Top 4 famous quotes of Kazutora from anime Tokyo Revengers

In a situation of domestic violence, Kazutora was forced to choose between his mother and father as a youngster. He hated other happy families as a result of his inherently non-existent family life. Something as basic as seeing youngsters sharing sensitive moments with their parents angered Kazutora greatly. His intense attachment to Toman was most likely rooted in relief from his loneliness, and he was fiercely loyal to Toman and Mikey, going to great lengths to make them happy, even if it meant resorting to unhealthy and outright criminal means like theft.

“If a person kills someone, they’re a bad guy. But if you kill your enemy… you’re a hero.”


“It’s all… Mikey’s fault. That’s why… I need to kill Mikey.”


“I suffered because of you. Of course you’re my enemy!”


“I’m not going to run away anymore. I need to face what I’ve done.”


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