Top 5 Rugby Anime of all Time

Rugby is not really all that popular in Asian countries at least that use to be the case. But now with the increasing rise of rugby anime’s more and more people are trying out rugby. So to further fuel the rugby fire here are the top 5 best rugby anime ever made. Enjoy..!!

All Out

best rugby sports anime all out

If you like rugby, muscles, and hardcore training this anime is for you. Other than Eyeshield 21 there is no other Rugby anime that is as popular as all-out. Kenji Gion and Sumiaki Iwashimizu are two main protagonists of this rugby anime.

The former has a small physique with a fiery attitude and the latter has a super-strong body with a shy attitude. Watch as their story progresses as they try to become the best rugby team ever. Watching Gion tackle the biggest guys and bringing them on the ground is always exciting to watch. Don’t miss this gem of an anime.

Eyeshield 21

best rugby anime

Rugby is one of the hardest sports for those who are small and physically weak-bodied. But that’s not enough to stop eyeshield 21. The fastest kid on the block now is the main runner for the school rugby team representing his school.

An amazing rugby anime with the underdog no one expects. If you like anime with sports and overpowered characters you will love this anime. It is a bit childish at times but is a great anime nonetheless. Make sure to watch it.

Try Knights

best rugby anime

Our protagonist Haruma Riku begins his high school life with no future in-sight. Then, as he is passing by he sees something so wild that he can’t help but feel envious. His attention is captured by the wild, animal-like movements of a Rugby player from his school. He jumps higher, runs faster, and tries harder than anyone Riku has ever seen. He offers a bit of advice to the player which results in him becoming even faster and more amazing.

This little advice ends up starting the amazing story of try knights with Kariya Akira being the physically gifted genius and Haruma Riku being the tactical one.

If you love Rugby and tactics used in sports you will love this anime. A must watch by all means.

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Number 24

best rugby anime rankings

Natsusa Yuzuki was one of the best rugby players and was expected to be the ace for his college rugby team. But life had other plans. Due to unexpected circumstances (no spoilers) had to sit out and was unable to join the matches. Now Six months later, he’s back to play his passion of rugby along with his friends who will change the rugby game forever.

One of the best Ruby anime ever made with a mix teamwork, passion and thriller all in one go.


Mako would have never expected that teaching and being the coach of a rugby team would be this difficult. Can Mako convince her boys to fight on the playfield instead of brawling in the streets? Watch Madonna to find out more.

An great rugby anime from the perspective of the coach rather then the players. Its an old anime with barely watchable animation. But the storyline, comedy and plot make it all the worthwhile. If you have finished all the other anime on the list then Madonna is a great dessert for rugby anime.

That’s all folks. These were the 5 best Rugby Anime ever made. If I missed any anime let me know in the comment section below. If you loved the list do share it with fellow anime lovers.

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