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20. Mushibugyou 

The deadly giant worms have started rampaging in Edo, Japan, and the Mushibugyou Conservation Bureau must take down the threat. As the number of bodies increases, the group asks for help from the famous samurai Genjuurou Tsukishima. Due to an injury, the man sends his inept but determined son Jinbei in his place. Almost killed during the first encounter with the creatures, Jinbei is saved by his new Mushibugyou mates. Now the group must learn to work together to overcome the multi-legged threat! It is one of the top samurai anime.

19. Peace Maker Kurogane 

Peace Maker Kurokin took place in Kyoto in the late 19th century. During the conflict between Shinsengumi, the shogun police, and their enemy, an anti-government faction called Choshu, reached its peak. This story tells of a young boy named Ichimura Tetsunosuke who desperately wants to join Shinsengumi and avenge the death of his parents at the hands of Choshu. But in the bloody conflict, is he strong enough to survive? It is one of the top samurai anime.

18. Afro Samurai 

Japan is full of futurism and Wild West inspiration. There are only two rules: No. 1 rules the world, and only No. 2 can challenge him. These military ranks are proud of the way of headbands. In these troubled times, Afro is a samurai on a mission of revenge. An evil bandit killed his father to become number 1, and Afro must defeat him in a rain of blood and guts. He mastered the art of sword fighting and became Number 2, but many others want to keep his title and the title of Number 1 to themselves. Will rivalry and sword fight at every turn, or will Afro finally take revenge? It is one of the top samurai anime.

17. Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion 

In the 13th century, the Mongol empire rapidly expands to cover the entire world. Later historians who studied Nostradamus’ prophecies said that Mongolia was the birthplace of the “Great King of Terror,” Angolmois. And finally, the forces of the Mongol Empire will turn their attention to Japan. 

1274: Bun’ei Invasion. This story is a fresh take on the great battle that shook all of medieval Japan: the Mongol invasion. It shows how Tsushima’s people panicked, resisted, and eventually rose against the strong enemy forces. It is one of the top samurai anime.

16. Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers: Legend of the Inferno Armor 

During a weird heatwave, a strange silent fighter appears and starts assaulting the city. This mysterious fighter is stronger than the Ronin Rangers, although he doesn’t seem to have armor of his own. However, it soon turns out that he wields a black copy of the mighty Inferno armor! Ryo and Sage are taken to the mysterious warrior’s homeland and their friends chase them down. Once the battle has begun, they discover that their real enemy is their armor. The decisions the Ronin Rangers now make could save or destroy the whole world. It is one of the top samurai anime.

15. Hidamari no Ki 

In the mid-nineteenth century, before the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate, two men led a completely different life in the city of Edo. Ibuya Manjiro is a would-be samurai who does not want to withdraw from the fight. Ryan Tezuka is the son of a famous doctor and student of Western medicine. Both are despised by community members.  Ibuya for his heroic behavior that makes his dojo look bad, and Ryan for using a drug that Japan as a whole avoids. Although the two are on very different paths, their lives inevitably intersect in romance, times of need, and changing history.  It is one of the top samurai anime.

14. Afro-Samurai Resurrection 

Many years have passed since Afro fought for the title of samurai number one and managed to avenge his father’s murder. Afro leads a quiet life until his peace is disturbed by Jinno’s old enemy and a mysterious woman. Together they take Afro’s Number One armband, as well as his father’s decayed skull. Promising to torture him, the woman challenges Afro to seek out Wristband Number Two. Only then can he challenge her and leave her father alone once more. Who is this woman who wishes Afro so much suffering? and how many lives must he endure before he can abandon the violence again? It is one of the top samurai anime.

13. Laughing Under the Clouds 

When swords were banned in the eleventh year of the Meiji era, the massive samurai population began to decline. Those who rejected the blade ban rebelled, causing violent riots across the country. To combat the rise in criminal activity, the inevitable lakeside prison was built. Three young men, born of the Kumo lineage, were charged with delivering criminals to a place of detention. What more could there be to their mission than meets the eye? It is one of the top samurai anime.

12. Yaiba 

The passionate, cocky Yaiba Kurogane is a would-be samurai. He has been trained all his life in the jungle by his father. Soon Yaiba goes to Japan and a whole new world! He quickly meets the Mine family and defeats Onimaru. Onimaru is the head of the school’s kendo club, who vows to take revenge on Yaiba. Later, Onimaru accidentally found an evil sword. He was possessed by a demon sealed in it, making Yaba’s life more difficult. Now Yaiba must wield the power of Raijin, the sword of lightning, to help fight the newly discovered evil ways of Onimaru. He will train hard and find new friends and allies in his quest to stop the ultimate evil! It is one of the top samurai anime.

11. Samurai 7 

In an era when samurai mechanically strengthened their bodies, a great war broke out. After the end of the war, these “bandits” (becoming mere robbers) lost their samurai code and are now robbing villages to get rice and women. The peasants of the village of Kanna are filled with despair and agree to hire a few samurai for retaliation, but with only rice in their grocery stores and no money to offer, time seems to be running out. Now the villagers must go in search of samurai willing to accept such a deal – but are there still some people who follow the samurai code and protect the weak? It is one of the top samurai anime.

10. Hakuouki: Record of the Jade Blood 

After being forced to flee to Edo Shinsengumi, they are disappointed. In addition to being shogun, they also struggle with personal problems. Kondo recovers from a gunshot wound, Okita is bedridden, Sana goes mad, and Hijikata struggled to keep them united. No matter how dangerous the battle is, there is no way back. When threatened by the flames of war, they must either return to the battlefield or risk losing their lives in Hakuoki: Record of the Jade Blood. It is one of the top samurai anime.

