Top 25 Most Loved Black Anime Characters

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25. Noise MARIE 

Marie is a black order exorcist. He is under the leadership of General Tiedoll and thinks a lot about him. Though blind, the fragment of Innocence that hosts strengthens his sense of hearing and can attack the Akuma by orchestrating the music, paralyzing them. 

24. Mimiru 

Mimiru is a pugnacious woman who loves to wade through awkward situations. Holding a large sword as a Heavy Blade, she is very close to her friend Bear, and her curious nature makes her determined to uncover the secret of Tsukasa’s problem with games … 

23. Isaac 

One of the masters of Dracula’s forge, and perhaps the most loyal man in his inner court. He was chosen by Dracula to wage a war in Wallachia with Hector because he wants the destruction of the human race, despite being human himself. Although Isaac has a higher intellect, his mind was distorted in his youth by a clergyman he loved who beat him mercilessly with a whip. He now has a masochistic tendency to slap his back, claiming that it focuses him. Although Isaac is Sufi, he has lost his Islamic faith. 

22. Tarou Maria SEKIUTSU 

Maria is an illegal immigrant who has purchased a male student’s birth certificate and is currently attending under his name. She is quite optimistic and has an aversion to wearing shoes or even underwear! Due to her wild nature, Maria tends to get along well with Kafuka, although she is the wildest of her classmates. 

21. Momo ADACHI 

Momo is a great example of this, proving that people shouldn’t be taken at face value. Looking like a promiscuous woman with tanned skin and bleached hair due to her dedication to the swimming team, she is a shy person. Still, in love with his childhood friend, Momo is very shy with him. Very kind to her classmates, she has a fiery nature that reveals when someone turns her on! 

20. Kirikou RUNG 

Kilik is one of the strongest attackers among one-star technicians. As a close-range fighter, he uses his partners, Lightning, and Fire, to inflict devastating attacks on his opponents. Fast, clever, and calm, Kilik is never blinded by his abilities and always protects his team from anything else. 

19. Mira NYGUS 

Taking the form of a knife, Mira is both Sid’s loyal mate and weapon. Working as a school nurse, she cares very much about the students. Despite her kind nature, she is not afraid to say what she thinks when the situation calls for it. 

18. Lord Genome 

As Spiral King, Lord Genome rules the world from the Teppelin highlands. His four generals, Adiane, Guame, Cytomander, and Thymilph, carry out their orders on the surface. 

17. Heiji HATTORI 

Heiji is a famous high school detective who lives in Osaka and is considered Shinichi’s biggest opponent. He is quite casual, but despite his carefree nature, Heiji has an incredibly sharp mind and is extremely protective of loved ones. She is one of the few people who knows Conan’s true identity and is now one of his good friends. 

16. Kazuma IKEZAWA 

Unlike others his age, Kazuma would prefer to stay locked in his room while fighting in the land of Oz with his famous avatar, King Kazma. He has a competitive spirit, using his skill and wits to defeat any enemy. Outside of the virtual world, Kazuma sometimes practices martial arts with his grandfather Mansuke. 

15. Misao KUSAKABE 

Misao is one of Kagami’s few close friends from her current year in high school. Loud, friendly, and a bit thick, The voice is loud, friendly, and a bit thick, like a blue-haired otaku without those terrible hobbies. 

14. Kaname TOUSEN 

Tousen is the blind captain of the ninth security division and is a close friend of Sajin Komamura. He chose to walk the path with as little bloodshed as possible, though far from being a full pacifist. Despite his disability, Tousen has an acute sense of hearing, and his znpakutou, Suzumushi, uses these strengths. 

13. Urd 

As Belldanda’s half-sister, Urd is close to her siblings and is willing to use her powers to protect her. Although she does not have the sweet nature of a young goddess, she still firmly plays the role of a matchmaker. Loud, brash, and often drunk, the well-endowed deity has a wicked streak that keeps him enjoying countless times when Keiichi squirms in embarrassment. Dressing in somewhat skimpy outfits and tirelessly flirting, Urd is the most powerful of the three goddesses, despite her vicious nature. 

