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Rikka is a girl who is in the same class and lives in the same building as Yuuta on the top floor. Holding on to her illusions and believing her right eye was demonic. She always wears a medical blindfold over her eye as well as bandages on her arm, although she has no injuries as she claims they are seals that contain her power. 

A couple like no other that gives us some very funny moments as they get closer and end up as a couple. But its dynamics never change. They are one of the top anime couples.


Kobayashi and her maid dragon present an unconventionally shaped, healthy family. One of the healthiest families in anime. After being saved by a drunken Kobayashi, Tohru accidentally swears that he will be with her for the rest of his life (although Kobayashi will surely die sooner). some daughter for both of them. Tohru will struggle for a way to stay by Kobayashi’s side even against the odds, and on the other hand, Kobayashi begins to notice how important Kobayashi is in her new life as she accepts it with each episode. They are one of the top anime couples.


A world divided into people who can turn into weapons and others who can master them. Maka and Soul are some of the best couples in anime. Their souls are in complete harmony with each other. Thanks to their chemistry, they can reach their maximum potential. While the care they share for each other makes it the couple we’ve stayed as eager to see him achieve his solution. They are one of the top anime couples.


The charming complex is a classic. Rare commodity; a short guy with a tall girl. They’re both in love with different people they don’t know how to reach. Finding an ally within themselves, they decide to help each other to get out of their respective infatuations. Filled with funny situations, slowly begin to become aware of the feelings they have for each other…. ah it just makes me gush!! They are one of the top anime couples.


Anime, where they show us that the most important thing for love is a good heart, overlooks. But this time from a boy’s point of view. Takeo, a good-natured giant in love with Rinko, is a little girl who immediately falls in love with him. For Takeo, the first impression is that she is another girl she has no chance with and that, as always, she has fallen in love with his best friend, the handsome guy from town. But against all odds, he predicted that it was not so. And they turn out to be one of the most beautiful couples in the anime. 

20. KAYO and SATORU 

From childhood, Satoru felt guilty about the death of Kayo, the girl he went to primary school with. After a few events, it miraculously goes back in time and this time it will try everything possible to prevent it from happening. As a child, he realizes that he may have felt feelings for Kayo in those days. Something that only strengthens his determination to save her and give her a future. They are one of the top anime couples.


One of the classic shonen pairs, especially in the world of Dragon Ball. 

When Android 18 bid farewell to Krillin at the temple of Kami-Sama, he said “See you soon.” Yamcha quickly told her friend that the kiss showed the robot’s interest. However, she decides to be under no illusions. After a few days, Krillin appears at Master Roshi’s house. There, he reveals to everyone that he can’t get Android 18 out of his head. At this point, it suddenly seems to be flying. They are one of the top anime couples.


All Berserk fans know that Guts and Casca started a somewhat strange relationship at first, but as expected it ended in love, but this was ruined after Griffith was saved as the events of the Eclipse passed with Griffith doing the unimaginable (forced) with Casca and after what happened, Casca suffers from an illness in which he no longer remembers anything. But even after that, Guts loves her as a fighter, which she is, in truth, there is still love. 


Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus in the original airing. The big problem was that they censored and changed the couple’s dialogues apparently because they were gay. Making them appear to be cousins ​​and even changing Haruka’s species. This account and its scenes have been modified. This was done by the big media in order not to portray the two as a couple when the Sailor Moon series began distributing overseas. One of the first animated yuri pairs is for many, and one of the best to come out of the Sailor Moon franchise. Reboot gave us even more lovely moments from this couple! 


They gave each other rings, had many special moments, and shared promises among themselves It is impossible not to think of these two as a couple. The relationship started as a mentor-apprentice but has grown so much more. So much so that Yuri thinks about Victor at a crucial moment to find strength and be able to do his best while skating in the World Prix. 


For Kousei, Kaori showed up in his life as a ray of sunshine in his sad life and a new motive to go back to playing the piano and trust himself. And for Kaori, Kousei was someone who inspired her and always had a secret crush. They both give each other strength. But what you can do, not everything happens the way you want or want to. 


Kyon influenced Haruhi without knowing it to create an SOS brigade. And the only one who trusts Haruhi, who is essentially a god, but doesn’t know she’s a god and won’t destroy the universe with her impulses. Although he denies having had any feelings for Haruhi while following all her woes. After her disappearance, he finally realizes and confesses all of his true feelings for her. 


