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About time we talk about the best anime movies made to this date. Anime movies have their charm if you love anime but at the same time don’t have time or the dedication to sit through a couple of dozen episodes. Not to worry I have you covered, anime movies are just as good or in some cases even better than series. Following is a list of the Top 15 Best Must Watch Anime Movies:  

1. Spirited Away  

The must-watch anime movie list can’t begin without this absolute banger film. Studio Ghibli has created the top award-winning animated film and that too for over two decades now! Chihiro takes over working under mythical creatures in a bathhouse to let her parents escape the curse. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

2. Your Name  

Taki and Mitsuha are suddenly given the power to swap bodies. Your Name includes melodrama, romance, and an amazing plot, and no wonder it has been a huge sensation among anime fans around the globe. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

3. My Neighbour Totoro  

A family-friendly movie filled with pure innocent bliss. A family moves to the rural areas to be closer and more connected with their ill mother. Satsuki and Mei here discover a big fluffy forest creature; Totoro. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

4. Akira  

Leader of a biker gang, Shotaro Kaneda, and his childhood friend Tetsuo Shima are the leads of the anime. The setting of anime takes place after WWIII broke out and Tokyo is destroyed due to it. Tetsuo gains powers after a tragic motorbike accident, the anime ascends with his telekinetic powers. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies. 

5. Princess Mononoke  

Where the battle becomes the God of forests versus humans. Prince Ashiktaka finds himself the peacemaker between the two amidst his quest to lift the deadly curse set upon him. He meets San, a woman raised in the wild. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

6. Grave of the Fireflies  

An extremely tragic and sentimental tale of two siblings; Seita and Satsuko. They lost their mother due to the bombing of their house, the anime takes place in WWII. Both of them try to survive in the ruthless world in terrible times. This anime is not for weak hearts. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

7. Ninja Scroll  

Kibagami Jubei, a soldier of fortune in sword sparring. The anime takes place in the Japanese feudal Edo-era. It portrays extremely violent action scenes because of which audience maturation is advised. It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

8. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time  

Just like any other high-school student, this trio of three is no different; Makoto, Kosuke & Chiaki. Worrying about their grades, hot boys, and all types of cliche habits until Makoto notices her ability to jump through time. She uses her powers to correct her life and messes up! It is one of the top must-watch anime movies.

9. Weathering with You  

This one surrounds controlling the weather. A teenage couple, Hodaka and Hina come together to save people’s big days from getting ruined because of the weather. Hina owns the powers. Making the weather suitable for weddings and big events. A super chic fantasy for those who enjoy unrealistic stories.  

10. Ghost in the Shell  

An anime that takes place in the future, to be precise in 2030. Motoko Kusanagi who’s busy locating a ghost hacker happens to be taking over the valuable tech-infused minds aka Puppet Master. The movie is beyond amazing cinematography which appeals to the viewers and it extends to a sequel.  

11. Perfect Blue  

This anime is based on a real-life issue of the current generation. When fans go beyond limits and start developing stalkerish habits toward their idols. Mima Kirigoe, the antagonist in the anime belonging to a girl group switches to acting and is met with backlash from her fanbase for her change of personality.  

12. Tokyo Godfathers  

A drunk, runaway, and drag queen find an infant on the streets of Tokyo. It’s Christmas eve and the group comes together to find the baby’s parents. The day arrives and they are still searching and unraveling the dark history of the child.  

13. Arrietty  

This anime revolves around tiny people who live inside the walls, floors, ceilings, etc of regular human houses. These four-inch tiny people keep their existence a secret and borrow basic things to build their houses. One day Arrietty is discovered by the humans!  

14. A Silent Voice  

This anime can be triggering for some as it mentions suicide and bullying. The movie goes around two students who are made to learn that their actions can have more severe and harsh consequences than they could ever think. It has a delving plot and attention-grabbing moral.  

15. Nausicaa: Valley of Wind  

Years before a catastrophic war broke out and the industrial civilization was erased. Since then a wild jungle has spread out in most parts of the world. The princess of the valleys tries to create a balance for humans and nature to exist at the same time while Nausicaa, the protagonist tries otherwise.  

The list ends here, do check these anime movies out by judging through your personal preferences! Until later, goodbye folks!  

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