Top 4 quotes of Lord Death from anime Soul Eater

Death is an extraordinarily effective god, being possibly the maximum effective individual inside the Soul Eater universe and surely the most powerful member of the DWMA, some distance surpassing even Franken Stein. Despite his heritage and effective role inside the school, he has a tendency to talk in a stupid voice and put on a specific outward look from earlier than so that it will now no longer scare children. Despite his benevolent and easygoing nature, even Death himself has a miles greater critical side. 

“This last collection, the witch’s soul, is very important. If you slip up, all of the ninety-nine Kishin souls the two of you have collected so far will be confiscated.” 

Lord Death

“People and Gods alike possess weaknesses. In order to bury those failings, they seek strength and power. Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin.” 

Lord Death

“Our struggle against witches has been going on for centuries. Over the years, many witches have come up with a number of new spells. But for every new spell, miesters and weapons have developed new ways of countering them. For instance, in order to detect and hunt down witches, miesters born would have the ability to sense souls.” 

Lord Death

“I suppose there’s no point in hiding it anymore. If you shut the lid on something that stinks, all you’re really doing is hiding the bad smell. To get rid of it, you’ll have to open the lid back up and dive in. Hey everyone, could I have your attention for a moment? There’s a kishin sleeping underneath the DWMA!” 

Lord Death

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