Top 15 iOS Apps to Read Manga Online

If you’re a fan of manga, you’re well aware that the fad began in Japan. Of course, Japan isn’t the only place where you can get comic books and cartoons. However, comic strips and graphic novels created in Japan are referred to as ‘Manga.’ Previously, manga series were generally released in paperbacks and comic books. But nowadays, due to the rapid onset of the internet, various digital platforms, and e-book readers, manga comics are now widely available for download online. Yet, with the presence of too many reading apps via iOS. It’s still burdensome to find the best manga app there is; because the manga is so popular these days.  Of course, there are several manga applications accessible. The issue is that many of them do not have large databases and just a handful gives great material. So, to assist you in your quest for the best manga app, we compiled a list of many high-quality applications that you can download via the app store.

Shonen jump

Shonen Jump is one of the greatest manga applications available for free on iOS. One Piece, Boruto, and Dr. Stone are just a few notable manga titles available through Shonen Jump. The nice part about this app is that you can simply get all chapters upon their release days. Nonetheless, Shonen Jump only allows its users to view 100 chapters every day for free. If you finish more than a hundred chapters each day, you may pay a $1.99 monthly subscription to access limitless chapters on the app. You may also enjoy a ‘No Ads’ experience if you pay. However, you should be aware that this manga app only includes volumes from the Shonen Jump series. As a result, if you want more complete coverage of other popular series, this may not be the ideal manga app for you. It is one of the Top iOS Apps to Read Manga Online.

Crunchyroll Manga

Manga and anime are both available on Crunchyroll Manga. If you enjoy both, you should download and subscribe to this reading app. You may access both manga and anime titles if you subscribe to Crunchyroll Manga. This manga software also offers users many reading options, such as preserving their favorite volumes in a single list and a bookmark function. Like Shonen Jump, you may instantly access numerous manga titles as soon as they are released in Japan. However, to access all of the app’s titles, you must pay $6.95. It also features advertisements and is well-known for its fondness for alerts. If you choose to download this manga app, you should expect to receive a lot of alerts. Furthermore, you cannot join up with a social media account here. It is one of the Top iOS Apps for reading Manga Online.

Manga Zone

Manga Zone is undoubtedly the greatest manga software available online, especially if you are a die-hard manga fan. It already has over 15,000 titles that have been translated into English. Though the user interface appears to be well-organized, it can be a little sluggish at times. Despite this, its manga community thrives, and you may easily interact with other manga lovers or readers. Manga Zone is not yet available for download from the Google Play Store as of this writing. Nonetheless, its official edition is still available for download from Manga Zone’s website. However, keep in mind that this app is ad-supported. Regardless, Manga Zone is fully committed to offering one of the largest manga libraries online, which may compensate for its ad-supported design. It is one of the Top iOS Apps for reading Manga Online.

Viz Manga

The Viz Manga app is another fantastic choice from the same firm that brought you the Shonen Jump App. Read your favorite manga directly from Japan, or discover a new one to follow. The novels in Viz Manga’s catalog will undoubtedly whet your appetite for reading. If you’re interested, their premium subscription costs the same as their Shonen Jump app: $1.99 per month. This unlocks their whole collection while also allowing you to download manga. This is ideal if you intend to read your favorite novels when not connected to the internet. It is one of the Top iOS Apps to Read Manga Online.

Manga Melon

Manga Melon is yet another free manga reading software available online. This software is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It has in-app purchases and advertisements. Despite this, Manga Melon contains over 30,000 collections of manga and anime files, which is a huge benefit for anyone who enjoys both. Users get limitless downloading and offline reading capabilities. Furthermore, Manga Melon includes a built-in speed optimizer that allows you to preserve battery life. It also features a simple user interface that allows members to search for files by author, title, and genre. You may also choose between horizontal and vertical screen orientations. Because the app’s manga titles are all royalty and copyright-free, its database is quite restricted. Furthermore, Manga Melon just collects manga files and does not host any of its material. It is a great addition to the app collection of new manga and anime fans. It is one of the Top iOS Apps to Read Manga Online.

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is a must-see if you’re looking for free manga downloads. This is also one of the greatest manga applications on the market because it provides access to an endless number of titles. It also has one of the largest manga collections online because it aggregates all of its titles from multiple manga sites such as Mangapanda, MangaGo, ReadManga, and KissManga. Its user design also allows you to find numerous manga titles rapidly. You can stream several libraries at the same time and even remove your file library entries. Despite this, the app is ad-supported because its contents are publicly available. When you don’t want numerous adverts popping up, this may be incredibly inconvenient. It is one of the Top iOS Apps to Read Manga Online.


