Top 15 Reincarnation Manga

Reincarnation is kind of a reset or restart of your life. Imagine you could be reborn into a magical world or parallel universe. You could redefine your life and correct all your past mistakes and regrets. The mc gets another chance at life and the story follows an adventurous path that takes us through flashbacks and tragic moments that they correct with their second chance.

Check out some of the Top 15 Reincarnation Manga series where the mc gets isekai ‘ed and reborn into another fantasy world, where the rules of physics go out the window.

15. Murabito desu ga Nani ka?

After dying alone in a world where he had never lived happily, he had the opportunity to reincarnate into another world and give another chance to live the life he wanted.

However, after arriving in the new world, he realized that he was a sword at first, which was a good thing. He will never be hungry, and if he is alone, he will never have to worry about responsibility. But later, he discovered that he was a magic sword and wanted to find a master who could exert all his power. He waited for people for nearly a lifetime, and when he wanted to give, a girl suddenly appeared. She doesn’t look like a competent master, but now the two are embarking on a journey they didn’t expect. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

14. Tenseishichatta yo (Iya, Gomen)

The gods messed up-they dropped a pot from the sky and accidentally took the life of a little boy Shou.

The only advantage is that Shou lives a lonely life except for the best friend who witnessed his death. No one will notice that he has gone. Before his mother died, the two lived together, but their relationship was not good.

She resented him, saying that he would only remind her of the man who left her. Because of this, he decided to live a different life in his new life, a life his parents would be proud of. As God’s mistake eventually killed him, they gave him some cheating as compensation to help his new life be easier.

He finds himself in a different environment, under these circumstances, his new talents shine, and he is accomplishing amazing things. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

13. Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de

RenYa was stunned. Suddenly, a young woman appeared in front of him, claiming that he was dead and that she was a god. Renya didn’t believe her at first but soon accepted his new destiny.

He agreed to reincarnate into a fantasy world. In his previous life, Renya was proficient in martial arts, which gave him the confidence not to be afraid in the new magical world. Even though he had been training every day in his previous life, when he was old, he was still unable to test his strength and abilities. This is why God chose him to bring changes to the new world. He is the ray of hope for her to prevent the world from falling into despair in this world, and she believes that he is fully capable of being that person.

When he arrived in the new world, he faced his first challenge. He saw two women in the middle of the forest, surrounded by heavily armed men.

Will he use his skills and power to make this world better than his last? It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

12. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

He was an ordinary employee in his previous life, and Machio Hiraku was reincarnated into a fantasy world. In his previous life, he neglected his health, which eventually led to his death.

He has never had a chance to enjoy his life because he has been working hard to try and survive. Hiraku did not follow the great and accomplished hero story of normal reincarnation manga but decided to live his new life peacefully as a farmer. What he always wanted to do in his previous life. In this new world full of magic, monsters, and mystery, can he live a peaceful life?

11. Isekai Tensei Soudouki

Oda Sadatoshi and Oka Masaharu were reincarnated together in the body of the young nobleman Balud Cornelius and entered a magical world directly.

Oda Sadatoshi was an outstanding general in his previous life. His tricks in war and his fighting ability are daunting.

On the other hand, Oka Masaharu is an otaku. He comes from the modern world with innovative technology and science. The two are completely different. The two must work together to make Balud a successful and valuable person. Their skills and knowledge make Balud almost impossible to fail. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

10. Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!

An ordinary worker went to bed one night, but when he woke up in the body of a little boy. What’s more confusing is that he lives in a world different from modern Japan. There are kings and queens, just like in the Middle Ages.

After a few years, he finally adapted to living in his new world. Fortunately, he was reincarnated as the body of the son of a noble family, making his life easier. They are not the richest aristocratic family around, but they do have enough money to raise a young child and give him a proper education.

However, no matter how comfortable his new life is, he still maintains his wisdom. He is now surrounded by swords and magic, and there are dangers he doesn’t understand. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

9. Who Made Me a Princess

Athanasia was a beautiful young woman who died at the hands of her father Claude de Alger Obelia. He is a ruthless emperor.

Athanasia’s story is just a bedtime story. Until a young woman woke up and found that she had become a tragic Princess Athanasia. She needs to come up with a plan to survive in the new world.

