15 reasons why kids should watch anime

While you may think of anime as merely fancy adult cartoons, there are numerous reasons why it is beneficial to children. Aside from being entertaining, anime teaches numerous lessons that other children’s shows cannot. So, aside from providing themselves some peace, why should parents allow their children to watch anime? For starters, as a Japanese cultural export, anime educates children about many aspects of Asian society, and historical cartoons provide a history lesson without the need for a textbook. Because of its intricacy and depth, anime may teach critical thinking as well as provide advice on more serious topics like relationships and mortality. Here are the top 15 reasons why kids should watch anime.

Kids Have Power In Anime

In many anime, kids and young characters are often depicted as having a lot of power and influence. This can take many forms, such as having special abilities, being prodigies in their field, or being key players in the story’s events. This representation of kids and young characters arise meant to be inspiring, showing that even the youngest members of society can make a difference and have an impact. By portraying kids as powerful and capable, anime can encourage viewers to believe in their potential and never underestimate the power of youth.

Much Of Anime Is Empowering For Girls

Yes, many anime series are empowering for girls and feature strong female characters who play key roles in the story. These female characters often challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes and are portrayed as being just as capable, strong, and intelligent as their male counterparts. They are often depicted as heroes and leaders, and their stories often emphasize the importance of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery. This positive representation of girls and women in anime can serve as an inspiration for young female viewers and help to break down harmful gender-based stereotypes. Additionally, the popularity of female-led anime has also contributed to a growing representation of women in the anime industry, both in front of and behind the camera.

Watching Anime Encourages Kids To Read

Watching anime can potentially encourage kids to read, as many anime are adaptations of manga (Japanese comics) and light novels (Japanese prose fiction). By watching anime, kids can become interested in the source material and want to explore the story further by reading manga or a light novel. Additionally, some anime may also encourage kids to learn more about Japanese culture and history, which can inspire them to seek out related books and resources. Overall, while watching anime itself may not directly encourage kids to read, it can serve as a gateway to a broader interest in storytelling, culture, and literature.

Anime Teaches Kids About Healthy Relationships

Yes, anime can teach kids about healthy relationships through its depictions of various types of relationships, such as friendships, romantic relationships, and familial relationships. Many anime series explores these relationships in-depth and can provide positive examples of communication, trust, and mutual respect. By showing healthy relationships in a positive light, anime can help kids learn about the importance of strong social bonds and the role they play in our lives.

All Their Friends Already Watch It

It is common for kids and young people to be influenced by the media preferences of their friends, and anime is no exception. If all their friends are already watching anime, they may feel peer pressure to join in and watch it too. This can help them feel connected to their friends and like they are part of a shared culture. Additionally, talking about anime with their friends can provide a new way for them to bond and have conversations. They can discuss their favourite characters, speculate about upcoming storylines, and even participate in cosplay or fan art. However, kids and young people need to make their own decisions about what media they choose to watch and not feel pressured into watching something that they may not be comfortable with or that goes against their values. Parents and guardians can play a role in guiding these decisions and helping young people make informed choices about the media they consume.

Anime Teaches Environmental Awareness

Yes, some anime series touches upon environmental issues and can raise awareness about the importance of preserving the environment. For example, some anime series may depict the negative consequences of human activities, such as pollution and deforestation, and highlight the need for more sustainable practices. These depictions can serve as a wake-up call for viewers and help raise awareness about the impact we have on the environment. Additionally, some anime series may showcase positive environmental initiatives, such as recycling and renewable energy, and depict characters working together to protect the environment. These positive depictions can help to inspire viewers to take action in their own lives and become more environmentally conscious.

