23 famous anime creators that have passed away

Starting an anime project and finishing it might take years or even decades. The anime's scope might be quite broad and take a long time to complete. The artists that use this medium put their all into their work. Every time a fan picks up an anime, they can tell that it was truly a labour of ...

Top 10 Websites to Watch Anime Legally

You are not alone, though. It can be difficult for die-hard anime fans outside of Japan to find the anime they want to watch because it isn't just simply available outside. You can imagine how disappointing it is to not be able to watch anime online if you are even vaguely aware of the devoted fan ...

Top 15 Medieval Age Manga

Hey, welcome back to animerankers.com!  This list is for you medieval genre lovers. Today we decided to embark on a journey to rank the Top 15 Best Medieval Age Manga. Hope you enjoy it:  Berserk  Guts were born under the gallows tree ...

Top 10 Mecha Manga

Mecha is a genre of Japanese manga and anime that heavily features mechanical innovation. Robots, cyborgs, androids, and space stations, for example, all fall under the wide umbrella of mecha. We’ve all at some point, dreamed of a world where machinery has advanced. So check out these top 10 mecha ...

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