Top 6 famous quotes of Carmilla from anime Castlevania

Carmilla is presented as a seductive and manipulative femme fatale. She is very egotistical and will go to any length to achieve her objectives. She showed to be a competent politician, as she was able to turn Dracula's council's affairs inside out, even questioning him while retaining the ...

Top 6 famous quotes of Goku from anime Dragon Ball Z

Goku was a shy little Saiyan when he was younger, constantly crying for attention. Goku was then programmed to carry out his purpose of destroying all intelligent life on Earth with extreme animosity. After he was discovered by Grandpa Gohan, he was rebellious, ferocious, and aggressive, ...

Top 9 famous quotes of Sakata Gintoki from anime Gintama

Gintoki is a whole slug. He is frequently seen with a bemused smile on his face, and he spends his days lazing around reading Shounen Jump and offering wise and sage-like counsel to his younger staff, although he doesn't always know what he's talking about. He is always late on his rent due to his ...

Top 5 famous quotes of Kagura from anime Gintama

Kagura is normally a nice, courteous, kind, and friendly feminine girl, but she is also a strong-willed, impetuous young lady who can turn violent, powerful, self-centered, and emotionally aggressive in an instant. This is most visible in her sentiments for Kyo; when the object of her affections ...

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