Top 25 teachers in anime that we need in real life

Preaching and teaching are things that will always be a part of our lives. However, if we define entertainment in the same way, a lot of the characters in anime have characterised this field in terms of discipline, strictness, and affection. When a great teacher delivers a wonderful lesson, it might be amusing, but if the savagery is shown via them, it can also turn into a nightmare. We have thus compiled a list of the top 25 anime professors ever to offer you a taste of all the different teachers’ distinct entertainment styles.


Genkai was a traditional woman of considerable power and resolve. She underwent intense mental and physical training to make and manage the Spirit Wave orb, which heavily influenced her icy and stern temperament. She treated Yusuke like a slacker at first, frequently subjecting him to strenuous and potentially fatal training regimens, but she soon grew to love him as if he were the grandchild she had never had. She comes across as a pragmatist first and foremost, as evidenced by the fact that she told the hitman Kuroda that she didn’t care what kind of profession the tournament’s victor was, seemingly unconcerned about the candidates’ moral failings.


In sharp contrast to his irritable master, Zangetsu is a cool-headed person. He frequently serves as Ichigo’s mentor and never ceases to encourage his master to get stronger. While Zangetsu claims to favor more lush, natural settings, like bright, sunny skies, verdant forests, and animals, Ichigo’s inner world is one of tall, gleaming skyscrapers. Interestingly, Ichigo’s inner Hollow claims to demand the same things. When Muramasa liberates him from Ichigo’s control, Zangetsu’s motivation for turning against Ichigo is very different from that of the other rogue Zanpakut Spirits; In contrast, their motivations are all self-serving, Zangetsu simply wants to see Ichigo reach his full potential and determine who is the stronger of the two.


While Korin could come out as a severe teacher, in reality, he’s a really sweet guy. Goku changed his mind and decided not to steal the holy water when he went to retrieve it while Korin was fast asleep. This act of integrity and decency delighted Korin, who vowed to give Goku the best training possible. Kami remarked that Korin enjoys pulling pranks. Dogs are Korin’s pet peeve, according to Dragon Ball: Adventure Special.

Yukio Okumura

Even though they are twins, Yukio is frequently described as being completely different from Rin. Ryuji has even said he finds it difficult to believe they are related. Although generally quiet and composed, Yukio experiences frequent mood fluctuations. Usually seen grinning broadly, he can easily become distracted by Rin’s strong personality and turn fairly menacing. He takes everything seriously, but he also recognizes humor when he hears it. Although he and Rin get along most of the time, Yukio is typically distant from his brother, finding him annoying and frequently reprimanding him for not doing his homework. Additionally, he harbors a hidden grudge against Rin because he believes Rin was the one to blame for the passing of their adoptive father.

Madara Uchiha

Like any powerful Te user, Madara wants to bring order to the world. Of course, Madara is the monarch in his idealized universe. Madara decides as a child that the best way to get others to listen is to gain as much power as he can, so the grownups won’t be able to ignore him. He has an evident hunger for power and has no qualms about dictating to and governing others. Madara has always been difficult and domineering, even as a little child. Madara commands Hashirama to tell him his name when they first meet and yells at him repeatedly throughout their friendship out of annoyance and anger. He commands Hashirama repeatedly, dictating when and how they train.

Irina Jelavic

Irina was first portrayed as being a harsh, cunning, and haughty individual who had little concern for the Class E students. She is a self-assured, seasoned woman who has been described by her students as exuding a mature, black widow vibe because of her high hit count and model-like beauty. Although she exhibits all of these characteristics, once her façade has been blown off, she is revealed to be naive and lacking in social awareness. She is shockingly humble and sincere, yet underneath her confidence are insecurities she has carried with her since infancy. Once she gets over her ego, she is not the kind to give up easily and interacts effectively with her students.

Eikichi Onizuka

Onizuka is a highly arrogant and vulgar man, which frequently gets him into trouble. He is still a virgin and appears to be single despite being quite hormonal when it comes to girls. He enjoys gorgeous women so much that he even sexually tempted Nagisa Nagase while his pal was standing just behind him. He is frequently labeled a pervert and enjoys smelling young women’s fresh underwear in their drawers. Onizuka is also not ashamed of how messy his house is or how many pornographic magazines he has lying around. The way Onizuka acts is similar to that of a young child.


