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Top 5 famous quotes of Miria from anime Claymore

Miria is a great leader because of her ability to design plans and her tolerance for others. This is counter to the Organization's goals, and Miria takes the deaths of people under her command personally, much as she cares for Claymores' lives even though they are Organization victims. She isn't ...

Top 5 famous quotes of Raki from anime Claymore

Raki is easily trusted, as evidenced by his friendship with Clare, whom the rest of the townspeople feared. According to Raki, he expected Claymores like Clare to be intimidating (having never met one before), but she was just like any other girl. As Clare and Isley have demonstrated, he is ...

Top 5 famous quotes of Teresa from anime Claymore

Teresa was a cruel, solitary killer who would accept any job without protest before she met Clare. She made it sound as if the Organization was responsible for sending Yoma to the towns that failed to pay the required taxes, and she seemed to relish threatening the townsfolk. Teresa was adamant ...

Top 6 famous quotes of Clare from anime Claymore

Clare was first introduced as a cold warrior who put her duties above all else; this is demonstrated when, after saving Raki from a Yoma, she told him that she needed to get the Yoma into a position where she could easily kill him, implying that she cared more about killing Yoma than saving his ...

Top 5 quotes of Yukio Okumura from anime Blue Exorcist

Yukio is usually regarded as the polar opposite of Rin, even though they are twins, and Ryuji has commented that he finds it difficult to believe they are related. Yukio is quiet and peaceful most of the time, yet he has mood swings. He is typically shown smiling and happy, but due to Rin's ...

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