Top 25 Anime Tsundere anime characters of all time

The growth of Tsundere’s characters is quite heartwarming to watch. Although we may not have been their greatest fans at first, their transformation from icy and aggressive to pleasant and warm surely wins us over in the end. For your viewing pleasure, these are the top 20 Tsundere girls:

Eriri Spencer Sawamura

Eriri is a model student who exudes sophistication. She is admired and appreciated by other children at the school for her politeness. She transforms into a diehard otaku when no one is present, much like Tomoya Aki. But almost anyone among them is aware of her otaku side. She is renowned for being sophisticated and independent, but Tomoya says that she is furious and emotional. Because of her profession as an artist and Tomoya’s assistance, she works hard. She may be rather tenacious at times. When Akane Kosaka called her painting abilities “mediocre,” Eriri was incensed and motivated to create more artwork to disprove Akane, which helped her escape her artistic rut.

Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya was a very logical and chilly person who only gradually warmed up to other people after joining the student council. She thought Miyuki Shirogane was someone she could date after joining the student council, but only if he comes clean first. As a result, she is continually manipulating Miyuki into confessing. Her behavior suggests that she is beginning to embrace her sentiments of like Miyuki later in the series, but she still won’t say it out loud. She believes she is not a decent person and as a result, she has an obsessional need for genuine compassion, which she discovered in Miyuki. The student council members are important to her.

Syaoran Li

Syaoran had strongly thought that he should be the one to capture and inherit the Clow Cards, not Sakura Kinomoto. Syaoran was a member of the renowned Li clan of sorcerers from Hong Kong, of whom Clow Reed’s mother was also a part. In the anime, he first emerges as an enemy who seizes a few cards for himself. He never even called her by her first name until the second season because of his initial chilly, critical, and uncomfortable attitude toward her. He also frequently scolded her harshly for her defects and awkwardness. Given that he had been raised to be independent and self-reliant, he was also portrayed as being somewhat of a loner.

Kyo Sohma

Kyo has a short fuse, is obstinate, brazen, and has a harsh tongue. He is also seen as charming and shows his emotions openly, which draws people to him and makes it simple for Kyo to interact with strangers. He seldom shows this skill, though, and sometimes the only things that come out are his crude behaviors and disrespectful statements. In addition to being fairly aggressive and selfless, Kyo regularly resorts to yelling at others, including those he loves. He uses this behavior as a protective mechanism to mask the hurt he has experienced. He also doesn’t want to hurt others and is concerned about upsetting them if they approach him. He makes an effort to keep people at a distance.


Vegeta is haughty throughout the whole series and develops resentment at Frieza’s mistreatment of his people as well as his damaged pride from constantly falling short of another Saiyan. His anger towards Frieza rises as a result of Planet Vegeta, his home planet, being destroyed. He appears to have received an overinflated feeling of superiority from his monarchy, considering himself to be superior to almost everyone he meets. He considers his Saiyan race to be the most powerful in the universe and is extremely proud of his Saiyan ancestry. Despite this, he did not behave like a typical Saiyan, becoming even crueler and more arrogant under the influence of Frieza. Vegeta is first depicted as an unrepentant evil despite being the prince of a destroyed Planet Vegeta.

Aoba Tsukishima

Aoba is a tomgirl with an anger problem, especially around Kou. Kou models his pitching approach after her since she is a phenomenal pitcher. When it came to her sister Wakaba, she had a big sister mentality and didn’t like Kou pulling Wakaba away from her. She grows progressively less antagonistic as the series goes on. She also draws a lot of guys’ attention, but she doesn’t seem interested in any of them. She is a terrible cook as well.

Madoka Ayukawa

She strikes Kyousuke as a gorgeous and kind girl when they first meet. This contrasts sharply with her behavior at school, where she is distant and feared by both male and female students since she is a reputed juvenile offender. She is known as “Madoka the Pick” in the TV series because of her propensity for using guitar picks as shurikens. Despite her “punk” reputation, Madoka is proven to be an expert in several academic and physical pursuits. She manages to work part-time at Cafe ABCB while maintaining her outstanding academic standing. Madoka shares a huge house with her elder sister since her parents are kind but overworked professional musicians who frequently perform outside of Japan.

Himeko Inaba

Inaba is unquestionably the Cultural Club member who is the most turbulent due to her short fuse and intolerance for chaos. To keep a strong look, she frequently speaks with macho idioms and uses foul language. Her given name, Himeko, which translates to “princess child” in Japanese, makes her sound helpless and dependent, so she dislikes it. Although she has her flaws, Inaba is very considerate of the other club members and always looks out for their best interests. Even though she prefers to keep her feelings to herself, Inaba values her friends dearly and would give up her happiness to keep the group together.


