Top 20 cutest anime shows that will warm your heart

Looking for the top 20 cutest anime shows that will warm your heart?

Not all anime is the battle-heavy Shounen that some viewers expect. These 20 programs are still going strong and are incredibly heartwarming and touching. These are must-watch anime shows! These shows will complete your desire for lighthearted happy content. Let’s dive in!

Quintessential Quintuplets 

Futaro Uesugi, a talented high school student, has a rough life—his mother died. He has no friends, and, on top of it all, his father is in debt. When the wealthy Nakano family relocates to his school, he sees an opportunity. Futaro is engaged as a well-paid tutor almost immediately. To Futaro’s dismay, however, he discovers that his five charges—identical quintuplet sisters with a variety of personalities. They have no interest in learning and have poor scores. Some of the quintuplets are apprehensive about having Futaro, whom they regard as an outsider, in their home. But Futaro’s determination gradually persuades them to accept him and raise their grades. Future forms special bonds with each of the quintuplets throughout the series. He finally marries one of them, but her true identity is revealed only near the end of the series thanks to a flash-forward.


The story of K-ON! revolves around four (and later five) Japanese high school girls who join the Light Music Club at their school. The show depicts each member’s daily activities, including interactions with their peers, teachers, friends, and families. Despite sparing the club from disbandment at first. Each member brings her own set of issues to the table, preventing a rigid and planned training regimen. Yui Hirasawa is a guitarist with no prior expertise in playing musical instruments or reading sheet music. She has a habit of forgetting her accomplishments, whether musical or scholastic. Ritsu Tainaka, the club’s president, is notorious for forgetting her tasks and rushing to the drums.


Naru Sekiya, a 14-year-old girl who enjoys fairy tales but is concerned about her lack of other interests, is a typical 14-year-old female. She meets a “fairy,” a foreign girl practicing night dance. Naru requests to join her on the spur of the moment, and thus enters the world of the yosakoi dance. Hana, Naru, Yaya, MAchi, and Tami are all portmanteaux (combinations) of the first two letters of the girls’ first names. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live is Japan’s ultimate school idol competition, showcasing the greatest groups in the country, with each group’s popularity determining their admittance into the tournament. These groups might be as small as a single idol to as large as nine or more members. Due to the highly competitive nature of the Love Live competition, some school idols choose to perform at other events rather than enter. Participation in the event, on the other hand, is extremely prestigious, and any team that wins the competition is given legendary status. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Is the order a Rabbit?

Cocoa Hoto, a teenage Japanese girl, walks into the cafe Rabbit House in a small European-styled town, expecting there are rabbits to be caressed. Cocoa discovers her high school boarding house, which is run by the owner’s daughter, Chino Kaf, a petite, smart, and shy girl with an angora rabbit on her head. She instantly befriends Chino, much to Chino’s chagrin, to become just like her older sister. From there, she will begin her new life and meet a variety of people, including the military-influenced yet feminine Rize Tedeza, the lighthearted Chiya Ujimatsu who moves at her own pace, and the destitute Syaro Kirima who commands an aura of nobility and admiration despite her circumstances. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Tamako Market

Kitashirakawa is the eldest daughter of the Kitashirakawa family, which owns and operates the Tama-ya mochi business in the Usagiyama Shopping District. Tamako meets Dera Mochimazzi, a peculiar talking bird who comes from a faraway area in search of a mate for his country’s prince. Dera becomes a freeloader in Tamako’s home after becoming overweight from eating too much mochi. Tamako, her friends, family, and neighbors, as well as this strange bird, are all included in the series. Tamako Market and the subsequent Tamako Love Story film address the emotional lives of the characters as well as the main course of events, including Tamako’s childhood buddy Mochiz’s crush on her and both of them being too bashful to open out to each other.


Shinobu Omiya is a 15-year-old girl who completed a homestay when she was ten years old in the United Kingdom. Alice Cartalet, a blonde English girl who was quite bashful, became her friend. The two quickly became close friends after getting to know each other and overcoming the language barrier. Alice promises to come to Japan someday on Shinobu’s last day in England. Shinobu receives a letter from Alice 5 years later, informing him that she will be visiting Japan. On the same day, as she receives the letter, Alice shows up at Shinobu’s school, announcing that she has transferred to her class and will be staying at her home. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Chuunibyou, Love, And Other Delusions

The series follows Yta Togashi, a high school kid who is trying to overcome his embarrassing past grandiose delusions until he meets Rikka Takanashi, a girl who has her symptoms of chniby syndrome. As their relationship develops, Yta and Rikka form the Far East Magical Napping Society Summer Thereof, which includes classmates Shinka Nibutani, Kumin Tsuyuri, and Sanae Dekomori, each of whom has their own set of delusional habits. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Himouto Umaru Chan

Umaru Doma, a high school girl who moved in with her elder, hardworking brother Taihei, is the story’s protagonist. Umaru appears to be the perfect kid in school, with good looks, good marks, and a lot of talent. She reverts to her true form after she returns home: a juvenile, initially self-absorbed chibi layabout who spends her time lounging around, playing video games, eating junk food, drinking large amounts of cola, and watching Himouto! Umaru-chan (Anime) is always reliant on her older brother, forcing him to do/buy/get her anything she wants, much to Taihei’s chagrin. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Alice And Zouroku

The presence of humans with supernatural abilities is kept a dark secret from the rest of the world, except for a research center known as ‘Dreams of Alice,’ which was established to better comprehend the principles that underpin these people. Sana, an orphan girl who is an experimental test subject at the research facility, is called “Red Queen” because of her great power despite her childhood and innocent demeanor. She walks to Shinjuku following a near escape from the research center and meets an old man named Zouroku Kashimura, who gently takes her in after sympathizing with her narrative. As they become closer over their time together, he adopts her as his grandchild. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

New Game!

