Top 15 anime scientists girls that will melt your heart

There is such a common depiction of female scientists that it’s become a stereotype. They’re emotionally reserved, either reticent and motherly or withdrawn inside their scientific minds. It’s almost as though their brilliance consumes all of their mental space, leaving no place for social engagement.

Kurisu Makise

Kurisu is a mature, reasonable young woman. She is normally calm and composed, even when others are agitated in front of her. She may, however, display a far more shy side at times. Kurisu is practical and realistic to a fault. She first believes time machines are fiction and refuses to believe the Phonewave. It is one after seeing it in action, arguing that Okabe had merely seen what he wanted to see. Kurisu is ultimately persuaded of the truth after the group looks into SERN’s time travel research. However, Steins does not rule out the existence of time machines and states that if she had the materials, she would create one herself. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.


She is a volatile character that is both tomboyish and girly at the same time. Bulma is recognized for her extraordinary intelligence. But she is also spoilt and narcissistic, and she uses her tremendous attractiveness to justify her selfish actions. Because of her selfishness, she was unable to board the Flying Nimbus. When she is in a stressful situation, she becomes quickly terrified and enraged towards everyone, including her allies. Bulma is preoccupied with her hygiene and constantly complains when she is unable to take a bubble bath or restock her beauty products. Even when her hygiene is the least of her concerns, such as being stuck in the woods. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Moe Nishinosono

Souhei’s mentor’s daughter and a first-year student at N University’s architecture department. She is a stunning young woman from a wealthy household. Moe possesses exceptional intelligence, observational skills, and mathematical abilities, yet her thinking can occasionally lead to irrational conclusions. She enjoys mystery novels and the roar of vehicle motors. Moe despises dried shiitake mushrooms, but she eats them every day because she believes they are beneficial for anemia. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Nana Nishigaki

Nana’s personality is carefree and straightforward. Students trust her, even though she is frequently late for school. Not only that she is also disciplined by the principal for her explosive experiments. This includes the prohibition of using the science room. She lives a mile from school and rides her bike there, but she wears a full-face helmet for whatever reason. She also conducts experiments at home. Experiments such as failing to fly in the air with a cannon and having the roof of the house blown off due to the launch’s effect. Nana’s prankster abilities were first demonstrated when she made up a story about how she became interested in science, involving a toy robotic puppy that had broken down. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.


Daphne is one of the best characters from the anime Fairy Tail. She is a fun and vivacious character. She goes to great efforts to sell her wares. Daphne is known for jumping around the room and exuding a lot of energy. When Natsu and Wendy mention dragons, Daphne’s demeanor shifts, and she admits she was lying. When Gray appears, she addresses him as if he were her master, and her earlier vivacious personality vanishes. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Atsuko Chiba

Atsuko is a lovely pale-skinned young lady with black hair pulled back into a bun as well as black eyes. Suits, pencil skirts, black pantyhose, and high heels are her go-to outfits. She has curly, short red hair and a somewhat darker skin tone than Paprika (Atsuko’s alter ego). Her uniform consists of a red shirt, a white belt, trousers, and sneakers. Atsuko is a serious individual. Paprika reveals that she believes she has authority over others and that they should listen to her. After revealing her affection for Tokita Ksaku, she becomes more amicable. Her personality as Paprika is almost the polar opposite of her personality as a doctor. Paprika is a more carefree, approachable spice. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Precia Testarossa

Presea shares a dingy hideaway with Fate and Arf in the Garden of Time, though the latter two prefer to “dwell” at their apartment in Uminari City. Except for flashbacks, Presea spends the entire series in the Garden of Time, where she is constantly altered. She was a scientist who worked on a variety of projects, including the production of familiars, but she also worked on a secret, banned project. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Hange Zoë

To most people, Hange appeared to be a vivacious, free-thinking researcher with a distinct style of conducting themselves and their work. Owing to their observant and objective demeanor. Hange explains that when they first joined the Survey Corps, their hearts were filled with hatred until they kicked the head of a 3-meter Titan and were taken aback by how light it was. She was compelled to let go of most of their resentment and insecurity, and adopt a new approach to Titan research as a result of this. Hange also had a lot of compassion for the Titan test subjects, crying when they had to put Bean in a lot of pain for an experiment and having a complete meltdown when the Titans were killed. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Sigyn Erster