9. Shura no Toki: Age of Chaos 

In Japan, legend has it that there is a powerful family of warriors who fight with their bare hands and walk the road of invincibility. Since the Heian era, this clan known as Shura has helped form history as we know it with the help of their legendary Mutsu Enmei-Ryuu style. Watch history unfold in this epic story, as Shura and their ancestors witnessed the era of the swordsman Musashi, fought the one-eyed Jubei, and helped influence the downfall of the Shogunate and Shinsengumi; most importantly, Touch the heart of everyone they meet… It is one of the top samurai anime.

8. House of Five Leaves 

Masanosuke came to Edo city to prove he is a fighter, but the man’s lack of self-confidence is so obvious that he is perpetually unemployed and can barely afford to eat. So when the mysterious Yaichi offers him a job as a bodyguard – including room and board – Ronin seizes the opportunity. But little did he know that his new employer was the boss of the Five Leaves gang, the kidnapper gang and that his fees would be covered by the spoils of their crimes! Masanosuke never expected to find his home with a gang of criminals, but as he becomes more and more entangled in their world, his dreams of honor begin to fade into the background … It is one of the top samurai anime.

7. Rurouni Kenshin Movie 

During the Bakumatsu period, death-filled Japan as Citizens fought so hard for what was in their hearts. The young man grabbed his sword to fight for the Meiji government: he was known as Hitokiri Battousai. It is now the 12th year of the Meiji Period, and Hitokiri Battousai is now known as Himura Kenshin; He atones for his sins by carrying a sword with an inverted blade that will never kill again. While traveling to Yokohama, Kenshin meets the samurai Takimi Shigure, who has lost a close friend, Takatsuki Gentatsu, during past conflicts. They are stupidly blamed for their friend’s death and vow to take revenge on the corrupt Meiji government that has wasted the sacrifice of Gentatsu. When swords weave blood from their masters’ enemies on the bloody ground, one thing is certain: revenge will only bring suffering, and regret is a pitiful feeling. It is one of the top samurai anime.

6. Hakuouki: A Memory of Snow Flowers 

Chizuru goes on a secret mission in Shimabara for Shinsengumi. Disguised as a geisha, each episode tells the story of a secret mission from the point of view of each captain. But the Shinsengumi need not only worry about rival clans. It’s the demons that keep appearing to kill anyone in their path that makes this part of Hakuoka worth a watch! It is one of the top samurai anime.

5. Gintama: Jump Festa 2005 

Futuristic Edo is no more fun for a samurai, especially when the streets are filled with arrogant alien creatures. While wielding a wooden bokken, Gintoki will not be moved by the invaders and will do whatever it takes to make a quick profit. The unusual silver-haired hero is late with the rent as usual, and the rush to avoid the landlady leads him to the blooming sakuras in the park. However, seeing flowers and having a lovely picnic turns into a brutal Jan-ken-pon game against Shinsengumi! Will Kagura defeat Master Sougo while Gin tries to drink Hijikata, or will Zura’s giant appearance as a rebel mech put an end to their fun? It is one of the top samurai anime.

4. Drifters 

Toyohisa Shimazu is a fierce samurai who, in the aftermath of a fight with the Tokugawa regiment, suddenly finds himself in a strange corridor far from the bloodied grasslands of the battlefield. Before he can ask any questions, the shocked fighter finds himself sucked through a door in the wall and promptly lands in an unfamiliar place populated by kindly elves. There he meets with two infamous warriors, Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi, who have met the same fate as him. However, not all is well in this new world as the brutal Black King aims to destroy everything. Now that the battle between the fiercest warriors in history is going on fiercely, can these three Japanese warriors become the only light of hope in this land threatened by darkness?  

3. Gintama: Jump Festa 2008 

It’s that time of the year again and this year’s anime tour shows Gintoki and Katsura will be the stars in their movie on the big screen! Hacking and wading through the gray wastelands full of beast-men find help from the usually hostile Shinsengumi. Unfortunately for them, it’s all a big lie, and the episode’s budget was spent on their non-existent hit. Time to help Shinpachi, Kagura, and Elizabeth, even if they are more interested in the upcoming One Piece episode. 

2. Sword of the Stranger 

Kotarou is an audacious young orphan in war-torn Japan, fleeing the mysterious Tobimaru oppressors, his faithful canine companion. No idea why anyone would want him, much less mainland China’s imperial warriors, a chance encounter with a strange itinerant swordsman couldn’t be more unwelcome in Kotaro’s skeptical eyes – especially when the stranger has a mysterious past that made him seal him your blade. Forced by circumstances to work together to survive, the unlikely duo forges a fragile friendship that is threatened too quickly when Kotaro’s pursuers thrust them into a bewildering tangle of clashing ambitions between big and small men. Can the alien overcome his past and save them both from danger with his blade? 

1. Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare 

While watching the movie, Gintoki meets a “movie thief,” a character in Japanese culture who is often depicted as a man with a video camera as his head. After scolding a movie thief for his actions, he is transported to another world through a camera lens. In this world, 5 years have passed, and not only has the land of Edo turned into an apocalyptic wasteland, but Kagura turned into a beautiful woman without a Chinese speech pattern, Shinpachi turned into a samurai who’s not a tsukkomi anymore, and Gintoki was lost, though assumed to be dead. Gintoki is determined to find out the truth about the deadly disease that ravages Edo as well as to understand Kagura and Shinpachi’s feelings as they tried to deal with the disappearance of their leader. 

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