Top 20 Flirty characters in anime

There’s just no excuse not to fall for an anime character. And I’m certain that you can’t hide from a careless rickroll anywhere. Here are our selections for the best anime characters that are worth emulating.


Tanaka is a drowsy youngster who constantly nods off and appears worn out when awake. He is joined by his friend Oota and frequently sighs and avoids making an effort. He frequently needs help from his family and friends since he despises working hard. Tanaka is indifferent and seldom ever displays his emotions to others. When he does, he typically does it in a lackadaisical way, making him appear mature at best and careless at worst. He seldom expends more energy than is necessary, but he has a startling devotion to upholding his lethargic way of life and daily routine, sometimes even going out of his way to do so at the expense of using energy he’d prefer not to use.

Zero Kiryu

In general, Zero is a calm individual. He also looks out for Yuki. Although he appears to be cold-hearted and antagonistic to other pupils, he is closer to Yuki and occasionally expresses his genuine emotions to her. But as Yuki’s Pureblood vampire status became known, he turned cold and aggressive, especially toward Yuki and Kaname. Despite his outward appearance, he is a sweet and compassionate man. Due to his early experiences, he creates walls around himself that he does not completely tear down, not even for Yuki. Despite this, he has a good heart that yearns to defend people, and he will never betray those who are close to him.


According to some Myers-Briggs assessments, the adventurer personality type is also known as the ISFP personality type. They love life by living in the present and appreciating what is offered to them since they are known for their open-minded temperament. The Twenty-Fifth Bam serves as the series’ primary character. He is an empathic and outwardly compassionate person, which is similar to the Adventurer personality that is evident from the tests. Additionally, he has minimal needs and only ascended the tower to be with his friend Rachel. Because of his ignorance of life, his character of him is very inquisitive.


Mineta is renowned for being extremely perverse and for being especially and blatantly upfront about it. He is infamous for his misdeeds against the girls in Class 1-A, including luring them into dressing as cheerleaders for the Sports Festival and attempting to snoop on them twice. Because of this, Mineta is disliked in his class; the females find his behavior repulsive or annoying, while the guys consider his hobbies to be perverted. Mineta is also a hypocrite who would label others as perverse if he finds them to be doing so. An example of this is when he scolded Izuku Midoriya fiercely (and probably out of envy) for being spotted with Camie Utsushimi when the latter was nude.


In reality, Usui is incredibly sensitive to the emotions of others around him and is frequently highly sympathetic. He is astute and makes every effort to avoid hurting others when it is not required. When Misaki’s safety is at stake, such as when Tora kidnaps her and forces himself on her, we only ever witness him employ violence. Even if we are aware that Misaki is capable of caring for herself, I believe Usui is aware that she requires a support system. Someone she can rely on to look out for her.


Nishinoya is a fiery and exuberant individual. His outrageous behaviour and noisy demeanour may easily draw unwelcome attention, which frequently backfires for him. Although he seldom considers the effects of his actions (and occasionally resorts to using violence to express his rage), he is surprisingly mindful of his friends’ emotions and anxieties. He has a peculiar tendency of naming the motions he does when practising receives with absurd titles that just come to him. When it comes to speaking with ladies he hasn’t met before, he is rather bashful. Like Tanaka, Nishinoya is very interested in Kiyoko, the team manager. They make an effort to approach her together but are typically ignored.


The INTP, often known as the Logician, is one of the more uncommon yet fascinating personality types, and it best describes Kakashi Hatake. The Logician’s code, which stands for Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving, denotes a person who appears calm and detached but is animated, inventive, and vivacious on the inside. Due to his insatiable curiosity, and really cool style you would not peg kakashi for simp type character. But if u noticed he always reads perverted novels written by Jirariya sensei which has landed him on our list.


Of the primary characters, Brock is regarded as being the most responsible, sensible, and level-headed. He is also, possibly, the most brilliant. He frequently serves as the other characters’ elder brother, protector, and voice of reason in disagreements. Usually putting others before himself, he will support and aid his buddies even when it goes against his better judgment or costs him money. Since he was once a Gym Leader, he probably understands the situations and strategies used in every Pokémon battle, even though he doesn’t engage in many of them. He frequently explains these things to the other characters. He is so perceptive that he may have gained his wisdom from being able to tell a Pokémon’s mood just by looking at it.


The Wind Tunnel curse that Naraku placed upon Miroku in his right hand would end Miroku’s life if he were unable to beat Naraku. In the face of his harsh fate, he forged by heaven’s order, but it was subsequently reversed as a result of Naraku’s passing. He has a strong spirit that enables him to carry himself with ease, without displaying his flaws and concealing his actual emotions. His spirit is in harmony since his body is serving Buddha. As seen by the fact that he willingly swallowed up several demons, Miroku is a highly brave guy who is prepared to forgo his happiness in order to save the lives of innocent people and the people he loves.

Light Yagami

After testing the Death Note on two criminals out of curiosity, Light is first appalled by its powers, but he soon comes to believe that the criminals’ murders were justifiable since he believes it would lower crime rates globally. Light quickly develops the desire to use the notebook to spearhead a personal campaign to eradicate crime from the globe. Light gradually finds himself killing law officers and even innocent people to avoid being caught, although his mission initially has noble motives. His morals are utilitarian, allowing the most extreme deeds to be justified in the name of his cause. The majority of his cruellest deeds are motivated by his need for victory, which drives him further.