Sigyn, the 25-year-old Queen of Krisna and Hodr’s wife, is Rygart’s close friend. They attended the same military school, and she was known as the “Mad Scientist” for spending three days and nights in the school’s lab without eating or drinking. She wants to be a scientist and cares strongly about her friends, to the point of brandishing a gun at Rygart when she first sees him to inquire as to why he didn’t show up at her wedding and to affirm that he doesn’t hate her. While she is Queen, she rarely acts like one, as she spends most of her time with the royal engineers in the castle maintenance workshop playing with equipment. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Rakshata Chawla

Rakshata is a calm person who, no matter what the situation, maintains a calm and carefree demeanor. She is never seen without her trademark tobacco pipe. She gets along with Zero and a few of her Black Knights colleagues fairly well. Rakshata is a laid-back and easygoing woman who spends most of her time on the couch when she is not working. She’s even got one on the bridge of the Ikaruga, the Black Knights’ flagship. For unknown reasons, Rakshata does not enjoy discussing the past. She is extremely pleased with her achievements, especially when she sees them perform to their full potential, and she has proven to be fairly astute and perceptive on multiple occasions. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Cindy Campbell

Cindy is an American woman who is young and tall. She wears a green and white striped bikini and a red blazer with her blonde hair tied up whenever she goes to the beach. Her eyes are depicted as ice blue or green since she wears contact lenses. Cindy is a critical observer by nature. When it comes to aliens, she is portrayed to be semi-serious and calm, but when it comes to Ika Musume, she becomes wild and madly infatuated. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Shiki Magata

Magata Shiki is a brilliant programmer who murdered her parents when she was 14 years old. She was born a genius, but she lacked social skills. Shiki has struggled with multiple personality disorders since she was a toddler. She is reported to have a total of seven personalities, six of which are persons who have died in the past. She created their personas in her thoughts on her own, and they never clash with her uniqueness, as if she has numerous persons living within her head. During her uncle’s birthday, Shiki murdered her parents in her lab. Before his birthday, she had an illegitimate relationship with her uncle. Shiki lived in her living quarter for 15 years after murdering her parents with the knife she gave to her uncle. She is one of the top Top anime scientists girls that will melt your heart.

Akagi Ritsuko

Ritsuko is a brilliant woman with a strong commitment to her career and a stoic, aloof demeanor that contrasts sharply with Misato Katsuragi’s fiery demeanor, particularly during Eva warfare. In the series, her jibes at Misato are a source of comic relief. She has a strong passion for cats, and Misato chastises her for putting her cats ahead of human affection at one point. She’s also a heavy smoker, as demonstrated by the ashtray on her desk, which is full of cigarette butts smeared by her lipstick.

Harumi Kiyama

Harumi is overly logical and lacks common sense, as evidenced by the fact that she stripped in front of others without hesitation, a product of her years as a researcher. She is revealed to be the source of one of three urban legends propagated by various Web communities within Academy City in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, the urban legend of the “Stripping Woman.” She is shown to have low body confidence, justifying her public stripping by claiming that no man would be interested in seeing her body. Her experiences after becoming a teacher to Child Errors stem from her initial difficulties with children. Even though she is generally courteous and respectful to others and strongly committed to her students,

Medusa Gorgon

Medusa is a nasty and evil woman who also happens to be a great witch. Her biggest talent is her uncanny ability to influence practically anyone thanks to her exceptional acting abilities. Medusa, in her real form, sees the entire world as a place of stagnation, where nothing evolves or changes. She despises it so much that she went to the trouble of resurrecting Kishin Asura to bring the planet back to life. She also gets a kick out of other people’s misery when she’s the one causing it and her experiments are working. She’s so evil that she can torture her child, Crona, to unimaginable cruel punishments.

That’s all folks! These were the Top 15 anime scientists girls that will melt your heart. If you know any more awesome anime scientist girls then do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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