MangaToon, one of the top manga app options on the market, is a free-to-download software that gives access to both manga and animation. Every week, it provides its members with daily releases and free comics. Although the app offers pay-per-view files, it also provides a large number of free manga titles. As a result, you may read the free ones first and then pay for the premium titles afterward. MangaToon offers an attractive user interface in general. Users may simply explore its titles, choose which orientation to utilize, and even read titles offline. Nonetheless, the app contains advertisements. The nice thing about this software is that you can also write your manga tales and share them with MangaToon’s regular republishers. This can be an excellent starting point for those writers who yearn to become well-known manga authors someday. It is one of the Top iOS Apps to Read Manga Online.

Manga Storm

Get the Manga Storm app today if you’re searching for a fantastic and free manga app to download. Manga Storm makes it easy to access your favorite titles. You may even utilize bookmarks to get manga from your favorite websites quickly. This software also allows you to arrange your collection so that it is simpler to find when you need it. You may download the program for free, but all advertisements will be eliminated if you upgrade to the full version. You’ll also be able to save more chapters for later viewing. Manga Storm is currently only accessible for iOS users.


A fantastic software for people who read comic books on a regular basis. It divides your collection into parts, making it easy to navigate between your comics. You may browse through your comics by publisher or series. It also analyzes and displays all unread comics and the most recent ones opened and added in the previous two weeks. You may also configure the read statistics in the program. ComicRack is also available for the PC. Your library may be synchronized between your PC and your smartphone. It features an easy-to-use interface and supports the CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR, and PDF file formats. In addition, the program is a sophisticated manager of downloaded comic books, allowing you to design your ordering system. The provided “reader” includes support for full-screen reading mode, the option to add bookmarks, and the ability to export a list of comic books from the virtual library to a CSV file. ComicRack’s interface is neither current or technologically advanced, but it is simple to use and has a decent structure. Overall, we have a pretty nice solution that is free. The option to utilize comic book covers as live backgrounds is an intriguing feature of the program.

Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs is a smartphone or tablet application that allows you to download and read thousands of different manga series. You will be able to download manga in six other languages (including English, Spanish, and Portuguese) from more than ten other sources. Manga Dogs allows you to read manga comics directly in the program or upload them to your smartphone to read later without connecting to the Internet. You may change the reading sequence, the page orientation (horizontal or vertical), and the brightness in read mode.

Manga Bird

Another manga reading software for your Apple iPhone. There are over 1000 free comics accessible in many languages. Reading manga will be much more pleasurable with a simple, attractive UI. The app will inform you when a new chapter of your favorite comics is released. The program has horizontal and vertical viewing modes and night and day reading modes to make reading easier. You may use the bookmark to resume reading from where you left off the following time. There includes Zoom In/Out functionality and the ability to change the brightness, crop images, and lock the orientation, among other things.

Manga Box

You will obtain an extensive library of manga comics to read with this app. Furthermore, the software will propose a manga depending on your tastes. You can also check which comics are now trending and what other app users are reading. If you read the online manga, the next chapter will be downloaded automatically in the background. A useful aspect of the app is that if you start reading the comic on one device, you can continue reading on the other. By downloading the Manga Box program, you will save the manga to your smartphone for offline reading.

Manga Plus

Shuiesa created this app, which serves as the company’s official manga reading app. Shuiesa is a well-known manga publisher all over the world. They publish some of the most popular mangas, such as Dragon Ball and Naruto. As soon as a new manga is released, it gets added to the Manga Plus collection. As a result, new mangas are added every day, and you may read them for free. The app is more akin to a social network. As a user, you can leave comments on the manga you’ve read and read the comments left by others. You may also contact the creators of your favorite mangas and join their fan communities. Similarly, you may save your favorite mangas for easy access. When you bookmark favorites.

Manga Z

Manga Z is billed as a one-stop manga reader for all manga enthusiasts. It is designed to work with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It’s worth noting that it’s also accessible as a Windows desktop program. If you’re not sure what manga to read, you may go through the daily recommendations area. You’ll find the greatest new mangas accessible there. With this software, you’ll have no trouble finding a certain manga. This is because Manga Z has several filtering and sorting options. The manga list may be sorted by author, title, genre, and popularity, among other criteria. Manga comics, on the other hand, may be read online or downloaded for offline reading. 

UR Manga

Over 1 million people use UR Manga, a popular manga-reading software. Because of its ever-expanding collection, it’s one of the finest free manga applications. Every day, over 2,000 new manga comics are uploaded to the UR Manga collection. The software includes an interactive reading model. The storylines are customized for each user, and your choices will influence the end of the narrative.

Because of the unique positioning lens and scroll mode, you can completely control it with one hand. The innovative picture processing technique will assist decrease data in use while reading online. Similarly, when you download to read offline, the technology ensures that the download does not take up a lot of space. This software contains advertisements to compensate the author.  If you’re uncomfortable with the ads, you can pay for the VIP subscription service. It doesn’t only remove ads but gives you access to premium content.

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