Top 10 Survival Anime like Btooom

I assume you recently watched Btooom! and came here seeking some recommendations for similar anime. Since Btooom! was fantastic with the survival battle royale premise and everything, I suppose I would follow suit. Therefore, we'll help you locate some superior anime like Btooom in this post. And ...

Top 10 Law based anime

These are the most famous attorneys in anime. Anime has dipped its toes into the legal profession, bringing dramatic situations to the screen. Several media outlets cover the detective side of things, but nothing beats a good legal drama. Finding hints, questioning potential suspects, and getting ...

Top 20 Netflix anime movies

Even while Netflix excels at offering a large selection of anime series, there are still many anime movies to enjoy after binge-watching JoJo's or Demon Slayer. The top 10 anime films available on Netflix are listed below, and they range from well-known series to obscure favourites. This list has ...

Top 17 Gambling Manga of all Time

There are many high stakes in gambling comics, and for many participants, it's for money, fame, and power. But for some people, gambling is a means to find excitement and joy, a moment of optimism against the odds in unsafe and sometimes contaminated environments. These gambling manga ...

Top 20 anime based on video games

Numerous eminent video game publishers attempted to capitalize on the anime mania, but many of them failed miserably. Playable embarrassments like Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, and Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout refer to that depressing realization. Even now, a startling ...

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