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25. Little Witch Academia 

When Akko was a child she worshiped Shiny Chariot, a beautiful witch whose performances lit the sky. As a teenager, Akko entered the prestigious academy of magic in the hope of following in her idol’s footsteps. To her horror, she discovers that magic is not all about fun and games. There are flying brooms, and failed spells, not to mention that her classmates and school staff all think Shiny Chariot is a cheap cheat. So when the Akko class gets a new and dangerous task. The task is to find rare treasures in dungeons filled with monsters. They want to prove that they can live up to their idol, even in the face of certain death … It is one of the top magic anime.

24. Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy  

Makoto Misumi is an ordinary high school student called to an alternate world as a brave warrior. The goddess of the world said: “Your face is ugly,” stripped him of his title, and banished him. Wandering in the wilds, Makoto encountered dragons, spiders, orcs, dwarves, and all kinds of other non-human species. Due to environmental differences from his homeworld, Makoto now exhibits extraordinary powers in magic and combat. Thus, he will survive in this world having to deal with various encounters. The curtain rises over the social reform of a boy abandoned by gods and people. It is one of the top magic anime.

23. Blast of Tempest 

Hakaze, the princess of the Kusaribe mages, was betrayed and imprisoned on the island by her people. They seek to revive the Exodus Tree, an incomprehensible powerful being of alien origin. To save the world from the tyranny of its antithesis: the Tree of Genesis, which fuels their magic. However, Hakaze believes that their efforts are putting mankind in danger. Her power is limited and she can only turn to the world for help. Her call reaches Mahiro Fuwa, a young man mourning the mysterious death of his sister Aika. He and his friend Yoshino agree to help – provided that Hakaze tracks down Aiki’s killer using his magic. A deal is concluded and a battle begins that will decide the fate of civilization. Who will play the role of its villain and who will be its savior? It is one of the top magic anime.

22. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! 

Wealthy heiress Katarina Claes is struck by a rock in the head and recovers her past life memories. It turns out the world she lives in is the world of Fortune Lover, the otome game she was obsessed with in her previous life. However, she has been cast as a villain character trying to foil the heroine’s romance! For Katarina, the best game-ending is exile, and the worst is death! She will have to find a way to avoid the doom flags and create a happy future! Based on a misunderstanding, the love comedy begins now! It is one of the top magic anime.

21. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea 

Ponyo is a goldfish that lives in the sea and has an overprotective mage for his father. Soon Ponyo runs away from home and is saved by a five-year-old boy. Ponyo uses magic to transform himself into a human girl. However, this magic has drastic consequences and a final test stands in the way of Ponyo. Can Ponyo make her dream come true or is she destined to return to the sea? It is one of the top magic anime.

20. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X 

After rebirth as a villain in the otome game, Katarina did everything in her power to avoid the bad endings. Now she has completed the game events without being exiled or killed! Not only that, but it also made her a close group of friends. Now that the worst crisis is over, Katarina is very excited to participate in her first school festival. When she feels that she can finally relax, she was kidnapped! Is this the setting for a new romance event and potentially another catastrophic bad end ?! See if Katarina can survive in the next installment of this disaster avoidance rom! It is one of the top magic anime.

19. Fairy Tail 

Lucy is a seventeen-year-old mage with the power to summon stellar spirits. Her eyes are on Fairy Tail, a notoriously reckless, outrageous group of magic users who are likely to destroy buildings. One day in the city, Lucy meets a boy named Natsu through a series of events revealing to her that he is none other than the fire-eating mage Salamandra from Fairy Tail! Lucy was finally allowed to join Fairy Tail. Soon, she soon started doing odd jobs with Natsu and his gang to gain fame and fortune. Together with her fiery friends, she embarks on epic adventures that leave an incredible amount of destruction in their way. It is one of the top magic anime.

18. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 

In the sand-strewn land of caravans, bandits, and adventurers, legends tell of an ominous dungeon tower that suddenly appeared 14 years ago. It is said that by clearing one of these prisons, you can get a treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and even make a deal with magical genies of tremendous power – assuming you make it out alive. In this world, Alibaba is a young villain who wants nothing more than to get rich by purging all the dungeons of the world, starting with the nearby Amun Tower. Aladdin is a curious young boy with a magic flute and a hidden skill. Morgaine is a slave who cannot escape her chains. As their fates intertwine, the three of them roam the earth, fighting against powerful enemies that want to corrupt the weak and the innocent. It is one of the top magic anime.

17. KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! 2 OVA 

After returning from Arcaneretia and defeating one of the Devil King’s generals, Hans, Kazuma can cash his prize and live a stress-free life in luxurious laziness. One day, in a guild hall, he meets a novice named Ran. Ran adores him for his exploits and wants to shake his hand. While Kazuma happily indulges in his new fan, Luna, the guild’s receptionist, assigns him a mission to exterminate the golems. Not wanting to look bad in front of his admirer, Kazuma finally accepts the task. He heads to the ruins of Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. It is one of the top magic anime.

16. Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings 

One day a girl named Homura arrives at Mitakihara Junior High as a transfer student, mysteriously warning her classmate Madoka to stay as she is. However, when Madoka and her best friend Miki are sucked into a world of distorted hallucinations. They encounter a magical creature named Kyubey. The couple discovers that the magical girls are real, and they may decide to become one of them. One member. All they have to do is sign up with Kyubey and agree to fight the witches who spread despair in the human world, and they’ll get one wish in return. However, as the omen of Homura suggests, there is much more to becoming a magical girl than Madoka and Miki realize … It is one of the top magic anime.

15. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A’s 

Six months have passed since the events of the previous film. Fate Testarossa has returned to Uminari City with Lindy Harlaown as her legal guardian and lives the life of a normal elementary school student with Nanoha Takamachi and her friends. However, the reunion of the two newly discovered friends is interrupted when they are attacked by four ancient magic users. They have identified themselves as “Wolkenritter”. As Wolkenritter’s motives become clear. Nanoha and Fate race against time to stop the reactivation of a highly dangerous artifact known as The Book of Darkness. It is one of the top magic anime.

14. Dorohedoro 

The City of the Hole is a deserted city where magic users test their powers by disfiguring or killing their inhabitants. After being cursed by the sorcerer, Kaiman was left with the body of a man and the head of a lizard. Determined to break the spell on him, Kaiman works with his companion, Nikaido, in search of the one who created him in this way. Unfortunately, with no memory of the attacker’s identity, there is only one way to locate them. Kaiman bites, cuts and kills, breaking through the cruel users of magic. Will Kaiman be able to find out who the man in his mouth is? Where the one he hunts is hiding, and he will return to normal while keeping vengeful users at bay magic? It is one of the top magic anime.

13. Kiki’s Delivery Service 

Kiki is a young witch who has just turned 30 years old. According to tradition, she must now leave the safe house for one year to receive witch training. One clear night, Kiki sets out with her cat Jiji and her mother’s broom to start a new life, and finds herself in an oceanfront town – but is disappointed that people are not as friendly as she imagined. I would be. With nowhere to stop and no outstanding magical abilities other than flying, Kiki wonders if she’s in the right place; but after returning the pacifier to a customer of a local shop, the owner, Osono, offers her an overnight stay. Kiki decided to start his own courier company, and with the help of new friends, embark on a journey to discover who she is and how to do it alone. It is one of the top magic anime.

12. Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle 

When Princess Syalis is abducted and taken to the castle of the demon king Twilight as a hostage, neither the demon lord of the castle nor his subjects realize the trouble they have brought upon themselves. The deceptively charming princess is a holy terrorist who has no difficulty sneaking out of her cell, destroying property, and murdering creatures she stumbles upon to get her perfect sleep. The rock-stupid hero Dawner has been sent to save Syalis and bring her home, but his mission seems unlikely; meanwhile, the demons have to deal with their ruthless royal prisoner, constantly causing an uproar in the castle. While the princess is resting peacefully, her captors may never fall asleep again! It is one of the top magic anime.

11. The Seven Deadly Sins 

seven deadly sins
seven deadly sins

The kingdom of Liones plunges into chaos as the King’s Holy Knights are corrupted by clearly godless demonic power. This land’s only hope is a group of mighty warriors known as the Seven Deadly Sins – A group of banished weirdos, who seem to spend as much time fighting each other as they fighting their enemies. Princess Elizabeth desperately sought their help, but she wanted to be the leader of the savior, but she was a small pervert with a broken blade and a pig! Soon they are joined by a jealous giant, a capricious fairy, and an immortal bandit longing for his lost love. Could these people be the legendary heroes they are looking for? It is one of the top magic anime.

10. Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower 

At Shirou’s side is a young girl who is in love with him, Sakura Matou. Every morning, Shirou goes to Shirou’s house to prepare breakfast and dinner for him, bringing kindness to the life of a boy who is completely lonely in the world. But when the Holy Grail War begins, a change takes place in Fuyuki City. The whole city is full of murders and the atmosphere turns sinister. Shirou decides to shelter Sakura in her home. Along with Saber, the Servant he summons, Shirou allies with the mage Rin Tohsaka and takes part in the Holy Grail War. But the battle begins to end when secret maneuvers of invisible forces are involved. It is one of the top magic anime.

