Top 25 Most Motivational Anime Characters

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25. Riko 

Riko is a good-natured, joyful, and energetic child. She has a fast and inquisitive mind, collecting and properly arranging all available information on topics of interest to her. For the team, he is an unbreakable force of enthusiasm in their constant hardship. 

The abyss excites her endlessly. Growing up, she studied diligently to become Delver, just like her mother, charmed by secrets. At twelve, she became an excavator apprentice with the right to independently explore the shallowest level of the Abyss. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

24. Otonashi Yuzuru 

Back in junior high, Otonashi didn’t care much about school or socializing with his classmates. He admitted to his sister that he sincerely preferred to be alone and play video games than to learn and make friends. His main purpose in life was mainly to work to pay for food and buy manga for his little sister. His personality finally changed when his sister died. 

After his sister died, he became a more responsible person. He worked hard and studied to become a doctor and pay for medical school to help people like his sister. He has become a very wise and kind person. When he got into a train accident, he helped other survivors by taking care of their injuries and helping find enough food and water for all of them. At one point, he even sacrificed his part of the water. Before his death, he signed a donor card stating that he would donate all his functioning organs. He is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

23. Kurisu MAKISE  

Kurisu is generally a sane, serious, mature young woman, usually calm and composed, even when someone is tense in front of her eyes. Sometimes, however, it can show a much more shy side. It is often shown that she hates being named because she doesn’t like all the names Okabe gives her, and what she is most bothered by is “Zombies”. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

22. Hana Shirosaki 

Hana is a calm and mature girl who seems very grown up and cold at times but is very excited when it comes to candy. She likes a character named “Higero” very much, she thinks this character is cute but not accepted by others. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

21. Rin KAGA 

Rin was initially a very shy and cold girl and distanced herself from family members, however, as the show progresses, she turns out to be rather cheerful, content, and mischievous. She is a very childish girl with a very delicate heart. 

She is very independent and mature for her age and often copes with problems on her own. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

20. Yuzuru NISHIMIYA 

At first glance, Yuzuru appears to be overprotective, blunt, direct, and cold towards people she dislikes or considers suspicious, as seen in her first encounter with Shōya Ishida. Yuzuru seems to be the type of person to hold a grudge. Despite never having met Ishida before, she does everything in her power to keep her away from her sister, Shōko. 

However, after gaining Yuzuru’s trust, her personality will turn into a kind, sweet and caring person. Yuzuru is open to people she knows, especially around Ishida, when she knew him better. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

19. Nausicaä 

Nausicaä is the beloved princess of the Valley of the Wind. She dedicated herself to helping her people by trying to find a cure for the miasma poison from which so many suffer. She is brave, courageous, wise, intelligent, loyal, honest, kind, compassionate, and all that one looks for in a real heroine. She becomes tough against all opponents and is ready to sacrifice her life to save the people around her. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

18. Nanami MOMOZONO 

Nanami has a  gentle, kind, understanding, and caring heart for everyone around her, whether it is a bad person or Yokai. She often cries when things get too hard or when someone is hurt or in trouble, and her crying has been noted to have an impact on both humans and Yokai who are reluctant when she cries or is upset. 

She is also a brave and determined girl who is not someone to give up even when the odds are not in her favor. Although her title of earth god much more often than pulls her out of it, her wit, resourcefulness, and persistence (along with a little help from her friends) ensure that everything always ends well. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

17. Olivier Mira ARMSTRONG 

Olivier is a strict woman who has a terrifying and imperious appearance, where she is strict with her subordinates and peers and coldly ruthless with her enemies, and the deceptively beautiful schadenfreude woman earned her the nickname “Ice Queen” among Briggs’ soldiers. With sharp language and highly militant, Olivier is no stranger to furious punishments and outbursts of fiery violence, especially to those who fail to live up to her high standards and staunch commitment to the philosophy of “survival of the fittest”. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

16. Ryuunosuke AKASAKA 

Ryuunosuke is a very pragmatic person. Extremely intelligent, he can decipher the true nature of people. However, he rarely respects the feelings of others and ends up hurting some of them because of his nature of being honest and straightforward. He also seems to have a cold, distant expression on his face, but when she snaps at him, he’s soft. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.


Rita believes in chivalry given her English heritage, and sometimes ruthlessly imposes it on the male inhabitants of Sakurasou. She is a stubborn person, and she is determined to bring Mashiro Shiina to the UK by falling in love with Akasaka Ryunosuke, despite some failures. However, she is doing this job with her successes and talents, determined enough to continue painting after doing what she wanted. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

14. Misaki KAMIIGUSA 

Misaki has a childlike, lively, sociable, and energetic personality with a wild imagination that allows her to get along with new people. He also has a sense of humor, but most of them usually leads to something “vulgar”. But then Misaki showed her gentle side and can take things seriously, such as the people she loves. From time to time she calls herself an alien, which sometimes explains her outrageous actions. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

13. Mashiro SHIINA 

Mashiro is an accomplished artist, but he is terrible about everything else due to a lack of common sense. She is almost completely emotionless, usually blank and sullen. Mashiro with a soft voice is a girl with few words because sometimes she isn’t sure what to think herself, let alone what to say. These features may suggest she has autism. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

12. Ushio 

Ushio is similar to her mother, Nagisa, although she lacks the two outstanding changes her mother has and her hair is slightly shorter. 

