Top 21 Motivational Anime of all Time

That kind of information can be found in anime for a broad audience. Almost anything may be covered by anime due to the variety of genres that are accessible and the huge range of tales that can be expressed through the medium. There are anime series that offers something to keep everyone motivated and moving, from the desire to begin a new activity to enjoying youth.

Kill La Kill

The series follows vagrant schoolgirl Ryuko Matoi as she searches for her father’s killer, which brings her into conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin, Honnouji Academy’s iron-willed student council president, and her mother Ragyo Kiryuin’s fashion empire.


Arata Kaizaki is a 27-year-old unemployed man. He left his previous job after only three months with the company. Arata Kaizaki decides to participate in the “ReLIFE” research program. He takes medication that makes him appear ten years younger, and he is required to attend high school for a year.

Your Lie In April

Kaori, who is anemic and requires routine testing, collapses during a performance and is hospitalized. She invites Ksei to join her at a gala, but she does not show up. Her health worsens, and she becomes depressed. Ksei performs a duet with a friend, which inspires Kaori to attempt a potentially lethal surgery to play with Kosei again. Ksei sees Kaori’s spirit accompanying him during the finals of the Eastern Japan Piano Competition and realizes she died during the surgery.

Usagi Drop

Daikichi Kawachi, a 30-year-old bachelor, has a solid career but spends his free time aimlessly. He returns to the family home to offer his respects when his grandfather unexpectedly passes away. A mysterious young girl named Rin greets him when he gets to the house, and to Daikichi’s surprise, she turns out to be his grandfather’s adopted daughter! Her father’s family members shun the awkward and reserved young woman they believe she is embarrassing the deceased man’s memory. They also refuse to provide for her after his passing. Daikichi declares that he will take Rin in even though he is a young, unmarried man with no prior experience with childcare because he is incensed by their lack of consideration for Rin.


The story of K-ON! revolves around four (and later five) Japanese high school girls who join the Light Music Club at their school. The show depicts each member’s daily activities, including interactions with their peers, teachers, friends, and families. Despite sparing the club from disbandment at first, each member brings her own set of issues to the table, preventing a rigid and planned training regimen. Yui Hirasawa, a guitarist with no prior expertise playing musical instruments or reading sheet music, has a habit of forgetting her accomplishments, whether musical or scholastic. Ritsu Tainaka, the club’s president, is notorious for forgetting her tasks and rushing to the drums.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who learns from Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by Chinese zodiac animals and are cursed to transform into their animal forms when they are weak and stressed, or embraced by anyone of the opposite sex who is not possessed by a spirit of the zodiac. Tohru learns of the trials and pain endured by the affected members of the Sohma family as the story unfolds, and she helps them heal their emotional scars via her kind and compassionate personality. Tohru discovers more about herself as she learns more about Yuki, Kyo, and the rest of the enigmatic Sohma clan. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.


The narrative centers on two reclusive characters, the pragmatist Hachiman Hikigaya and the attractive Yukino Yukinoshita, who, despite having different personalities and ideologies, provide assistance and guidance to others as part of their school’s Service Club with the help of the upbeat and amiable Yui Yuigahama. The psychology guiding their interactions is largely depicted along with the various social situations teenagers encounter in a high school environment.

Assassination Classroom

The series follows the daily life of an extremely powerful octopus-like being who works as a junior high homeroom teacher, and his students who are dedicated to assassinating him to save Earth from destruction.

Sakura Quest

The narrative centers on two reclusive characters, the pragmatist Hachiman Hikigaya and the attractive Yukino Yukinoshita, who, despite having different personalities and ideologies, provide assistance and guidance to others as part of their school’s Service Club with the help of the upbeat and amiable Yui Yuigahama. The psychology guiding their relationships is heavily depicted together with the different social circumstances they encounter in a high school environment.

A Place Further Than The Universe

A Place Further Than the Universe follows Mari Tamaki, a high school student who wants to make the most of her youth but is afraid to do so. One day, she meets Shirase Kobuchizawa, a girl who has been saving up to travel to Antarctica to find her missing mother.

Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

NEET Moriko Morioka, 30, is a single lady. She drifted away from reality in the quest for a fulfilling existence and wound up in a net game, or “netoge,” as a result. She began her new existence in the netoge universe as Hayashi, a charming and appealing heroine. A charming character named Lily reached out to assist her when she first started as a beginner. A startling encounter with an attractive elite company employee, an enigmatic blonde with blue eyes, awaits in the real world.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Sakura Dormitory is a high school dorm affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts (often abbreviated as Suiko), which houses the strangest and most troublesome students. Sorata Kanda moves into Sakura Dormitory after being kicked out of the regular dorm for keeping a stray cat. Mashiro Shiina, a world-famous artist who cannot even take care of her daily life, moves in as he begins to adjust to life in the dorm. Sorata is forced to take care of Mashiro. The plot revolves around their daily lives as well as their mental development.

The Tatami Galaxy

Man is unhappy. Despite all his dreams of a “Rose-Colored Campus Life” filled with raven-haired girls who adore him, his social life goes nowhere. There is no girlfriend, his only good friend keeps getting him in trouble, and the circle he has joined does not make him happy. So he tries again and again, living his first two years of college life ad nauseam, making different decisions each time, not remembering having done it before. Will a man ever be pleased with how his life will turn out? 

Welcome To NHK

Tatsuhiro Sat, a university dropout who is beginning his fourth year jobless, is the primary character. He now lives alone as a hikikomori and believes that this occurred as a result of some type of plot. When Tatsuhiro’s life seems to be going nowhere at all, he meets Misaki Nakahara, a mystery girl who says she can help Tatsuhiro change his hikikomori ways. She gives him a contract that essentially states that they will meet once a day in the evening at a nearby park, where Misaki will lecture Tatsuhiro to change his lifestyle. Many topics are discussed during these outings, but they almost always have some connection to psychology or psychoanalysis.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Seele, the secretive committee, learns that Shinji’s father, Gendo Ikari, intends to exploit Nerv, the paramilitary group that deploys the Evangelion units, for his purposes. Seele sends the Japanese Strategic Self-Defense Force to seize Nerv, killing the majority of the employees. Misato Katsuragi, a Nerv major, orders Asuka to be transferred to Evangelion Unit 02 and placed at the bottom of a lake before rescuing Shinji from Self-Defense Force troops. Misato, determined to have Shinji defend Nerv, pulls him to the bay doors of Unit 01 but is shot in the process. Misato begs Shinji to pilot Unit 01 before she dies, kisses him, and forces him into the elevator. Shinji comes across Unit 01, which has been immobilized in bakelite.


Clannad’s sequel to the first anime. Tomoya’s life continues after he confesses his love for Nagisa Furukawa. Tomoya’s relationship with Nagisa grows stronger than ever as he meets and assists more people with their family problems.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is set in a fictional future. The Spiral King, Lordgenome, rules the Earth and forces humanity to live in isolated subterranean villages. The story follows Simon and Kamina, two teenagers who live in a subterranean village and wish to travel to the surface.

Yuru Camp

What begins as one of Rin’s usual camping trips ends up as a surprise get-together for two when the lost Nadeshiko Kagamihara is forced to seek refuge at her campsite. Nadeshiko had intended to see the picturesque view of Mount Fuji for herself, but her plans are derailed when she falls asleep on the way there. She is alone and has no other option but to seek assistance from the only other person nearby. Despite their hasty introductions, the two girls spend the chilly night together, eating ramen and conversing around the campfire. Even after Nadeshiko’s sister finally comes to pick her up later that night, both girls silently consider another camping trip together.

Hajime no Ippo

The plot is heavily focused on character development—even during the matches, we learn something about both fighters. Ippo has a habit of bumping into his opponents before matches, which allows him to learn more about them and even sympathize with them. Ippo is a very shy and modest person who never believes he is strong enough. Instead, he gains courage from witnessing his opponent’s strength and realizing that he is capable of dealing with it. The main draw in the early part of the series is Ippo and his friendly rivalry with Miyata. That eventually changes Ippo’s path to the Japanese Featherweight Championship and, the world championship.

Girls Last Tour

Yuuri and Chito, two girls, are followed in the series as they explore the post-apocalyptic wreckage of society. They search for food and supplies while moving around in their Kettenkrad to get by day to day, occasionally coming across other survivors.

My Hero Academia 

This anime revolves around a pariah, Izuku Midoriya. My Hero Academia is set in a world where people have the power to gain abilities called Quirks. All for One is the main antagonist of the show and he can steal and give other people’s quirks. His younger brother rebelled against him but was sick and everything he did wasn’t enough. He passed on his abilities to others and entrusted this power to the future generation. When One for All killed the 7th successor, she managed to pass it on to a quirk-less man named Toshinori  

That’s all folks! These were the Top 25 Motivational Anime of all Time. If you know any more Motivational anime do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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