Anime Songs That Will Inspire You

Feeling like a slob today? Don’t have the motivation to do stuff? If you love anime then this list is for you. These anime songs will make your heart happy, inspires you, and get your blood pumping. Here’s a list of the Best Anime Songs That Will Inspire You, hope you like it: 

Soul Eater – Opening Theme Song Kreig Iwasaki Taku 

This fast-moving song will get you in the mood to do something. It inspires and motivates you to do something badly. If you want motivation, this song is for you. It is one of the top anime songs and will inspire you.

Attack on Titan – Great Escape by Cinema Staff 

Sometimes it’s the ending song from an anime that makes your blood rush and heart beat faster. The super fast guitar intro gets your blood pumping. It’s a must-listen from me. 

Code Geass – Innocent Days by Hitomi 

Something is calming about this song, it soothes you and inspires your heart. This song makes you happy. Give it a try!

Jujutsu Kaisen – Kaikai Kitan by Eve 

This series is a new one the song is what brought most of the people to it. This rhythm and instruments are on spot. This song is worthy to be added to your playlist.  

Magic Knight Rayearth – Main Theme Orchestra Music 

The main theme music of Magic Knight Rayearth has a powerful tune and is four-minute-long. This song is the perfect way to start your day 

Naruto – Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-fu Generation 

If you are a Naruto lover or just a person who has watched, you know this song. The inspirational music of this song hits you in the spine. This is a perfect recommendation for you. 

Scrapped Princess – Doil no Kanashi by Hikaru Nanase 

This greatly tuned instrumental music inspires your heart and makes you want to binge-watch the entire season  

Death Note – The World by Nightmare 

Sometimes inspiration can be found in darkness. The guitars, drums, and vocals will have you screaming the lyrics. As rock music begins, the inspiration comes. 

Fruit Basket – Open Theme Song 

This is one of the best songs on the list. It’s short but the tune is simply beautiful and is enjoyable to listen to. Give it a listen it’ll inspire you to do the things you have wanted to do for a while. 

Maid Sama – Misaki Junchou March 

This song is a feel-good song that makes you happy. It’s a fun song and even a fun song is inspiring. This song makes me feel happy and is another recommendation from me. 

InuYasha – Unmei To Koikokoro 

I, myself, found inspiration listening to this great song. The pace is perfect and the vocals are on spot. This is a must-hear suggestion from it. If you want inspiration and love anime give it a hearing.  

Sailor Moon – Opening Theme Song 

If you are a weeb then you may recognize this song as it’s catchy, memorable, and above all one of the classics. If you haven’t then maybe the anime-lover society may not accept you lol.  

Kill la Kill – BlumenKranz Soundtrack  

This powerful track from Kill la Kill has great music, high energy, and great music. These qualities make it one of the best anime songs. 

Samurai Champloo – Battlecry 

The lyrics of this song will inspire you and get you moving to do stuff that has been wanting to do for a while. If you are a fan of the sport or something like that, this song will give you an adrenaline rush.  

Slayers – What Time Does Love  

It’s the buildup that makes this song so special. The pace is perfect and you’ll love it for sure. Give it a hear. 

So that’s it, folks. Hope you enjoyed it. These are some must-listen recommendations from us. Don’t for to like, comment, and share with your friends. 

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