Most of Ushio’s hair is unknotted, except for a small part of the hair on the back of her head that is tied up with a large white bow. She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

11. Tomoyo SAKAGAMI 

Tomoyo is a classic tomboy who always acts cool in any situation. Her only real friend is Sunohara. She is a responsible and hardworking girl with intelligence and athletic abilities surpassing even Kyou. Despite being a tough girl, she hates getting into fights.  She is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

10. Kaori MIYAZONO 

Kaori is an independent violinist whose style of play reflects her personality. She is independent, unpredictable, and quick-tempered. It is also raised that she is sometimes passive-aggressive. Kaori likes to rely on herself and only on herself, but is very open-minded and can be seen as supportive of others. 

9. Maes HUGHES 

For the most part, Maes’s personality is decidedly friendly and cheerful, even to the point where his closest friends find her annoying. He almost always appears randomly, jovially interjects when something important is discussed and is quite well known at Headquarters for shirking many responsibilities only to talk to friends, even when he gleefully complains about how much his paperwork is accumulated. Hughes is also quite bluntly hospitable, never taking “no” for an answer when he offers a position under his authority or overnight in his house, and even goes so far that he physically drags people with him without waiting for their consent – prompting Elric brothers had repeatedly referred to him as “the kidnapper.” He is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

8. Kousei ARIMA 

Kousei was an obedient and calm boy. When he is not seeing Ryota Watari, Tsubaki Sawabe, and Kaori Miyazono, he spends most of the day alone in his mind. This dense feature makes him unaware of what is going on around him. For example, he doesn’t notice the rivalry and dislike of him by his fellow pianists, nor Tsubaki’s infatuation with him. Except for not noticing the jealousy, Tsubaki felt for separating from him, because she always cared for and was with him. He also stares at Kaori for a long time, thinking how great a person she is, which he misinterprets as having distorted thoughts about her. SHe is one of the Top Most Motivational Anime Characters.

7. Yona 

Yona is very flexible and has a sweet attitude and a strong sense of conviction. During her journey, she shows an absolute willingness to learn and remains idealistic in extremely difficult situations. She was initially selfish and demanding of others, first noticed when Yoon scolded her for not thanking him for looking after Hook. After all, through his travels, he learns to show appreciation for others. Despite her tragic history, Yona maintains a positive outlook on life and decides to help those in need. She becomes more mature and self-confident during her travels. She begins to overcome her insecurity as she realizes what is most precious in life as she travels with Hook, Yoon, and the four dragons. 

6.  Edward ELRIC 

On the surface, Edward displays an immature personality. He is stubborn and strong-willed, often letting his pettiness and vindictiveness outweigh him. It was this stubbornness that contributed to Führer Bradley’s decision to call him “Fullmetal” because “Hagane” is a Japanese term that means someone with a stubborn disposition. And he often has to be restrained or rebuked by Al or anyone else. He is somewhat selfish and self-absorbed, generally acts more in self-interest than any philanthropy, and also takes a few occasions to stroke his egos or flaunt the government power and monetary license of his military position. He is largely hostile to authority figures and has little incentive to obey orders with which he disagrees, which gives him the honor of being a kind of loose cannon. 

5. Winry ROCKBELL 

Winry is a very emotional, strong-willed, and empathetic person who puts all her heart and effort into what she does. Machine enthusiast Winry is most comfortable around spinning gears, spinning bearings, and the smell of oil, and becomes dazed when she can interact and learn about such things, causing Edward to mock her as an “engineering otaku” or “crazy gear”. 

4. Mikasa ACKERMAN 

Before moving to Yeager’s house, Mikasa looked like a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child. Her innocence allowed her to push anxious thoughts deep into her mind, continuing a happy life with her parents and loved ones. After growing up, Mikasa became emotionally withdrawn and very dangerous, sometimes intimidating her enemies and even companions. She is quite stoic and level-headed, seldom seen losing her composure or not knowing what to do, no matter how grim the situation may seem. Her will is extremely strong, as demonstrated when she managed to maintain such a calm will when Eren was presumed dead; only Armin could tell she was battling the pain of losing him. 

3. Alicia FLORENCE 

She is 19 years old and is the most popular pigeon in the city, especially famous for her graceful paddling style. She was promoted to Prima at age 15, the youngest ever. Like Akari, she is nice, relaxed, and laid-back, but also likes to tease others, especially her childhood friend Akira. 

2. Morgiana 

Morgaine is a quiet girl who rarely speaks. He likes strange things. Instead of choosing jewelry for her Household Cookware, she considered two devilish-looking manifestos (though probably only because Alibaba recommended them). When she’s angry, she usually puffs her cheeks or stamps her feet, breaking the dirt. 


Akari works hard and trains daily with her friends Aika and Alice, but she also enjoys her job. While not known for any unique features, Akari has a warm presence that can convince anyone. She has the amazing ability to make friends and becomes well-known all over Neo-Venice just by talking to people and getting to know them. 

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