According to Shinto, kami are not apart from nature; rather, they are a part of it and have both good and bad traits. They are seen to be examples of what humanity should aspire for and are representations of musubi, the linking energy of the universe. Kami are thought to live in a complementary existence called Shinkai that mirrors our own but is “hidden” from this world. Being aware of kannagara no Michi means being at peace with nature’s majestic features.

King Kai

King Kai has a great sense of humor, and he tells horrible jokes, therefore before he will agree to train someone, they must make him laugh. He tried to get Goku’s attention while trying to telepathically warn him to finish off Frieza as the latter was powering up. He threatened that he will start telling jokes and added that he has a lot of them if Goku doesn’t respond to him soon. He even came very close to carrying out the threat before Goku replied. This shows that he is at least somewhat aware that his jokes are considered bad. He is extremely intelligent, well-versed in the cosmos, and an expert in telepathic connections across the universe.

Franken Stein

Dr. Stein is a man of science and sees everything as an experiment, even himself. He has longed to dissect the people around him since he was a young child, but Spirit has always prevented him. All individuals around him were terrified of him because of this personality feature. Even as an adult, Stein had this odd habit of wanting to dissect anything he finds interesting. Once, as part of a lesson, he attempted to have his class dissect an endangered animal, saying that it would be bad if he did not learn anything from it before it went extinct. The stitches running across his face indicate that he once worked on himself. He also has a cruel and commanding personality.


Even though Orochimaru has a complicated nature, many individuals, including Tsunade, have frequently called him “twisted.” Jiraiya hypothesized that Orochimaru’s desire for immortality was caused by the death of his parents when he was a young child, the horror he felt when Tsunade lost Nawaki, and his tears when she later lost Dan. These events suggest that Orochimaru grew to despise the frailty of human life and how it affected those who were still alive. That aim, the main goal of Orochimaru’s human experimentation is to see what changes the human body can withstand and to take advantage of a subject’s special skills for himself. Orochimaru had hoped to earn the title of “ultimate being” after achieving this objective.

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit has a cunning disposition. She has the propensity to make use of her adorable looks and manner, whether it is for information gathering, securing what she wants, or playing the victim in a battle to trick her adversaries. She playfully remarked that if someone wants to address her with an honorific, they must use the -Chama suffix. Even though she initially set out to ruin Gon and Killua’s friendship for fun, she admits at the end of Greed Island that she is on the verge of having parental sentiments for the two of them. When she is left out of a conversation or reminded of her actual age, she is prone to violent outbursts; because Killua jokes about it, he frequently becomes one of her victims.

Aikuro Mikisugi

Aikur is colorful and flirty, yet he also can be direct and serious when necessary. This enigmatic man, who initially appears to be Ryuko’s clueless homeroom teacher, is a spy for Nudist Beach who has infiltrated the school to watch Satsuki. Under the Student Council’s nose, Aikuro helps and shields Ryuko while giving her crucial information about Senketsu and the Kiryuins—often while performing an odd striptease.

Chifuyu Orimura

Even to her brother, Chifuyu is a very severe and authoritarian woman, as is seen when she instructs Ichika to address her as Orimura-sensei rather than the more common Chifuyu-nee. Being compelled to care for Ichika since she was a teenager and he was a child, and therefore having to practically be his mother, makes Chifuyu an extremely haughty and stoic woman. Additionally, Chifuyu, a very accomplished IS instructor, has claimed that her little brother Ichika, who provides her with strength, is what makes her strong. Despite her severe nature, it appears that she also has a much more relaxed side, one of a typical lady who enjoys drinking wine and teasing her subordinates.


Goku has a pure heart and does not harbor any unfavorable emotions or ideas. Because of his intense loyalty to his friends and family, he is fiercely protective of them. As he did against Raditz and Cell, he loves them so much that he is willing to die to save others.

Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin usually behaves in a silly, vivacious, and playful way. His distinctive qualities include a loud voice, a wide range of expressions on his face, and a large smile. He is prone to suddenly attacking his son for any excuse, like being late for supper or just waking him up. He says it was all done to make Ichigo stronger, and it worked. Isshin can occasionally be the party’s life and soul like he was during the festival in Karakura Town. He began the fun with his daughters at first, but eventually invited practically all of Ichigo’s friends along. Isshin was a sluggish and easygoing captain on Gotei 13 who frequently attempted to have his subordinates do his work for him.


