Top 25 Yaoi Light Novels

Yaoi light novels are a popular genre of Japanese literature that focuses on romantic relationships between male characters. These novels explore a wide range of themes, from the challenges of coming out and societal pressures to personal growth and the complications of relationships. Yaoi ...

Top 10 Novels Where MC is a Divine Doctor

Divine doctors, also known as godly doctors, are skilled healers in fiction. These non-degree doctors possess otherworldly abilities and knowledge. They can cure even the most incurable diseases and injuries with ease, and their medical expertise often plays a critical role in the stories they ...

Top 25 Korean Light Novels

Light novels of Korean origin tend to be influenced by Korean culture and modern-day culture. Popular Korean light novels feature genres like system, romance, drama, school life, and others. Now, you shall look into the Top 25 Korean Light Novels that must be read at least once. This list will ...

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