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10.  Fena: Pirate Princess 

A young orphan, Fena Houtman, grew up on an island where there is no hope that it will become anything more than moveable things to be used and thrown away by British Empire soldiers. But Fena is not just another helpless orphan. When her mysterious past knocks, Fena will break the shackles of her captors. Its purpose: forge a new identity, free from ties, find a place to truly belong, and discover the real secrets behind the keyword “Eden.” This is the story of a lifetime adventure that she and her crew of misfits and unlikely allies will experience as they pursue their goals! 

9. The Adventures of Peter Pan 

Wendy, John, and Michael are three children who live a boring life in London, but their dreams are much more interesting: in them, they watch a flying boy named Peter Pan fighting the terrifying pirate Captain Hook. Though their mother has not heard of such a boy, the children soon discover that he is very real – but only for children. Along with Peter and his fairy Tink, the trio flies Peter to Neverland – a place where you never get old and where every day is filled with fun and games. Along with Lost Boys, jealous mermaids, and other funny characters, Wendy, John, and Michael will have many adventures and face not only Captain Hook and his gang, but also a quarrelsome old crocodile! 

8. Takarajima Movie 

After his father’s death, young Jim Hawkins lived a quiet life helping his mother run the Admiral Benbow Inn; but his and his mother’s lives are changed forever when the drunken bastard Billy Bones shows up at their door. In a series of shocking events, Billy died, leaving Jim with a treasure map that leads to the terrifying Captain Flint’s famous wealth; with the help of two local gentlemen, the trio (together with Jim’s feline friends) began to look for a ship and a crew to achieve their goals. In nearby Bristol, they find one-legged John Silver joining their ship, as well as several others. However, at the beginning of his journey, Jim realizes that it may not be as it seems … 

7. Animal Treasure Island 

When the pirate cat Flint left young Jim and his mouse partner Gran Map on Treasure Island, the two were kidnapped by a wonderful adventure. On the high seas, the duo encounters sea creatures and a multitude of destroyed ships; but most importantly, they find themselves prisoners on the ship of the fearsome Long John Silver. Along with Kathy, Flint’s  

granddaughter, Jim, and Gran will face violent storms, try to protect the map, and ultimately try to find the treasure before the first kidnappers do! 

6. Kaizoku Ouj

The kid grew up on a small island that floats in the Caribbean Sea. He lives a happy life with many animals. However, that changes when he learns that his dying father is not his real father. Before his death, his foster father reveals to Kid that his real father is Captain Morgan, a pirate who rules the seven seas. The kid decides to go in search of his real father to find out about his death. Other pirates began to crave the title of ruler, one of them was the famous pirate Tiger Hook. To protect the seas, Kid became the pirate king on his father’s ship. 

5. Doraemon Movie 19: Nobita’s South Sea Adventure 

When Nobita reads “Treasure Island” in the library, she immediately runs home to convince Doraemon to take him on his adventure. After using Doraemon’s treasure hunter on the old map, Nobita and his crew head to the Caribbean Sea to plunder the wealth of Tomos Island. However, as they approach the island, Doraemon and the children are distorted by a mysterious phenomenon, leaving them to their fate in the 17th century! While Nobita is separated from the group and washed on the beach, the others are aboard Captain Kid’s pirate ship. With everyone going to the same place, can the gang reunite, uncover the mysterious secrets of Tomas Island and finally find the legendary treasure? 

4. Mars Daybreak 

Shortly, Mars will be covered by the ocean. In one of the cities, Gram River is just another kid trying to survive in the slums until he finds himself in the middle of a pirate attack! After almost drowning, he finds himself aboard a pirate ship and faces a decision: either be killed or stay and fight by their side. Thus, Gram joins the pirate crew in search of the legendary treasure of Mars, but they are not alone in their quest. Now, pursued by the military, bounty hunters, rivals, and even a few old friends, they scour the seas of Mars for clues … 

3. Cosmo Warrior Zero 

The long war between mechanical humans and humans is over, and both races live in peace. Captain Warrius Zero of the Terrestrial Federation becomes the captain of a mighty battleship with a human and mechanical human crew. The mission is to stop Harlock’s space pilot before his attacks on mechanical humans start the war! However, between mysterious hardware failures, revolt attempts, and pirate mechanics disguised as humans, Harlock feels he is being tested; but by whom and for what purpose? Armed with a ship, a loyal crew, and his moral convictions, Zero sets out to find the truth behind his mission. 

2. Porco Rosso 

Years ago, seaplane pilot Marco Paggot was cursed that turned his face into that of a pig. Now he lives alone as the famous Porco Rosso and rules the skies of the Adriatic, protecting civilians from seaplane pirates. However, one day Marco meets the ace of American fighter pilot Donald Curtis, and the pair immediately collide, leaving his plane wrecked. But when Curtis discovers Marco has survived his previous attack, he is determined to win and makes the gruff pilot an offer he cannot refuse. 

1. One Piece 

Long ago, the infamous Gol D. Roger was the strongest pirate in the seas. When he was about to be executed, he revealed that he had hidden all his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on an island at the end of the grand line; a dangerous and unpredictable sea. Monkey D. Luffy is energetic, and a somewhat dull young man who has a big dream: to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! However, Luffy is not an ordinary boy, because he ate a devil fruit when he was young and gained the power to be a rubber man. Now, in this great age of pirates, Luffy decides to gather a crew and sail to the most dangerous sea in the world to make her dream come true … and maybe even her appetite! 

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