Whis has a calm, patient, and tranquil disposition, yet he is absent-minded and frequently places greater importance on matters other than the one at hand. He can get angry if Beerus exhibits excessive fury, although he maintains composure even when Beerus exhibits bursts of intense rage. In Dragon Ball Super, when visiting a planet, he makes a critical remark about Beerus’ sloppy eating, further demonstrating his dislike for bad table manners. When he is seen visiting a restaurant and sampling various cuisines while Beerus battles the Z Fighters on Earth, he is revealed to be extremely polite and to have a great love for eating all kinds of food.

Glenn Radars

Glenn is unmotivated and easily bored, with his main concern being sleep. After Sistine’s favorite teacher retires, he takes over as the class’ substitute teacher. Although he may come out as incompetent, he is a very skilled magician—just not in the conventional sense. Glenn used to be as enthusiastic about magic as Sistine, but after the passing of his ex-girlfriend Sara Silvers and his previous life as the notorious military assassin known as “The Fool,” he lost interest in it.

Toga Yagari

Yagari gives off the impression of being a hunter who doesn’t mess around and practices rough love. He is a fair judge who is practical and does not put more faith in vampires than is necessary. Although he cautions them against becoming misfits, he expresses appreciation for the Night Class after they rebel against the Vampire Council. He disagrees with Kaname’s tactics and is offended by Kaname’s assertions that he is making up for the misdeeds of the hunters’ forefathers. Yagari, according to Kaien, is not the kind to blindly carry out the Association’s directives. Yagari is tough-talking but has a kind heart. He kills the vampires on his list in a methodical manner and is a very skilled hunter. He is aware of where to strike a balance between eradicating the harmful vampires.

Akihiko Usami

Akihiko is a pretty irresponsible and perverted person. Despite being a skilled writer, he is extremely immature and pays little attention to deadlines. Even though he appears to be mature and dignified, he is just a young child. Along with other books, Akihiko also writes Boys’ Love novels. His BL books, published under the pen name Yayoi Akikawa, were formerly based on Takahiro Takahashi and are now based on Misaki Takahashi. He is extremely possessive, as evidenced by the occasions he doesn’t want Misaki to interact with his senpai or his editor.

Kaien Cross

Kaien has a happy disposition but is also capable of being serious. It can be claimed that he has a few peculiar personality traits, such as a tendency to break down in tears when he thinks about being a bad parent to Yuki. The fact that he refuses to consider Kaien and Yuki’s family, which Kaien humorously claims crushes his heart, makes him enjoy making fun of his adopted children, especially Zero. Additionally, he takes pleasure in making Yuki and Zero consume extremely bizarre stuff. Kaien can also come out as careless, frequently ignoring Zero’s aversion to vampires. To protect Zero and Yuki, he frequently only provides partial truths and keeps his knowledge of Yuki’s background a secret.

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka believes it is her duty as the group’s adult to look after the children. She can be somewhat ditzy at times and prone to panic, but when necessary, she can be very serious. Shizuka also demonstrates her compassion for the group’s members by taking on a motherly role for Alice and seeing it as her duty as the lone adult among them. When she’s intoxicated, as evidenced by the flirting with Takashi and Kohta, or anytime she misinterprets someone’s statements as being sexual, she has a very sexually-oriented mind, which makes her blush.

Heine Wittgenstein

Heine is exceedingly stern and hardly demonstrates any emotion. He always treats people with respect, even while he is disparaging them. Though he appears stern and distant, he is actually highly kind and understanding of others. Despite his intelligence, he keeps it to himself. Only when someone mistakes him for a child does he lose his cool.

Junichirou Kagami

Junichirou is a carefree individual who just carries out his desires. He always finds a way to include the thing he wants to do in the thing he does not want to do, even when he is compelled to do it. Similar to the, one who decides to influence his students through his gaming websites despite not wanting to be a teacher. Despite having a lighthearted and happy disposition, Junichirou occasionally displays a very calm and serious expression when agitated or mad. Like when he pretended to be “training” Miho Kitou or when he said he wanted to depose Arisu Hiiragi.

That’s all folks! These were the top 25 teachers in anime that we need in real life. If you know any more awesome teachers from anime do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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