Even when she says she’s an adult, Maria has a penchant for being infantile and exhibits this trait frequently. Maria was a kid genius, but her haughtiness prevented her from interacting with her classmates. Maria has a combination of gullibility and naveté, which Yozora exploits. Maria began to believe Kate was genuinely a teacher and an adult as a result of Kate’s torment. Due to this, Maria becomes extremely nasty, as seen by her reprimanding anyone in her vicinity (Yozora being the exception). Maria truly wants to befriend Kobato, even if she may not be aware of it herself. Maria was so envious of Kobato’s popularity with her peers that she felt bad. Before she became the advisor to the Neighbor’s Club, Maria, according to Kate, was rather gloomy.

Eri Sawachika

Eri is regularly ignored by the majority of the male students in her class while being admired by them. Her public persona is largely to blame for this attention. She gives off the impression of being elegant, composed, and in charge. She is, however, torn apart on the inside by conflicting feelings of pride, resentment, and insecurity. Only her closest friends are aware of both sides of her personality. Eri feels alone on two different fronts. The guys don’t care about her as a person; they only notice her outward beauty, which the girls find repulsive. Eri is thus subjected to hearing phony confessions all the time. She is a realist and dreams of meeting someone who will accept her for who she is.

Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge is a textbook example of the stereotypical tsundere, behaving irrationally primarily toward individuals that annoy or threaten her, such as Raku Ichij, Sh Maiko, and Marika Tachibana. She is also shown to be distant and prone to strike out even at strangers during her first two weeks at Bonyari High School, as seen by Raku on their first date that was overseen by their clans. She struggled to make friends wherever she attended school in the past because of the overprotective Claude; as a consequence, she had to write about her classmates to connect with them. Following Raku’s instructions on how to approach people, Chitoge can make friends easily and develops into a happy and upbeat young woman.

Kyou Fujibayashi

Kyou stands out as a role model for her underclassmen because she is a brave, assertive girl who may be foul-mouthed but who is also resolute and dependable. She is the type of person with whom you can never grow bored since she is constantly engaged in conversation. She has her typical expressiveness and great energy, but she is too timid to approach Tomoya Okazaki. She occasionally finds it disturbing that her Tsundere nature makes her more popular with girls than with boys. She is lauded by the female students at her school, who refer to her as “Kyou-sama” (which is Japanese for “Miss Kyou” or “Lady Kyou”), create banners about her, and occasionally follow her. During their second year together, she served as Tomoya and their class representative.

Nanami Aoyama

Sorata Kanda stated that Nanami had a stern-looking face, matching her tone. If she had to be likened to a cat, she would be an Abyssinian since she appeared to be a college honours student in every way. She is truly a dedicated and incredibly motivated young woman who will do anything to succeed. Sometimes Nanami treats Sorata like a tsundere, slacking him. But she tends to overdo things, especially when she’s driven to get things done, which can lead to self-harm. She has a complex about doing her best and being fiercely competitive, which is the main cause of this. Nanami is bashful, particularly around Sorata. In everything she does, she gives her all.

Chris Yukine

Because of her difficult upbringing, Chris is impulsive, hostile, and confrontational. She is also quick to mistrust others, especially adults because they have always treated her like an object. Chris wants to put an end to war and bring about world peace. Through Finé’s manipulation, Chris initially decides to accomplish this by killing anyone who has the ability or desire to fight,[8] and she willingly works with Finé to accomplish this under the false assumption that Finé shares her desire to bring about world peace. Chris despises the idea of harming innocent people, though. Chris openly expresses anger towards Finé for mistreating her despite knowing that Finé is only using her.

Veldora Tempest

In general, Veldora is loud, and excited, but yet rather laid back. Veldora is mainly only harmful if he doesn’t sometimes get to relax or if his loved ones are in jeopardy, despite his image as someone who only wants to rampage. He is also rather vivacious, haughty, and unafraid to flaunt his strength. Veldora presents himself as confident and outgoing, yet his true nature is one of shyness and social awkwardness. He also lacks social graces; his inability to comprehend a straightforward request is enough to intimidate anyone into complying, regardless of their feelings. Despite his childlike demeanor, he is quite knowledgeable about a variety of topics and is fundamentally curious about everything.

Ayano Sugiura

Ayano is highly dedicated to both her academics and her job as vice president. She always views Kyko Toshin, who consistently outperforms her in examinations without putting much effort on her part, as a competition because of the hard work that she puts into her studies. This frustrates Ayano. Additionally, she frequently uses foreign words in puns (typically based on well-known places), which makes Yui Funami laugh, and she is a tsundere.

