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10. Comedy 

The legend tells of a lone swordsman who lives in the Demon Castle, a ruin near the Black Forest. This mysterious stranger accepts only rare books, books from the distant past. The comedy tells the story of a young girl who desperately wants to save her family and village from the wrath of the coming English soldiers. She is ready to exchange a precious book in exchange for an act. With only his legs under him, he runs towards the Black Forest, hoping to make it there on time. It is one of the top vampire anime. 

9. Hellsing 

There is a war going on in England today. The average citizen does not notice this, but vampires are rampant among the population. Hellsing must stop the threat of bloodsuckers by even using its weapons against them. Alucard, himself a vampire, is the best agent the organization has to offer, answering only to Integra Hellsing herself. Nobody knows much about this mysterious figure fighting the occult, but things start to change after the ‘recruits’ a new agent into the establishment. It is one of the top vampire anime. 

8. The Case Study of Vanitas 

Rumors about the Book of Vanitas, a mechanical grimoire of dubious reputation, attract Noé to Paris, a young vampire seeking rescue for a friend. In the City of Flowers, however, he does not have long hours of walking on the pavement or rummaging through dusty bookstores in search of a volume. alternatively, his prey comes to him. In the arms of someone who pretends to be a vampire doctor! Drawn into a conflict that threatens the peace between humans and vampires, will Noé pounce on his fate with the curious and somewhat unbalanced Vanitas and his quest to save the vampire kind? It is one of the top vampire anime. 

7. Shiki 

Surrounded by trees to make tombstones, Sotoba is a village believed to be surrounded by death – a fact that soon literally becomes reality. One summer, a small country town begins to plague a series of mysterious and premature deaths. With a higher-than-usual death rate at this time of year, and every cause of passing remains unknown, Toshio, the local doctor, and Seishin, the temple’s vice-chief monk, grow suspicious and take it upon themselves to investigate. However, with the increase in the death toll, more and more people want to know what is behind this sudden epidemic. Could this have something to do with the weird-shaped Kirishiki family that recently moved to the village? It is one of the top vampire anime. 

6. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 

In the distant future, the world falls into disrepair and vampires rule the land. Mercenary vampire hunters fight the terrible forces of darkness – at a price; the most famous of them is a half-vampire named D. However, despite his efforts to help humanity, he is rejected by those he wanted to save. When a girl named Charlotte was kidnapped by the vampire Lord Meir, her father hired D to bring her back—either dead or alive. Fighting for prizes with the Marcus brothers who hunted down the vampires, D met Meier for the first time; but during their confrontation, Charlotte worriedly called Meier’s name, and Meyer revealed that she was willing to accompany him… It is one of the top vampire anime. 

5. Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya 

Yuichiro met Mikaela again in the Battle of Shinjuku, but Mikaela was turned into a vampire. To save the “family” and protect the other members, Yuichiro had to gain knowledge and power. He looked for ways to bring the vampire back to humans while training hard on the Cursed Gift. At the same time, Kureto called Guren and told him a shocking truth: in a month, the main vampire army will begin to attack Tokyo. To gain an advantage over the vampires, Kureto orders Guren to go to Nagoya. The noble extermination mission is about to open fire. It is one of the top vampire anime. It is one of the top vampire anime. 

4. Tsukimonogatari 

One day in February, Koyomi Araragi was taking a bath with his younger sister Tsukihi while graduating from the college entrance examination. This was also after an incident involving Nadeko Sengoku, which was successfully corrected behind the scenes by Deishu Kaiki. Koyomi noticed the “not to be ignored” changes in his body and asked Oshino Shinobu for advice, which led him to contact Yoduru Kagenni and Yotsugi Ononoki. Did this change mean revenge for everything Koyomi had done? It is one of the top vampire anime. 

3. Castlevania Season 3 

With Dracula’s fall, both heroes and villains must forge new paths in the bloody aftermath. Trevor and Sypha continue their adventure to find and destroy the evil forces, leading them to a mysterious explorer named Saint-Germain to investigate a village that worships Dracula’s cult. In remote corners of the world, the forge masters Isaac and Hector have taken their steps on very different paths: one in the quest to destroy those who betrayed Dracula, the other in the long, arduous path of slavery at the hands of Carmilla and her vampire brothers. Meanwhile, Alucard remains in his father’s ruined castle, mired in mental stagnation until he meets a pair of vampire hunters from a distant land. Will their arrival save him from the loneliness that engulfs him, or will it sink deeper into the darkness? It is one of the top vampire anime. 

2. Kizumonogatari Movie 1: Tekketsu 

Koyomi Araragi, a sophomore student at Naoetsu High School, befriends Tsubasa Hanekawa, his school’s top student. Tsubasa mentions a rumor about a “blonde vampire” who was last seen in their town. Koyomi, who is usually anti-social, has a liking to Tsubasa’s down-to-earth personality. That evening, Koyomi meets this rumored vampire: it is the Kissed Acerola-Orion Heart under the Blade, also known as the “Revelation King”. The blond vampire called Koyomi to save her because she was lying in a pool of her blood with all her limbs severed. Kiss-shot asked Koyomi to donate blood to save her life. When she did so, she woke up in the next moment and Koyomi was reborn as her vampire relative. As Koyomi tries to accept her existence, She whispers, “Welcome to the world of darkness …” 

1. Hellsing Ultimate 

Alucard is a vampire who works for Hellsing – the organization responsible for hunting and destroying other vampires. In these dark times, anyone bitten by a vampire turns into a wraith, except for Seras Victoria, Alucard’s newly formed and appointed apprentice. Now Seras must serve his master, Alucard, and work for the Wingates Hellsing Integra. Vampire villainous activities are being reported all over England, all derived from an organization called “Millennium.” Will Hellsing under the command of Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing be able to prevent a full-scale war?  

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