As a young girl, Sakura covered her huge forehead with her bangs because she was insecure and extremely self-conscious about it. She didn’t start feeling more secure until she met Ino, who stood up for her against bullies and became her friend. At the beginning of Part I, Sakura usually gives the impression that she is respectful of her superiors, considerate of her peers, and self-assured. She occasionally displays shyness around Sasuke and rivalry toward Ino, but mostly presents as calm. Despite never being feigned, Sakura’s reserve frequently conceals her true emotions, which at times include delinquency, jealousy, and anger. She projects these feelings inward rather than expressing them to others, which enables a manifestation of her true self.


Griffith has always behaved in a polite, admirable style that is nearly indistinguishable from that of a nobleman; his mannerisms, along with his sharp intelligence, frequently leave people in awe of his low beginnings. Griffith, who is unmistakably different from others, has always had an indisputable presence. People who first encounter him tend to feel either goodwill or enmity, with the former developing into trust or fellowship and the latter becoming awe or even terror. When they first meet Griffith, those who choose to follow him are frequently struck with emotion—either by the notion of magnificence and grandeur by his side or by his intense sense of desire and conviction.

Obito Uchiha

Obito had aspirations of becoming recognized throughout his youth because he was raised without knowing his parents. This inspired him to train as a ninja so that he might eventually become the Hokage and be recognized by the entire community. Obito fell in love with Rin when she still acknowledged him and set out to win her heart as well as the Hokage title. But because of Kakashi’s prodigious talent and the fact that he had effortlessly won Rin’s affection, his presence, both in the classroom and subsequently on their team, turned into a barrier for Obito. Obito developed a one-sided feud with Kakashi despite being typically courteous and devoted to his friends and supporters. When not battling Kakashi, Obito was known for his impromptu acts of kindness in Konoha.


Zenitsu Agatsuma frequently exhibits cowardly behaviour, has poor self-esteem, and occasionally quits when assigned a task. He is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, one of Tanjiro Kamado’s primary travelling companions, and one of the series’ main characters from Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). In the series, he confronted the Tongue Demon and defeated him when he was dozing off. He is a character with a soft and compassionate heart because of the contrast in personality between his frightened side and eagerness to defend those he cares about. Aleks Le does the voice of Zenitsu in the anime’s English translation. His voice actor in the original Japanese version is Hiro Shimono.


Most people think of Sanji as a composed, carefree, and composed person who never loses his cool under pressure. This is in contrast to the numerous humorous antics he engages in, such as when around women or in response to insults from crew members. Most notably, Sanji and Zoro frequently engage in physical conflict due to their intense rivalry (both verbally and physically). However, even when having a conversation, they still manage to discover methods to assist their crew and people nearby, like when they unintentionally save Toko from peril. Sanji has a reputation for being enamored of women and is often seen flirting with them, earning him the moniker “ero-cook.” Many fans desire their pairing with Nami.


Before moving in with the Yeagers, Mikasa had the appearance of a happy, gregarious, and kind youngster. She continued to live blissfully with her parents and other loved ones because of her naivety, which allowed her to put worrying thoughts to the back of her mind. Mikasa has grown more emotionally distant and deadly as a result of her upbringing, occasionally terrifying her allies as much as her foes. Despite how hopeless the situation appears to be, she is often calm and stoic, rarely losing her composure or not knowing what to do. Her ability to maintain such an air of calm when Eren was believed to be dead showed just how strong her will is; only Armin could see that she was struggling with the pain of losing him.


The ISFJ personality type, sometimes referred to as the “caretaker,” best describes Kanae Kanai. She is a kind, sympathetic person who genuinely wants to help people. She cares about everyone’s comfort and happiness. She can be a bit clingy and is very reliant on her friends and family.

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino is renowned for being ambitious. She pays close attention to everything she finds intriguing, whether it be learning, exercising, or engaging in hobbies. Even as she embarks on a modelling career, her attitude toward school-related activities has earned her above-average grades. She overachieved and acquired a type of perfectionist mindset, which eventually made her more likely to struggle when the going got tough. But when these opportunities present themselves, she shows a more submissive side. She displays an attitude akin to a “Tsundere” throughout her early contacts with Kyousuke, with the domineering and abusive aspect predominating.


Kazuya is motivated by his need for authority, control, and retribution against his father. From Tekken 2 onward, he has demonstrated that everything is subordinate to his aspirations for total dominance and power, despite first seeming to be a sympathetic protagonist in Tekken. Kazuya has very few people in his life with who he is not frigid or harsh. In his pursuit of total dominance, he frequently laughs at the suffering of others, talks down to them, and has gathered a sizable number of adversaries, many of whom have suffered personal harm as a result of his actions. Jun Kazama is a prominent exception to this rule. Whatever his exact relationship with her was, Kazuya was sufficiently concerned about meeting her to lose focus throughout their battle.


Subaru is devoted to those he cares about and is eager to assist them, even if it means going down a difficult route. However, he tends to not read the situations he meets, which ultimately causes him to make foolish actions. Initially, one to constantly choose the “easier” path, he has his determination strengthened by the numerous challenges and events he encounters in the dream world. As a NEET who lives alone, he is optimistic about the opportunities that being drawn into a new world will bring, but he later comes to terms with the truth of his situation. Eventually, he decides to protect and be loyal to the people he cares about the most. Subaru is a very insecure person underneath his eccentric exterior.

Kaname Kuran

Generally speaking, Kaname exudes serenity, style, stoicism, and authority. With Yuki Cross, he transforms into someone quite different; to her, Kaname is incredibly kind and kind. The Night Class vampires are bothered by this temperament and are first perplexed by his apparent partiality to her. Yuki is perplexed as to why Kaname loves and cares about her. Because of Yuki’s closeness to Zero Kiryu, Kaname occasionally exhibits jealousy toward Zero Kiryu, and he is not hesitant to do so in front of Yuki.

That’s all folks! These were the Top 20 simp characters in anime. If you know any more simp characters do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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