9. Castlevania Season 3 

With Dracula’s fall, both heroes and villains must forge new paths in the bloody aftermath. Trevor and Sypha continue their adventure in search of and destroy the forces of evil, leading them to a village where a mysterious explorer named Saint Germain investigates a cult worshiping Dracula. In remote corners of the world, the forge masters Isaac and Hector have taken their steps on very different paths: one in the quest to destroy those who betrayed Dracula, the other in the long, arduous path of slavery at the hands of Carmilla and her vampire brothers. Meanwhile, Alucard remains in his father’s ruined castle, mired in mental stagnation until he meets a pair of vampire hunters from a distant land. Will their arrival save him from the loneliness that engulfs him, or will it make him sink deeper into the darkness? It is one of the top magic anime.

8. Ascendance of a Bookworm 

A keen bookworm and Motos student Urano dies in an unforeseen accident. This came right after the news that she would finally be able to work as a librarian as she always dreamed of doing. When she got her consciousness back, she was reborn as Myne, the daughter of a very poor soldier. She was in the city of Ehrenfest, which had a strict class system. But as long as she had the books, she didn’t need anything else. The books, however, were few and belonged only to the nobility. But this did not stop her, so she made a decision… “If there are no books, I’ll create them”. It is one of the top magic anime.

7. Overlord 

On the night when his favorite MMORPG was about to end, the veteran Momonga remained logged in until the time was zero. The screen only darkens for a few moments before being completely immersed in the online world of Yggdrasil. Staying with all the destructive powers of her character, total control of loyal NPCs, and nothing better to do … Momonga decides to try her hand at taking over the world. All the hours spent grinding and dungeon crawling have certainly paid off, and as he tests his strength on local thugs and legendary beasts, he realizes that no opponent can stand against his might. Assuming his new identity as the fearsome magician Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga continues his search for bigger, more formidable enemies. Leaving the inhabitants of Yggdrasil to wonder who exactly is trapped with whom? It is one of the top magic anime.

6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

Chise Hitori was the child nobody wanted. Told by her mother that she should never be born and passed from one neglected caregiver to another, the young girl grew up feeling lost, hopeless, and emotionally numb. At fifteen, he sells himself into slavery, desperately looking for a home where someone – whoever – wants to be there, is bought by a mysterious creature with a skull instead of ahead. He takes Chise to his home in England and introduces her to the world of talking animals, dragons, and fairies, declaring that she will become his student of magic … as well as his fiancée! 

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica 

One night, Madoka has a terrible nightmare – against the deserted landscape, she watches a magical girl fight a terrifying creature and fails. The next day, the teenager’s dream comes true when the girl – Homura – arrives at Mitakihara Junior High as a transfer student, mysteriously warning Madoka to stay as she is. But when she and her best friend Miki are sucked into a twisted world of illusion and meet a magical being named Kyubey, the couple discovers that the magical girls are real and they can choose to become one of them. All they have to do is sign up with Kyubey and agree to fight the witches who spread despair in the human world, and they’ll get one wish in return. However, as the omen of Homura suggests, there is much more to becoming a magical girl than Madoka and Miki realize. 

4. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 

Fuyuki City – a city surrounded by the ocean and mountains becomes the place of an eternal ritual. To make the mythical Holy Grail come true, which is said to fulfill its possessor’s every wish, the seven masters receive the seven heroic spirits chosen by the Grail. These heroic spirits or minions are Saber, Lancer, Archer, Horseman, Summoner, Assassin, and Berserker. Each master will make a deal with his assigned servants and will fight other masters and servants to the death until there is only one pair left … This is the “Holy Grail War”. 

3. Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. lost butterfly 

Shirou Emiya made a choice: to continue the fight and protect Sakura Matou. Due to Zoukena Matou’s participation in the Holy Grail War and the summons of the Servant of the True Killer, the situation begins to distort, constantly getting worse day by day. Shirou, determined to protect Sakura instead of betraying her, refuses to leave the battle. While Sakura is worried about Shirou, she is also caught up in her fate as a mage. However, their hot desires will be crushed by the mysterious black shadow that covers the city, killing the masters and servants one by one … 

2. Fate/Zero 2 

The Holy Grail war continues. Servants face the impossible task of allying against the Summoner for additional command spells, while under that thin shell of friendship their Master plan to destroy each other. Saber herself has to fight not only the monsters that plague her but also the doubts in her own heart about the path of courage she has chosen. After all, what is the place of ancient righteousness in the modern world where the only principle is to win at all costs? As the Holy Grail War enters its deadliest phase, the world witnesses both unimaginable horrors and incredible heroism – but the question remains, which will prevail. 

1. Howl’s Moving Castle 

Responsible Sophie has led a relatively normal life, safe within the walls of the hat shop where she works; because outside, rumor has it, the evil wizard Howl is roaming the ground in his movable black castle. After a random and mystical encounter, poor Sophie is transformed by a witch’s spell that makes her look like an old woman, and thus sets out on an adventure to find Howl’s Castle and end her curse. A mystical world of talking flames, sentient scarecrows, and lots of magic awaits those who seek the legendary Howl. 

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