Aoba Suzukaze, a high school graduate, begins working as a character designer for the game’s producer, Eagle Jump, after being inspired by the character designs of a certain video game when she was younger. She gets to know her coworkers in the character design department, as well as those from around the firm, as she works on modeling and designing characters for games in production. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Lucky Star

The tale of Lucky Star focuses on the lives of four girls who attend a Japanese high school. The city of Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture serves as the setting for most of the story. Konata Izumi is the main character, a slacker who avoids studying by spending much of her time watching anime, playing video games, and reading manga. Despite her laziness, she has proven to be brilliant and athletic. The four main characters were in their first year of high school when the serialization began. They progress to the second and third years of their studies. However, the anime begins with them in their second year of high school, and the other high school girls that appear in the opening scene are only introduced halfway through the plot. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Fruit Baskets

Fruits Basket is the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who learns from Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by Chinese zodiac animals and are cursed to transform into their animal forms when they are weak and stressed, or embraced by anyone of the opposite sex who is not possessed by a spirit of the zodiac. Tohru learns of the trials and pain endured by the affected members of the Sohma family as the story unfolds, and she helps them heal their emotional scars via her kind and compassionate personality. Tohru discovers more about herself as she learns more about Yuki, Kyo, and the rest of the enigmatic Sohma clan. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Eureka Seven

Renton Thurston, the fourteen-year-old son of Adroc Thurston, a military researcher who died protecting the planet, is the protagonist of the series. He lives in the dreary town of Bellforest with his grandfather, Axel Thurston, in what he thinks to be a boring life. Renton enjoys lifting, a sport that is akin to surfing but uses trapper, a chemical found in abundance in the atmosphere, as the medium. He aspires to be a member of the rebel band Gekkostate, which is fronted by his idol, famed lifter Holland Novak. When a massive mecha named the Nirvash type zero and Eureka, its pilot and a member of Gekkostate, crash into Renton’s room, an opportunity to do so practically falls into his lap. Renton’s grandfather instructs him to bring to the Nirvash a specific part known as the Amita Drive.

Lovely Complex

Koizumi has recently started high school and has a minor issue: she is extremely tall for a girl! Meanwhile, her classmate Otani has a major issue: despite being almost a dwarf, he still wants to play basketball. Their teachers and classmates dismiss them as a bickering comic team, and the two can’t decide who’s less likely to find love before graduation, so they wager on who’ll truly find love. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Ao Haru Ride

For a variety of reasons, Futaba Yoshioka wishes to “reset” her image and life as a freshman in high school. In junior high, her female classmates ignored her because she was cute, and owing to a misunderstanding, she couldn’t communicate her feelings to Tanaka-Kun, the only boy she’d ever liked. She has made it her mission in high school to be as unladylike as possible so that her peers will not be envious of her. Tanaka-Kun reappears, this time as Kou Mabuchi, and the two marry and live happily ever after. He acknowledges that he used to feel the same way she did when they were younger, but that isn’t the case anymore. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.

Akatsuki No Yona

The plot follows Yona, the Kingdom of Kouka’s solitary princess. As she seeks redemption in a fictional land inspired by a combination of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures. Yona enjoys the carefree life of a princess in Hiryuu Castle, surrounded by her bodyguard and childhood companion Son Hak, and shielded by her pacifistic father, King Il. Soo-Won, her other childhood buddy and love interest, arrives at her sixteenth birthday party to pay respect to her. She visits King Il’s chambers, intending to inform her father that she cannot forget her love for Soo-Won. And witnesses him being assassinated by Soo-Won, who reveals that he would now officially rule Kouka. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.


Shuichi Shindou, an aspiring musician, and his band, Bad Luck, are at the center of the plot. Shuichi aspires to be the next big thing in Japan. Following in the footsteps of his idol Ryuichi Sakuma, lead vocalist of the now-defunct Nittle Grasper. He is poring over lyrics for a song he’s writing one evening when the wind blows his paper away and a tall, blond stranger picks it up. Shuichi is extremely offended when the man dismisses his hard effort as junk. Despite his rage, the stranger intrigues him. This is their first encounter, and Shuichi is captivated by the stranger. Who turns out to be Eiri Yuki, a well-known romance novelist. This plot is followed in both the manga and the anime. It is one of the cutest anime shows that will warm your heart.


High school students Raku Ichij, the son of a yakuza faction head Shuei-Gumi, and Chitoge Kirisaki. She is the daughter of a boss in a rival gang known as the Bee Hive Gang from America and is followed in Nisekoi. Chitoge leaps over a wall and knees Raku in the face, bringing them together unexpectedly. Raku finds he has misplaced his necklace, which was given to him by his childhood sweetheart. With whom he made a secret pledge ten years before the story began. He forces Chitoge to help him seek the locket after realizing she is a new transfer student in his class. They learn to loathe each other during the search.


The plot revolves around Hideki Motosuwa, a repeat student who attends Seki prep school in Tokyo to qualify for university. Aside from a woman, he fantasizes about owning a persocom, a high-priced Android that serves as a personal computer. He comes upon a persocom in the form of a gorgeous girl with long hair lying against a pile of trash bags on his walk home one evening and carries her home. She looks at Hideki with admiration as soon as he turns her on. Because “chi” appears to be the only word the persocom is capable of pronouncing, he names her Chi. Hideki assumes there’s something wrong with her. So Hiromu Shinbo, Hideki’s next-door neighbor, tries to figure it out the next morning.

That’s all folks! These were the Top 20 cutest anime shows that will warm your heart. If you know any more cute anime then do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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