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Top 17 Cutest Anime Cats

The majority of anime is undoubtedly a cat person. You occasionally see a dog, for sure. However, cats just rule the genre. There are several of these hairy critters, including ones who talk, have cat ears, and add the word "nyan" to everything they say. So today I want to celebrate these kitties ...

Top 20 family friendly anime

Would you wish to introduce anime to your parents? If so, which anime should you choose? If so, I have some recommendations for you. You can watch the 22 animes I've mentioned with your parents. I only selected movies because, in my opinion, they provide a better introduction to the "world of ...

Top 20 Flirty characters in anime

There's just no excuse not to fall for an anime character. And I'm certain that you can't hide from a careless rickroll anywhere. Here are our selections for the best anime characters that are worth emulating. Tanaka Tanaka is a drowsy youngster who constantly nods off and appears ...

Top 9 Websites to watch anime in English Dub

With narratives centered on friendship, love, societal ideals, harmony, and heroism, anime episodes have proven to be excellent resources for life lessons. Anime has gained popularity as a great activity for both children and adults. The fact that many of these websites provide free access to a ...

Top 20 Most Dark Anime of all Time

It's interesting to note that some of the most gloomy and depressing anime shows also have some of the most astounding character arcs and endlessly captivating plots. Few television shows use an upbeat premise and gradually reveal the horrors hidden beneath. Good examples include Happy Sugar Life ...

Top 20 Must watch Anime from the 1990s

There are more anime than ever to watch as the anime business expands quickly. As a result of the numerous anime that was produced throughout this decade, the anime industry underwent a permanent change. Even though some of the anime from the 1990s might not be the most appealing to a novice, it ...

Top 10 Websites to Watch Anime Legally

You are not alone, though. It can be difficult for die-hard anime fans outside of Japan to find the anime they want to watch because it isn't just simply available outside. You can imagine how disappointing it is to not be able to watch anime online if you are even vaguely aware of the devoted fan ...

Top 25 anime to watch with your life partner

Whether you are blissfully married or seriously lacking in the love area, anime shows are enjoyable to watch. Give one of these 25 top romantic anime shows a try if you're missing something in your nonexistent love life or just want to watch some heart-pounding action. Unlike some of the other ...

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