Top 15 Manga novels where MC is a villainess

One unique sub-genre of manga is the villainess manga, where the main character is not the hero, but rather the villainess of the story. Filled with questions regarding morality, loyalty and life itself, these manga series provide a fresh perspective and a new twist on the traditional hero's ...

Top 20 Novels with Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has been a popular theme in literature and media for years. From classic novels like "I Am Legend" to modern hits like "The Walking Dead," the genre has captivated audiences with its blend of horror, survival, and human drama. In recent years, this trend has expanded to ...

Top 9 Manga where Mc is a Demon King

Manga and anime often feature stories where the protagonist is a hero or a chosen one, destined to save the world from some great evil. However, there are also stories where the main character is a demon king, ruling over their kingdom of demons, and struggling to maintain their power and ...

Top 25 Apocalyptic anime that you must see

It's also worth noting that anime and manga are mediums that often depict a wide range of characters and that not all of them are male. So, rather than focusing on a single aspect of a character, it's important to appreciate the complexity and depth of the characters as a whole. ...

Top 23 Novels where MC has a monster inside him

Many novels explore the theme of inner demons, but what about when the inner demon is a literal monster? These novels feature main characters who have monsters living inside them, often as a result of a curse, experiment, or another supernatural occurrence. The monster can be a source of power or ...

10 Anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most mentioned anime of all time. It is the best dark fantasy thriller anime and the top in its genre. This anime, uniquely written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, however, does miles better in the manga. All in all, Tokyo Ghoul is a brilliant experience! So today we ...

Top 20 Anime where MC is a demon

The early 2000s saw a rise in the popularity of anime featuring strong demon lords. Watching these powerful entities overcome obstacles in their worlds with little to no character development has a wonderfully overwhelming quality. Since they are already "Demon Kings," they don't need any, so ...

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