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10. Ryuko and Satsuki 

Ryuko and Satsuki are arch-rivals and bleeding enemies at the start of the series. But as the show progresses, the two show mutual respect and begin to play the role of the main characters. While Ryuko, who wants to solve her father’s murder, initially appears to be the heroine. Satsuki’s true face is finally revealed and it turns out that she is not as wicked as she seems. All she wants is to avenge the deaths of her father and sister. 

Considering that she is Ryuko herself, her sister is not as dead as she thought. They still have a few problems to solve, but eventually, join forces and develop a relationship with their siblings. They are one of the best anime siblings.

9. The Matsuno Brothers 

There is power in numbers, and these sexually explicit brothers are no exception. The Matsuno brothers consist of the Osomatsu leader, neat Karamatsu, cunning Choromatsu, strong Ichimatsu, kind Jyushimatsu, and carefree Todomatsu. 

Generally speaking, the six brothers get along fairly well, but there are sometimes conflicts, especially Osomatsu and his younger brothers. That said, even in a meta sense, they can be beaten. Their rival Chibita and occasional teacher Iyami proved popular enough to take over the twins. Of course, they also got their reboot which showed what happened to the brothers as adults. They are one of the best anime siblings.

8. Ace & Luffy 

There are many types of siblings, and people don’t have to share blood to consider themselves family. Luffy and Ace adopted brothers were raised by Luffy’s grandfather. Garpa, were close as children. Albeit after Ace was initially annoyed by Luffy, and still clearly have a relationship, even after years of separation. They can guess their moves in combat, showing how well they know each other. Ace has shown himself proud and protective of his little brother, even after he became a pirate. They are one of the best anime siblings.

7. Hiei and Yukina 

This sibling pair is complicated by the fact that half of the siblings are not fully aware of their relationship, but still show that they care for each other in their way. The originally wicked Hiei likely started his redemption thread by saving Yukina from Gonzo Tarukane, who kept her prisoner although he hides his identity from her. 

Born into a tribe of Ice Maidens, Hiei was taken from their mother and thrown out, causing Yukina to wander the world looking for her brother. Though usually kind and compassionate, she has a dark enough reason to find him: she wants him to destroy the other ice maids in revenge for what they have done to their family. They are one of the best anime siblings.

6. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin 

With some twins, some people, including the twins themselves, have the habit of treating them as one being, and Hikaru and Kaoru are no exception. They even end each other’s sentences. That said, joining the host club helped them try to branch out as individuals. 

Other characters have trouble distinguishing themselves on the show, but the audience is a bit easier as they have different voice actors in both the Japanese and English versions of the show. Another tip is the way they part their hair. They are one of the best anime siblings.  

5. Satsuki and Mei 

This pair of sisters, in addition to the forest spirits, are the stars of the movie My Neighbor Totoro. After moving to the countryside while their mother recovers in the hospital, the two sisters soon meet a ghost they call “Totoro” and have various encounters with him. 

Like most siblings, they have moments of conflict, especially when the torment of their mother’s illness takes its toll, but the story proves the love between the sisters, especially when Mei disappears during a conflict in the film. The story is rumored to be inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s childhood with three brothers, shortening siblings to two for plot reasons and changing them to sisters to make it less obvious. They are one of the best anime siblings.

4. Sango and Kohaku 

While Inuyasha and Sesshomaru finally join forces against Naraku, another pair of siblings in the series also had a complicated relationship: Sango and Kohaku. Both were raised as yokai exterminators until Kohaku was murdered by a demon and essentially resurrected by Naraku as a human puppet just to play with Sango. 

Upon returning to life, he was initially unable to completely recognize his sister but admitted that he was familiar with her. Eventually regaining his memories, he tries to help his sister, still pretending to be Naraku’s servant, for example by secretly helping her on Mount Hakurei. The belief that he has harmed Sango also causes great psychological distress for Kohaku. In later years, they initially seemed to be distant, and Kohaku admits that he does not visit her very often, but later becomes a mentor to her son, Hisui. They are one of the best anime siblings.

3. Edward and Alphonse Elric 

Edward and Alphonse Elric endured a lot together. An unsuccessful attempt to revive their dead mother caused Ed to lose his arm and Al’s entire body, causing his soul to fuse into armor. Together, they set out in search of the Philosopher’s Stone to regain what they lost while discovering the truths about their world. 

These two are siblings who know how to use their strengths: Ed may be a better alchemist, but Al is a better fighter. Being a living armor helps in this regard. They are one of the best anime siblings.

2. Ryūichi and Kotarō Kashima 

After losing their parents, Ryūichi and Kotarō Kashima are picked up by the strict school principal Yōko Morinomiya. He expects Ryūichi to work in the school’s kindergarten while staying with her, which allows him to keep an eye on his younger brother. 

Throughout the series, Ryūichi makes guarding Kotarō a priority and is very protective of him. After all, he’s practically the only family he left at the start of the series. Kotarō adores his brother, and constantly tries to help him, and the mere thought of someone who doesn’t think his world is stunning. 

1. Tanjiro and Nezuko 

Tanjiro Kamado‘s family was murdered, leaving only his sister Nezuko alive, but at a cost: she turned into a demon. This began Tanjiro’s pursuit of revenge for his family and restoring his sister’s humanity. Showing their bond, Tanjiro is initially forced to carry the Nezuko in a wooden box until he develops sunlight survivability. Although her transformation into a demon cost Nezuko her mind, she still has enough memory to keep her from harming her brother. She ultimately sees all humans as her family. 

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