Top 5 famous quotes of Yami Yugi from anime Yugioh

Dark Yugi begins as a ruthless vigilante. He reappears to avenge those who have trespassed on Yugi's and his pals' souls. Despite his good deeds, he stays up to his reputation of Dark, as his Penalty Game punishments are usually exceedingly harsh. Later, while residing within Yugi's body, ...

Top 5 famous quotes of Seto Kaiba from anime Yugioh

Seto Kaiba does not believe in the supernatural until the fifth season when he realizes that magic exists. He doesn't believe in companionship and likes to be alone, believing that it makes him stronger, although he would take help from others if it is truly needed. He has a large ego and ...

Top 5 famous quotes of Viral from anime Gurren Lagann

He's arrogant, and he refers to humans as "Naked Apes." He has a profound dislike for humans, which he gradually loses as the series develops. Viral's greatest distinguishing feature is a strong sense of honor. Despite having a stronger sense of self-preservation than his competitor Kamina, he ...

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