10 Anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most mentioned anime of all time. It is the best dark fantasy thriller anime and the top in its genre. This anime is uniquely written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. So today we decided to embark on a journey to present you ...

Top 25 Sword based Anime

Some of the sword-fighting anime shows have moments that will make your heart race. Here is a gathered list of samurai anime series featuring memorable sword-fighting bouts, amazing fight choreography, and epic confrontations if you enjoy fighting and favour the use of a sword. This collection ...

Top 10 Survival Anime like Btooom

I assume you recently watched Btooom! and came here seeking some recommendations for similar anime. Since Btooom! was fantastic with the survival battle royale premise and everything, I suppose I would follow suit. Therefore, we'll help you locate some superior anime like Btooom in this post. And ...

Top 13 Final Fantasy Games You need to play

One of the most significant and enduring video game franchises is Final Fantasy. Additionally, one of the most diverse. Since the release of the first Final Fantasy game on the NES, the series has experimented and developed, frequently set new standards for whole genres. No two numbered Final ...

Top 7 Attack on Titan Games

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama was a huge success, and the anime undoubtedly added to its global appeal. Attack on Titan has since grown into a franchise, and in addition to the main manga and the anime adaptation, several more spin-offs and derivative works have also been created. The video ...

Top 20 Anime where MC is a demon

The early 2000s saw a rise in the popularity of anime featuring strong demon lords. Watching these powerful entities overcome obstacles in their worlds with little to no character development has a wonderfully overwhelming quality. Since they are already "Demon Kings," they don't need any, so ...

Top 20 Netflix anime movies

Even while Netflix excels at offering a large selection of anime series, there are still many anime movies to enjoy after binge-watching JoJo's or Demon Slayer. The top 10 anime films available on Netflix are listed below, and they range from well-known series to obscure favourites. This list has ...

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