Top 17 Gambling Manga of all Time

There are many high stakes in gambling comics, and for many participants, it's for money, fame, and power. But for some people, gambling is a means to find excitement and joy, a moment of optimism against the odds in unsafe and sometimes contaminated environments. These gambling manga ...

Top 20 anime based on video games

Numerous eminent video game publishers attempted to capitalize on the anime mania, but many of them failed miserably. Playable embarrassments like Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, and Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout refer to that depressing realization. Even now, a startling ...

Top 25 Anime with Cat Girls

Everyone loves anime catgirls, so today we're going to make a list of these cute anime cat girl anime, but first, let me explain what a catgirl is for those who don't know. Nekos, also known as anime catgirls, are intelligent cat-human hybrids. Catgirls look like humans, with feline ears that ...

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