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Top 24 most famous anime voice actors

Megumi Hayashibara is a Japanese voice actress, singer, and lyricist who has been active in the industry since the 1980s. She is considered one of the most prominent voice actresses in Japan, with a career spanning over 30 years. She has voiced many iconic anime characters, including Rei ...

Top 16 Mad scientist characters in anime

Anime is known for its unique and diverse characters, and one of the most popular character archetypes is the mad scientist. These characters are often portrayed as brilliant, eccentric, and obsessed individuals who are driven by their desire to push the boundaries of science and technology. ...

Top 20 Flirty characters in anime

There's just no excuse not to fall for an anime character. And I'm certain that you can't hide from a careless rickroll anywhere. Here are our selections for the best anime characters that are worth emulating. Tanaka Tanaka is a drowsy youngster who constantly nods off and appears ...

Top 24 biggest anime production houses

One fantastic strategy to locate new anime is to focus on animation studios. It consistently produce high-quality stuff, then look at their previous work. A-1 Pictures and Sunrise, for example, generate a bewildering array of programs while maintaining a distinct aesthetic. Others, such as Wit ...

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