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Mecha is a genre of Japanese manga and anime that heavily features mechanical innovation. Robots, cyborgs, androids, and space stations, for example, all fall under the wide umbrella of mecha; however, robots are usually the primary focus. We’ve all at some point, dreamed of a world where machinery has advanced to the point where most humans can afford to control the cockpit of their favorite mecha.

Whether it’s battling intergalactic creatures to save the planet from ruin, or simply just owning a mecha of your own and soaring across the galaxy with it, there’s a manga out there for just about anyone. So check out these top 10 to fuel your mecha imagination

10. Deus x Machina

Machina, a young girl who works for CWA, an organization that aims to stop rogue robots called Clockworkers from terrorizing the country.

Clockwork is a devastating mechanical weapon made during the war, used to destroy anything in the way, even if the war has been subdued a few years ago, these war machines will spread fear and death to them at all costs.

Can Machina and her trusted partner Deus, her Clockworker partner, end all these onslaughts before it is too late?

9. Code Geass – Soubou no Oz

Code Geass – Soubou no Oz takes place between the first and second seasons of popular anime and focuses on two perspectives instead of one.

The story focuses on the protagonist Orpheus Zevon, a young and determined terrorist who uses the infamous Knightmare Frame Byakuen, and is seeking a man who brutally killed his lover. In the second half of the publication in the Newtype Ace magazine of Kadokawa Bookstore in Japan, the story tells a young girl named Oldrin Zevon who fought side by side with the Grinda Knights, the anti-terrorist force of Britannia, and piloted a powerful KMF Lancelot Grail. In this action-packed mecha series, the fate of the two is about to confront in a chaotic battle for freedom and justice.

8. Knight’s & Magic

The story tells of a mecha otaku who reincarnated into a new world under the alias Ernesti Echevalier or Eru for short.

In this huge unknown world, there exists an extremely huge humanoid weapon-the silhouette knight, and now it is like, training with his childhood partner, driving the silhouette knight in the name of a knight runner.

7. Kidou Senshi Gundam 00F

In this story, we will see Fon Spaak, a young and troubled soul whose past criminal history now forces him to serve Fereshthe, using GNY-004 Gundam as a way of demonstrating his contribution to the army as a Meister pilot the way. Working with Chall Acustica, the former veteran of the god of the past, the two must overcome their differences to stop the imminent danger.

6. Front Mission: Dog Life & Dog Style

Huffman Island is an island formed by a volcanic eruption decades ago, but due to political disputes and conflicts, an island is now split by USN (United States of New Continent) and OCU (Oceania Cooperative Union). For more than 20 years, the ceasefire has been at the forefront, but now everyone is living in turmoil and another war may break out at any time.

The protagonist Matsuda Akira must now work with his colleagues to face the upcoming horror, and they will have to deal with everything in it.

5. Red Eyes

Grahad Mills is a loyal captain. He was betrayed by his entire army. He is now framed for a conspiracy that has nothing to do with him.

Without any help to get out of this situation, he was sentenced to death. However, on the morning of his execution, Grahad managed to escape the scene. Hungry for revenge, Grahad tracked down his betrayer and former subordinate, Captain Waldman, and immediately killed him.

Now that only one person has fallen, Grahad embarks on a new mission to find out why he was framed and must use his mobile suit armor to fight a battle he created in it.

4. All You Need is Kill

With a group of alien creatures called mimics invading the earth, the world is in a state of complete chaos, and their mission is to destroy the entire human race. Keiji joined the United Nations Defense Forces to ensure that imitation was stopped before anything escalated.

However, on the day he was sent to the battlefield, his entire force including himself was killed. He woke up and questioned whether this was just a dream, but then discovered that every time he was killed, he would resurrect and return to the exact date of the fight.

Now that he has a new mission, Keiji must now figure out why this phenomenon happened to him, and how he can stop this vicious circle from torturing him.

3. Hoshi no Koe

Mikako can do almost anything for love, so she decided to join a research team to uncover more information behind the recent contact between humans and aliens.

She decides to go into space, leaving Noboru, the man she has always loved. However, as time goes by, Noboru’s feelings for her are getting deeper and deeper, because the two are far apart, and as time goes by, Noboru gets older and older.

In this romantic mecha drama, the story focuses on Mikako, who desperately tries to capture her only true love in a world full of tragedy and uncertainty.

2. Five Star Stories

Amaterasu, the god of light, is trying to reunify the galaxy in order to restore harmony. A huge battle is taking place between Mortar Headds and their pilots. They are fighting against female humans, such as the computer called Fatimas.

In the millennia between these two opposing parties, Amaterasu is doing its utmost to ensure that this war ends once and for all.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

In 1999, a meteorite fell into Antarctica. The impact melted the ice on the continents, the sea level rose drastically. This destroyed the world’s climate, and killed more than half of the population.

It’s 2015, and creatures of unknown origin-called “angels”- started ravaging the earth. In the heavily guarded 3 cities of Tokyo, was the 14-year-old Ikari Shinji destined to stop the angels’ attack. He was recruited by his father’s secret organization NERV, a huge biological organic robot created specifically to defeat angels.

But as the skirmishes between Evangelion and angels continue to occur, the terrible truth of this world is slowly revealed.

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