12. Don KANONJI 

Don Kanonji is a local star in Karakura Town. He hosts a TV show where he claims to exorcise ghosts and sends them to heaven. His trademark is the crossing of his arms over his chest. 

11. Muru Muru 

The supernatural Muru Muru lives in the Department of Causality, where he is assisted by Deus Ex Machina. Its tasks include recruiting players for the game of survival and all that needs to be done in the human realm. However, unlike her boss, she has an upbeat and playful personality, as evidenced by her love of manga and a tendency to annoy diary holders. 

10. Reg 

The robot was found by Riko, possibly from the Abyss. Except for pointy ears and metal limbs – which can stretch to fantastic proportions – it looks like an ordinary human boy. 

9. Apachai HOPACHAI 

Fighting in the underground battles of death from an early age, Appachai earned the nickname “God of Death of the underground Muay Thai” and instilled in him the inability to contain the power of his attacks. Despite its amazing size and terrifying martial arts, it has a childlike personality. When he is not fighting, he enjoys playing with children, talking to animals, and perfecting his game of otello. His Japanese is wobbly, causing him to misread many kanji characters and strangely answer the phone. 

8. Sid BARETT 

A teacher at the Shibusen Academy, Sid is a three-star dagger technician who excels in the art of assassination and stealth. Killed in the “Goddess in the Center of the Forehead” incident, Sid now roams Death City as a zombie looking to provide his students with a sweet release from death. 

7. Kakuzu 

Kakuzu works for Akatsuki and is Hidan’s partner. Kakuzu is completely interested in profit, often choosing to participate in combat only when he has something to gain from it. He regularly acts as a bounty hunter, so he can easily finance his Akatsuki work. 

6. Casca 

Inspired by Griffith from an early age, Caska joins the Hawks to follow and protect the man she admires the most. He becomes a skilled warrior and a skilled leader. When he joined the Hawks and gained Griffith’s favor, he glared at Gus jealously because he had a feeling for Griffith that he feared that he would never get rewarded. 

5. Road KAMELOT 

Despite the appearance of a young teenager, Road is one of the oldest in the clan and represents Noah’s dreams. He is fond of sweets and was transmitting his love of sweets to Skin when he first woke up. He has a fairly carefree demeanor, not only taking Lero regularly without the consent of the Count of Millennium but also forcing the entire Noah clan to help with homework. The road can manipulate reality; can create its dimension and easily travel between them. 

4. Elfman STRAUSS 

Another poignant mage, like his sister Mirajane, Elfman considers himself the bravest man in Fairy Tail. Like his guildmates, he would do anything for his friends, tend to give speeches in the face of adversity, and never back down. 

3. Brock 

Brock is a Rock Pokemon trainer, including Onix, his first Pokemon. When he was in charge of Pewter, he now travels with Ash around the world. During his travels, Brock is often accompanied by others, including Misty, Dawn, May, and Max. Brock falls in love with many lovely ladies, including Officer Jenny and Sister Joy, and flirts a lot. 

2. Yasutora SADO 

Sado, nicknamed “Chad”, is one of Ichigo’s classmates at school. He is a tall and very muscular boy of Mexican descent, but despite his appearance and fighting skills, he has a fairly calm personality and fights only to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. He is a fist fighter whose spiritual abilities give him special armored arms that give him extra power in combat. 

1. Yoruichi SHIHOUIN 

Yoruichi is the former captain of the Second Security Division and the former commander of covert operations. Though a member of the noble Shihouin family, Yoruichi acts a bit like a princess and not only exhibits more masculine traits but also likes to tease people at times. She is very intelligent and witty and can turn into a black cat when the opportunity arises. He is a master in hand-to-hand combat exceptionally skilled at the flash step. 

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