Anime Introduces Them To Japanese Culture

Yes, anime can serve as an introduction to Japanese culture for many viewers. By watching anime, viewers can learn about Japanese traditions, customs, food, fashion, and other aspects of Japanese society. This can provide a window into a different culture and help to broaden the viewer’s understanding of the world. Additionally, many anime series are set in Japan or draw heavily from Japanese folklore and legends, providing a rich cultural context for the stories being told. This can further deepen the viewer’s understanding of Japanese culture and help to foster an appreciation for the cultural heritage of Japan

If You Watch It Together, Even The Bad Parts Are Educational

Watching anime with others, especially with a parent or guardian, can provide an opportunity for educational and meaningful discussions about various themes and topics depicted in the anime. This can be especially true for anime that explores mature or sensitive topics that may not be suitable for younger viewers to watch on their own. By watching these anime together and discussing the content with an adult, young viewers can learn important life lessons, such as empathy, tolerance, and responsibility. They can also gain a deeper understanding of complex societal issues, such as discrimination, mental health, and relationships, and how to navigate these challenges in their own lives.

It Encourages Active Behavior

Yes, watching anime can encourage active behaviour in some ways. Many anime series feature dynamic, action-packed scenes that can inspire viewers to be more physically active and engaged in physical pursuits. For example, anime featuring sports or martial arts can encourage viewers to participate in similar activities and develop their physical skills. Additionally, some anime series feature characters who embark on thrilling adventures and engage in exciting activities, such as exploring new worlds or battling enemies. These depictions can inspire viewers to be more adventurous and seek out new experiences in their own lives

Anime Teaches Strategy And Logical Thinking

Yes, anime can teach strategy and logical thinking in some ways. Many anime series feature complex plots and characters who use logic and strategy to solve problems and overcome obstacles. For example, anime series featuring detective work, mystery-solving, or strategic planning can encourage viewers to develop their problem-solving and analytical skills. Additionally, some anime series depict characters who engage in tactical battles or complex games, showcasing the importance of strategic thinking and planning. These depictions can inspire viewers to think critically and logically and to develop their strategic thinking skills.

Anime Teaches Perseverance

Yes, anime can teach perseverance. Many anime series feature characters who face challenges and obstacles but continue to work hard and strive towards their goals despite setbacks. These depictions can inspire viewers to develop a similar persistence and determination in their own lives and to persevere in the face of obstacles and challenges. Additionally, some anime series showcase characters who overcome personal difficulties, such as mental health issues or personal trauma. These depictions can encourage viewers to adopt a growth mindset and to believe that they can overcome challenges and grow stronger through their experiences.

It Helps Kids Build Empathy

Yes, anime can help kids build empathy by allowing them to experience and understand different perspectives and emotions. Many anime series feature characters with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and emotions, and by observing and relating to these characters, viewers can develop a better understanding of the emotions and experiences of others. Additionally, some anime series also explore complex themes and social issues, such as poverty, discrimination, and mental health. These depictions can encourage viewers to think deeply about the experiences of others and to develop a sense of compassion and empathy for those who face similar struggles in their own lives.

It Teaches You About Failure

Yes, anime can teach about failure. Many anime series feature characters who experience setbacks and failures but learn from their mistakes and grow as a result. These depictions can encourage viewers to adopt a growth mindset and to believe that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than a source of defeat. Additionally, some anime series also explore the concept of resilience and determination in the face of failure. These depictions can inspire viewers to persevere despite setbacks and to keep working towards their goals even in the face of obstacles and challenges.

Anime Shows Kids How To Be A Good Friend

Yes, anime can show kids how to be good friends. Many anime series feature strong and supportive friendships, where characters look out for each other, support each other through difficult times, and celebrate each other’s successes. These depictions can serve as positive examples for viewers and inspire them to form similar friendships in their own lives. Additionally, some anime series also explore the dynamics of friendship, including communication, trust, and respect. These depictions can encourage viewers to consider the qualities and behaviours that are important in a friendship and to strive to develop these qualities in their relationships.

Anime Offers A Gateway To Creativity

Yes, anime can offer a gateway to creativity. Anime is a form of art and storytelling that is characterized by its diverse and imaginative worlds, unique characters, and intricate plotlines. Watching anime can inspire viewers to explore their creative abilities, think outside the box, and imagine new and exciting possibilities. Additionally, some anime series also encourages viewers to develop their art, writing, or storytelling skills, whether through offering tutorials, showcasing the creative processes of characters, or inspiring viewers to develop their interpretations of the story.

That’s all folks! These are the top 15 reasons why kids should watch anime. If you know any more reasons do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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