Top 15 novels where MC is stuck in a game

Welcome to the world of virtual reality, where the lines between what is real and what is not can become blurred. The theme of MC going into a game world has become popular in the recent years. From epic fantasy quests to dystopian futures, these novels have captured the imagination of readers ...

Top 17 Cutest Anime Cats

The majority of anime is undoubtedly a cat person. You occasionally see a dog, for sure. However, cats just rule the genre. There are several of these hairy critters, including ones who talk, have cat ears, and add the word "nyan" to everything they say. So today I want to celebrate these kitties ...

Top 20 family friendly anime

Would you wish to introduce anime to your parents? If so, which anime should you choose? If so, I have some recommendations for you. You can watch the 22 animes I've mentioned with your parents. I only selected movies because, in my opinion, they provide a better introduction to the "world of ...

Top 20 Must Watch Anime from the 1990s

There are more anime than ever to watch as the anime business expands quickly. As a result of the numerous anime that was produced throughout this decade, the anime industry underwent a permanent change. Even though some of the anime from the 1990s might not be the most appealing to a novice, it ...

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