This practically shows us that it is not only external beauty but internal beauty as well. Typical popular boy that everyone loves and a shy girl and in this case everyone is afraid of him. However, it seems the boy is not the typical man who falls in love right away or always annoys her, but wants to be her friend and is practically the only one who talks to her, as is their relationship. Kazehaya helps her make more friends and open up to people. And so the story continues until these butterflies begin to appear in the stomach and Kazehaya begins to fall in love with Sawako as she falls in love with him. 


Toxic and manipulative as their relationship may seem. There is no doubt that these two are some of the most famous couples in the anime. Misa IDOLIZES Light even though she has the same power as him, but Light sees her only as a way to carry out his plans. A couple doomed to a tragedy? 


As a child, Bulma was always looking for the possibility of having a boyfriend who would fulfill her desires, and for most of Dragon Ball’s history, Bulma and our beloved Yamcha have always been the perfect couple. However, Yamcha’s continued inattention and infidelity would cause them to split up. Bulma found a difficult person in Vegeta, but one who would meet her expectations for a man to such an extent that many were surprised when she learned that Trunks is the son of their love. Vegeta may be serious and have unwavering pride, but he is willing to bend down and kill anyone (God or not) who offends or abuses his Bulma. 


Kenshin Himura is a wanderer who at one point in his past was known as the Battousai killer. He chose not to kill again and spent several years wandering around with a blunt sword and helping in every way possible on his way. Despite what his physical appearance may show, Kenshin has been an adult for over 30 years. On the other hand, we have Kaoru, a sharp, strong, and courageous girl who is the heiress of the Kamiya Kashin sword style and who is now looking for a Battousai killer to purify the honor of her school. 


From their first meeting, their relationship was full of the impression that they had a special connection with the fact that they understood each other with one glance. They were a dynamic duo, a hilarious couple, and two characters who would always care for each other. And for God’s sake, the first and supposedly chapter, which was supposed to be the last chapter of the manga to the name of the first and last volume, had a reference to the two “Death (Rukia) and strawberry (Ichigo)”. And yes, that final ship made most of the people even more unhappy with the finale. This pair remains iconic in the hearts of fans 


Ryuuji is a sweet guy but with a face that makes everyone think he’s a dangerous guy, and Taiga (Compact Tiger) is a little girl who is better to be afraid of. They go into their lives after discovering a mutual infatuation and the promise of mutual help. But after all, they go through together and do for each other, they build up unexpected feelings. 


Although in both the manga and the anime, no chapter specifically informs us that there is an affair between Seiya and Saori. But as fans of anime and manga, we felt a strong attraction between the two characters like it was a fairy tale. Because Saori is always in trouble and is saved by her warrior. 


This couple never gives up in the fight to be together, whether they share their lives, dimensions, or different worlds, they will continue to fight to keep their love intact. While it is painful to watch their way, they are one of the most admirable couples in the genre. 


One of the quintessential anime and manga couples. Ranma and Akane had the misfortune (or fortune) that their parents had arranged for their marriage, so that at some point when they were a little older, they would get married and take care of the Tendo Dojo’s legacy. However, Ranma and Akane have very strong personalities that break apart and make them fight whenever there is a chance; aside from the many misfortunes to go through, which makes Ranma and Akane’s relationship not the easiest of all. 


Everyone saw this couple coming. Although the genre of Inuyasha is supposed to be adventure manga. Romance has always been one of the most developed pages in this great story. After nearly 200 episodes, seeing Inuyasha and Kagome finally get together was a huge sigh of relief. The love of these two is adorable and unconventional especially when his ex-partner is the embodiment of the feudal Kagome era – but sweet. After the long adventure, they have gone through, it’s hard not to be glad that they were chosen after all. 


First, the most iconic couple in the world of romance anime. He’s just gorgeous, so cute and so funny at the same time. Misaki, president of the student council also works part-time as a maid. Usui is the wealthy and most popular boy in high school who always finds a way to get on her nerves. Much to Misaki’s disgrace, she discovers her secret life as a maid, this is the beginning of their extraordinary bond and one of the greatest love stories in anime shoujo. 


Utena is one of those series that turned out to be the transcendental anime that the media all over the world have mentioned in all possible ways over the years. And Utena and Anthy have certainly made history in animation as a clerk of lesbian media. 

Utena wanted to be a prince. Anthy is a girl who has no choice in her life, more than she wants to be a “Rose Bride”, capable of giving God’s power to those who won her in a duel. Will Utena save her princess? 


As an anime shonen icon, it is also one of the most popular anime couples out there. Hinata is awkwardly in love with Naruto from the time of her first apparition until she faints. On the other hand, Naruto had to grow up to gradually realize how important she is to him. Naruto and Hinata now have two children. 

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