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Top 5 quotes of Jean from anime Claymore

Jean's most distinguishing personality attribute is her great willpower, as seen by her ability to retain her human awareness even after her body has fully transformed upon Awakening. Her severe, no-nonsense discipline and great loyalty are also notable traits; she is a firm believer in paying all ...

Top 5 quotes of Ophelia from anime Claymore

Ophelia's hair is pale, silvery blond, and she braids it long and tight. Her hairline is defined by a prominent widow's peak. She has silver eyes and wears the normal Claymore outfit, as do most Claymores. She has elf-like ears like Irene, Queenie, and Cassandra. Ophelia appears to be lighthearted ...

Top 7 quotes of Galatea from anime Claymore

Galatea has an intellectual, aristocratic, and disdainful temperament to go along with her tall and graceful appearance; a personality to fit her lofty rank. She is proud of both her appearance and her power, but her vanity can work against her; she is hesitant to release Yoki until late in combat ...

Top 5 quotes of Shinya Kogami from anime Psycho Pass

Kogami is a talented detective, and his ability to solve crimes fast has made him a valued asset to Division 01, where he was assigned initially. His childhood closest buddy, Nobuchika Ginoza, who is an Inspector and lead cop, is his superior as an Enforcer. Even though they are frequently at ...

Top 12 quotes of Shogo Makishima from anime Psycho Pass

He is a dark humanist, someone who is enamored with the worst aspects of human nature and has no qualms about witnessing or causing the misery of others. He possesses both extraordinary charisma and a true skill for persuasion speaking, allowing him to influence people to do his bidding. He has no ...

Top 4 quotes of Arita Haruyuki from anime Accel World

Haru is initially timid as a result of Araya's bullying. He can, however, stand up for himself after meeting Kuroyukihime and acquiring Brain Burst, and help Kuroyukihime achieve her goals. Later in the story, he begins to admit that, aside from assisting her in reaching level 10 and learning the ...

Top 5 quotes of Kuroyukihime from anime Accel World

Kuroyukihime, the Vice-President of the Student Council at Umesato Junior High School, is a mysterious and popular girl. She was just eight years old when she became a burst linker, and her Brain Burst Avatar is Black Lotus. She used to be known as the "Black King," but she went into hiding after ...

Top 5 quotes of Kurasaki Fuuko from anime Accel World

Fuuko is seen to be extremely nice to everyone she meets, including strangers. She is willing to help others even if she receives no compensation. Her eyes are usually melancholy as if she is mourning her separation from Kuroyukihime / Black Lotus unconsciously. She is a firm believer in the ...

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