Shintaro Midorima

Midorima is often fairly quiet. Despite Takao’s several attempts to convince him, he doesn’t feel the need to play around (often ending up with him annoying Midorima). He finds it very challenging to be kind to opponents, although his friend Takao finds it easy. Very self-assured, he frequently exudes superiority while around others (mostly his teammates). He has great faith in the Oha Asa horoscopes and is relieved to learn that his sign, Cancer, will have a happy day. He even goes so far as to carry a purportedly “lucky object” about with him. As seen by his statement that Kuroko’s blood type A and his blood type B don’t get along, he also believes that blood types may coexist.

Lafiel Abriel

Abriel Lafiel has a very boisterous demeanor and is constantly prepared to fight. She will pick the aggressive course of action when fleeing may be a much better option. The modesty and far more calm spirit of Jinto must counteract this brazenness. However, there is no denying that Lafiel possesses the forceful and thoughtful demeanor of a capable leader. She developed the most as a commander during Operation Phantom Flame, realizing that she was in charge of the lives of both her crew and the crews of her allies. She seems to become much calmer after Operations Phantom Flame and Hunter, and she also seems to be a little more receptive to the Count.

Michiru Kinushima

Michiru is depicted as being somewhat kind, but because of her jealousy of Tsukasa, she is very Tsundere toward Isla. Tsukasa is dear to Michiru, and she does everything in her power to help him.

Nene Odagiri

Nene often has a domineering demeanour and even displays arrogance. Nene often exhibits a tsundere demeanour, which includes being haughty and snapping at others. She exhibits strong self-esteem in what she accomplishes or holds dear. She frequently flips her hair when she feels confident. She does, however, have a sensitive side that emerges as the story goes on. Nene was frequently shown putting other people before herself, such as when she wished to aid Tsubasa Konno. Later, Yamada makes the following remarks to himself: “Odagiri, friggin’. worrying about things like that without even considering herself! Nevertheless, that’s Odagiri for you “as a result of her anxiety.

Aya Komichi

Aya is renowned for being the kind of person that is somewhat shy, often humiliated, and comes out as uncomfortable and unable to convey her genuine sentiments. She is portrayed as the group’s most serious member and isn’t likely to act foolishly or too sentimentally like the rest. Even if they occasionally outperform her, she tries to do everything with grace and elegance to set a good example. Aya acts like a typical tsundere when it comes to her crush on Yoko, but otherwise, she is truly nice and honest. She is very sensitive when it comes to her sentiments and body image. However, if others are in a similar circumstance to hers, this enables her to connect with them on a human level.

Misato Tachibana

Every time Misato meets with Koujirou or simply hears his name mentioned, she acts in a very Tsundere manner. Along with this attitude, she regularly conjures a variety of weapons that appear out of nowhere and fires them at Koujirou. The firearms are loaded with flour-filled blanks, which frequently turn him completely white. She seems to have sensitive enough feelings for Koujirou that, in the course of any normal conversation, she always manages to link everything to him, even when he wasn’t involved in it, which causes her to irrationally assume things about future relationships, like marriage and children, even when they weren’t mentioned. In addition, she has a short fuse and is kind to her younger sister Mihoshi Tachibana, whom she waits for and walks with as they go home.

Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami is the group’s prototypical Tsundere. In contrast to her sister Tsukasa, who is an excellent chef, she is a little narcissistic and is not the best at doing simple domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning. She tends to be judgmental and direct. She can, however, occasionally develop shyness and loneliness. Kagami always makes an effort to conceal her strong emotional connection to her pals, particularly Konata. She genuinely cares for Konata and is generally always prepared to make accommodations or do favors for her. Despite this, she appears to take a sick pleasure in making fun of Konata’s smaller-than-average frame, her lack of drive, and her propensity to cause trouble, which usually makes Konata very defensive.

Minatsu Shiina

The Vice-President of the Student Council, Minatsu, is a person of courage. A tomboy with exceptional physical ability who, shockingly, also excels in arithmetic, which Ken finds unusual for her. She is well-liked by females and has a little yuri aesthetic. She is a traditional tsundere without any ‘dere’ (short for dere-dere to be discovered), although she is in the same class as Ken. Mafuyu Shiina, her younger sister, is also a relative. She hates anyone who tries to harm Mafuyu and is fiercely protective of her. She reads a lot of shonen manga because the majority of her ideas are usually based on shonen manga plots.

Shiki Ryougi

Kaname was unable to express the second personality of his own. Children born into the Ryougi family are mostly male and are intentionally implanted with twin personalities. Shiki was reared as the family leader in his place when it was determined that she had the feature instead. She displayed the personalities of SHIKI, a male personality known as the “yang” personality, and Shiki, a female personality known as the “yin” personality. Even though it has two personalities, it is not the result of dissociative identity disorder; rather, it is a question of whose actions are more important. Both Shiki has a distinctive speaking style, but the female Shiki speaks more politely, making it simple to distinguish which Shiki is speaking at any given moment.

That’s all folks! These were the Top 25 Anime Tsundere anime characters of all time. If you know any more anime tsundere anime do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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