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10. Satellite Girl and Milk Cow 

The idle satellite picks up a love ballad on its radio antenna. It descends to Earth to find the source of such sincere emotions. But on the way, she is caught in the crossfire of a raging magical battle and transformed into the Satellite Girl, complete with Astro Boy-like rocket boots and gun-firing limbs. Meanwhile, the ballad in question – a loser 20-something in a coffee shop with an open microphone – meets a fate that befell all heartbroken lovers: he is turned into a farm animal. But love knows no bounds and with the help of the wise and powerful Merlin – a wizard turned into a roll of toilet paper – our duo must avoid the all-encompassing monster of the incinerator, the cunning pig witch, and other nefarious opponents in trying to be together. It was one of the top Korean anime.

9. Flowering Heart 

Ari is an adorable 12-year-old elementary school student who likes to dress well and look good. For Ari, the most important thing is the club that solves problems. With bright Soo-ha and athletic Mina, he creates a Problem Solving Club to “help people in need in their after-school activities!” Until one day, Ari is given a magical power to transform. By helping people in trouble, he successfully accumulates the Energy of Hope. Meanwhile, the transmission of Full Energy Hope to the Magic World undermines Queen Canaba’s plan to dominate the Magic World with Hopeless Energy. Will Ari and her friends be able to use the energy of hope from the human world to bring back the Light of Happiness in the Magic World? It was one of the top Korean anime.

8. Bagel Girl 

Bong Gi once dreamed of making something out of his life. But now it all feels like a distant memory. He became fat, lazy, and unemployed. In the real world, people are grossed out by him. He has never had a girlfriend and spends late nights fantasizing about women. His own life scares him but he has one escape, his online life. Games became everything to him. After another long, lonely night of play, he wakes up and is shocked to discover he has turned into a woman. Confused, he meets a young woman named Sae Mi who advises him. He soon fell in love with her charm, but when he tried to get revenge on Sang Woo, things got even stranger, the school bully turned out to be Se Mi’s brother! It was one of the top Korean anime.

7. Pucca  

A girl of extraordinary strength and a loving heart lives in the mystical and strange village of Soga. PUCCA is looked after by her three uncles who are chefs at the Go-Rong restaurant. Garu is a quiet boy who has devoted his life to becoming a ninja. All he wants is to leave alone to follow his Ninja path. And all PUCCA wants is Garu. With best friends, Abyo and Ching, house cat Mio, Master Soo, policeman Bruce, and even Santa, Pucca and Garu keep their rivals at bay in a land where ancient Asian traditions and mythical creatures coexist with modern pop culture. It was one of the top Korean anime.

6. The Fake 

Pastor Sung, the beloved shepherd of his farm flock, is under the control of Elder Choi, an unscrupulous man who manipulates him into extorting the villagers money to be given for a relocation project that includes the sinking of the village to make way for a new dam. Realizing that Sung and Choi not only robbed the villagers but also endangered the villagers, the warning of the local outcast Min-Chul fell on deaf ears. The villagers were deceived by these trustworthy men of God. But Min-Chul could not be silent. When his daughter is in danger, Min-Chul is furious at the fakes after all difficulties are overcome. It was one of the top Korean anime.

5. The King of Pigs 

Steadfast in its image of violence, The King of Pigs begins moments after the brutal murder of a woman at the hands of her husband, once-successful businessman Hwang Kyung-mi and returns to his school and offensive days the events that shaped his life and that of his classmate Jung Jong-bitch. As boys in school, both men were considered members of the lower class of students known as “pigs.” Posed against wealthy upper-class “dogs”, the “pigs” hope the end of the abuse comes in the form of transfer student Kim Chul (Kim Hye-na, Flower Island), a rebel who will show terrible students how to fight fire with fire. 

4. Oseam 

Five-year-old Gilson and his blind sister, Garmi, are orphans. They wandered in the countryside looking for their mother. Coincidentally, the couple is discovered by the monks inhabiting the hillside and are taken under their wings in body and spirit. Throughout the seasons, Gilson and Gami lead a quiet life in the monastery, learning the Buddha’s life and teachings, until one day Gilson decides to accompany one of the monks to the temple in the mountains. With the snow comes to a great change and soon nothing will be the same. It was one of the top Korean anime.

3. Cheonnyeon-yeowoo Yeowoobi 

The KANG teacher takes his students to the school located at the foot of the hill where Yobi lives, a five-tailed fox that can take any form. KANG and his disciples are there to train in a special center for the development of their mental abilities. While the students test their courage during the night, Yobi meets the dreamcatcher HWANG Geum-yee. Yobi becomes interested in Geum-yee and decides to join the students to be closer to him. Life as a human is fun until you come across a fox hunter. Saved by a mysterious shadow, Yobi now faces the inevitable – taking the spirit of Geum-yee that will make her a true human being. It was one of the top Korean anime.

2. Ghost Messenger 

Kanglim is a Ghost Messenger on a mission to capture a ghost when he makes a mistake and gets locked in his soul phone. Meanwhile, Mały Kanglim is a fifth-grader of elementary school, who lives with his grandfather and runs an antique shop together. Although he seems ordinary, he is endowed with extraordinary spiritual powers that enable him to see spirits. The phone lands in his hands. Little Kanglim begins to use the power of the Soul Phone and has no choice but to let Kanglim, the mighty Messenger among the Spirit Messengers, step outside when things get serious. A spiritual Messenger and a human being, they both travel back and forth through the world of the living and the world of the dead.

1. Semantic Error 

Computer Science Major Chu Sangwoo is the epitome of an inflexible and strict rule-abiding person. Working on a liberal arts group project with effortless freeloaders, Sangwoo wisely decides to remove their names from the final presentation. The person involved: The campus star everyone knows, Jang Jaeyoung of the Design Department. He has everything from skills, looks, family background, and good relationships except for one big problem: Chu Sangwoo. What happens when an engineer and an artist whose personalities are like oil and water have to work together? Jang Jaeyoung is like a semantic error in Chu Sangwoo’s ideal world. Will Sangwoo be able to debug it? 

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