoyable to watch. Give one of these 25 top romantic anime shows a try if you're missing something in your nonexistent love life or just want to watch some heart-pounding action. Unlike some of the other ...

Top 25 Romance Anime

Everybody could use some love in their life. It's a good idea to sometimes let someone in, whether it's for a light date or a serious relationship. Fill that possible gap in your life with one of the 25 finest romantic anime on this list. Plenty of people in relationships watch these things too ...

Top 20 Anime Tsundere girls of all time

The growth of Tsundere's characters is quite heartwarming to watch. Although we may not have been their greatest fans at first, their transformation from icy and aggressive to pleasant and warm surely wins us over in the end. For your viewing pleasure, these are the top 20 Tsundere girls: ...

10 tips to date a girl who loves anime

Regardless of whether you're an anime or not, you could feel uneasy about making romantic overtures to an anime-lover girl. However, dating a female that fits into this group is no harder than dating any other girl. Finding the girl and making yourself interesting to her enough will be all you ...

Top 25 Yaoi Anime

Yoai category of anime was quite rare before. But with the current generation of people this category of anime has flourished like none other. So for those who have love yoai anime here are some of the top hits that you will enjoy Sex Pistols This story is about a high school ...

10 tips to date a guy who loves anime

Gather solid information on what kind of anime he likes to watch Roundup anime from psychological thrillers to coming-of-age melodrama. There are fast-paced adventure shows with cliffhangers at the end of each episode and heartfelt slice-of-life episodes. Each episode is typically 20 ...

Top 30 Shoujo Manga

So, I'm guessing you're seeking an excellent manga recommendation in the SHOUJO-ROMANCE genre; don't worry, my buddy. I'll show you some of my favorite shoujo manga that I've already finished in this article! You wouldn't be concerned about the next chapter or put up with month-long updates ...

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