Plan A is to live quietly, hoping not to be watched by the emperor, or Plan B is to collect enough money in some way to be able to escape the palace. Her last choice was Plan C, to please her father sweetly. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

8. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

The protagonist of this story is the strongest warrior, but he is alone and unprotected.

He was accused of being a murderer, but also a threat to mankind. Because of this, a team of elite fighters was sent to kill him. The members of this elite group are all famous warriors, each with their talents and strengths, but they are not as good as the protagonist. With little hope, a monk sacrificed his life to make the team successful.

The monk is an acquaintance of the hero. The hero puts down his guard and only wants to suppress the monk, not kill him.

However, this decision will haunt him again. He was reincarnated as the chief’s son of the township. He has a famous and influential father, so he has the pressure to succeed. In an influential and well-known family, there are always threats to hurt him and his family, but his past martial arts knowledge will be what he needs to protect himself and his new family. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

7. The Beginning After the End

King Gray rules a world ruled by martial arts. He has unparalleled power, prestige, and wealth.

Despite this, he was alone and always found himself in loneliness. The seemingly powerful, mysterious, and confident king is just a shell hiding a purposeless person. He died and was reincarnated into a world full of monsters and magic, and he had the opportunity to start his life again.

He wants to correct all the mistakes of his previous life. But what makes things more interesting is that the seemingly peaceful new world hides a secret, and under the prosperity, there is a threat that threatens all his efforts in the new world. He needs to defeat this evil and make sure that his new life and everything he fights for is protected and meaningful. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

6. Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari

Fall into the world of princesses and knights with Koukoku Monogatari. The protagonist and hero in the story were reincarnated into the body of a man saved by a young nobleman, who happens to be a lady.

Under the protection of this nobleman, he was well taken care of, but the kingdom fell into turmoil.

In their previous life, he lost everything, even his favorite woman. He vowed to avoid doing the same in his new life. He was forced to embark on the road to save this new kingdom, using his knowledge of the previous world to change the history of this land. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Mikami is a middle-aged man. His life didn’t go according to plan. He has never had a girlfriend, and he is trapped in an endless job.

When he was stabbed to death in the middle of the street, his life ended tragically. He woke up and found himself in the center of a world similar to a fantasy RPG.

Unfortunately, he was not reincarnated as a powerful wizard or brave knight, but as a slime.

Can a slime become a hero? It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

4. Re: Monster

In Re: Monster, the hero is reborn as a goblin, and the goblin is called the weakest creature in this RPG-like story setting.

Fortunately, he is not an ordinary goblin, with special abilities that other goblins don’t have. Although this helped him a lot, he was at a disadvantage as the weakest creature around him.

He managed to make friends in the process, grew with every challenge he encountered, and grew his team of followers as he progressed. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

3. Mo Dao Zu Shi

Wei Wuxian is the master of the Demon Sect. He is hated by millions of people because of the chaos he created.

He was stabbed to death from behind by his dearest shidi, and killed by the clan that united to suppress him. Then he found himself reincarnated in the body of a lunatic, abandoned by his clan. He was taken away by a monk in the clan, Lan Wangji, who was also his enemy. It is one of the top reincarnation manga.

2. Murabito desu ga Nani ka?

One night, the protagonist in this comic was killed by a reckless driver on his mobile phone. When he was dying, he complained that his life was over, but he was still a virgin. Instead of dying and meeting his creator, he was reincarnated into another world and got another chance of life.

However, when he arrived in his new world, he could not move at all. He quickly understood that this was because he was reincarnated as a sword. At first, he thought this was a good thing. He will never be hungry, and if he is alone, he will never have to worry about responsibility. But he decided that he wanted to be wielded. He is a magic sword, and he wants to find a master who can exert all his power. He waited for his master for nearly a lifetime, and when he was about to give up, a young lady with cat ears suddenly appeared. She doesn’t look like a competent master, but now the two are embarking on a journey they didn’t expect.

1. Mushoku Tensei – Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Rudy is the son of a famous adventurer. Even when he was young, he was able to use powerful magic. He successfully cast the spell before he even knew how to read it correctly.

His parents are indeed proud, but the people around him are scared. They think his power is destructive and infinite.

However, his magical talent comes from his reincarnation. In his previous life, he was bullied, including his family. In his previous life, he never had the opportunity to feel or experience love. He finally gave up, without a reason to live. One day, he was killed by a reckless truck driver. He was reincarnated into a magical world, and he assured himself that he would become a better person than ever.

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