Top 3 quotes of Ryoji Kaji from anime The End Evangelion

Kaji is a laid-back and joyful character who maintains his cool and collected demeanor and detached sense of humor even in the face of adversity. He also flirts openly with his female employees and peers, which irritates Misato even more. In his intimate relationships, despite his careless public persona, Kaji exhibits a high level of personal responsibility and worldly intelligence. Both Asuka and Shinji Ikari regard him as a father figure, particularly the latter. Asuka is overtly smitten with him, which he deflects calmly and again.

“If you know pain and hardship, it’s easier to be kind to others.”

Ryoji Kaji

“Understanding 100% of everything is impossible. That’s why we spend all our lives trying to understand the thinking of others. That’s what makes life so interesting.”

Ryoji Kaji

“I’m not a monster I do sometimes work for monsters.”

Ryoji Kaji

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