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20. Manly Appetites: Minegishi Loves Otsu 

Minegishi is a handsome, friendly salaryman who climbs the ranks. He has one insatiable desire in the office: he loves to feed his grumpy coworker, Otsu. Otsu can take food but not catch bait. He finds it challenging to master Minegishi and refuses to get enthralled like everyone else in the office! But the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Minegishi’s attention may reflect the hunger for more. Will he be able to pierce the hard shell of Otsu? It is one of the top shonen anime.

19. Sukisho OVA 

Time to rest and relax, so Sora, Matsuri, and the rest of the team head to the hot spring. But because of an extremely busy day at their destination, the boys take on an impromptu part-time job … in rabbit outfits ?! In between pillow fights, swimming, and cleaning up the enormous mess they make, Sora and co continue to strengthen their bond. One night they find a special bathhouse which, according to the innkeeper, fulfills the wishes of those who bathe in it. Their wishes come true, but do they want results? It is one of the top shonen anime. It is one of the top shonen anime.

18. Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the River Edge 

For Takaya Ougi, the exorcism of vengeful spirits has become a daily reality. The situation changes once he’s sent to Kyoto to research the arousal of the Ikko sect and their leader, Araki, who left the group many years past. He meets his servant, Haruie, and learns that many clans have gathered along and are looking for a mandala consisting of the hair of dead soldiers. Takaya, and the other owners, Hariue and Naoe, must stop the mandala from falling into the hands of another clan. Hariue must also drive Akari away from the enemy, but hesitates because he is similar to his lover 200 years ago. The ambivalence of the Haru emotions and the explosive relationship between Takaya and Naoe. Will they try to overcome the final threat or will they collapse with each other?  It is one of the top shonen anime.

17. Gravitation: Lyrics of Love 

Shuichi and the rest of the bad luck are back and better than ever. After reaching the heights of fame in the music world, a new opportunity looms on the horizon: the Tokyo Bay Music Festival. Bad luck is on the line, but so is Nittle Grasper, their biggest rival. To make matters worse, Yuki, Shuichi’s lover, wrote the lyrics for the song Nittle Grasper! With a depressed mood and a heavy heart, can a gang come together for the last song to prove to Japan that they are the best band in the world?  It is one of the top shonen anime.

16. Monochrome Factor 

While the world may seem like a normal place, there is the supernatural and the frightening hidden in the shadows. The beings of the shadow world known as Kikuchi began to invade the human world, and it is up to some people to defeat them; Akira Nikaido is one such person. Although his life was ordinary, one-day bishounen and affectionate Shirogane asked Akira to make a pact with him; consequently, Akira became Shirogane’s shadow partner. Together, they hunt the stray Kokuchi – but more importantly, Akira must fight back Shirogane’s advances and try to make his classes!  It is one of the top shonen anime.

15. Gravitation 

As a member of the music duo who is about to enter show business, Shindou Shuichi has many ideas especially when he writes songs for his band Bad Luck. His life becomes no less hectic when he bumps into Yuki Eiri, a successful but cynical extraordinary author who immediately insults Shuichi’s texts after reading them. While searching for him to demand an apology, Shuichi discovers other aspects of Eiri’s personality. Can he accept the fact that he can develop feelings for the novelist who discredited his work at the first meeting?  It is one of the top shonen anime.

14. Antique Bakery 

Tachibana recently quit his job at a high-class company and for some unknown reason decides to open a bakery. His first employee is Ono, an extremely talented confectioner, also known as “cheerful with demonic charm” – something that caused him to lose his job countless times. Also joining the team is Eiji – a retired boxing champion – who is hired on-site as a mere intern just because he is not the “Ono type”. However, Chikage, the inept childhood friend and shadow of Tachibana, is exactly his type! Now that the store has finally opened, everyone seems to be filling their positions well; However, one question remains: what were Tachibana’s motives for opening the bakery, and does this have to do with his troubled and forgotten past? It is one of the top shonen anime. 

13. Spiritpact 

You Keika, an heir to an old, famous family of exorcists, is plagued by poverty after losing his parents and struggling as a part-time street fortune-teller and computer scientist. One night in the junkyard, he meets a mysterious and charismatic Exorcist, Tanmoku Ki, who is fighting an evil spirit. To make matters worse, he is hit by a car and becomes a ghost. Tanmoku Ki appears and asks Keika to make a deal with him to fight the demon spirits together. The friendship of our heroes begins here! It is one of the top shonen anime. 

12. The Betrayal Knows My Name 

Abandoned outside the orphanage when he was still a child, Yuki is a boy who has no idea where he comes from or who he is. Now, in high school, a teenager is plagued by strange dreams, death threats, and the ability to see the negativity that resides in people’s hearts. One night after being lured into a trap, a mysterious and handsome man named Zess saves Yuki from death, then disappears into the night. Then, with the sudden arrival of a long-lost brother, the orphan is drawn into a new world where he can not only learn his powers and how to control them but also become aware of the evil that lurks in the darkness. Will Yuki finally find the place he belongs to, and why is Zess so protective of the young boy? It is one of the top shonen anime.

11. Antidote 

One is a useless young gentleman who has been driven out of the house with nothing but clothes on his back. The second is a street bandit with a dark childhood plagued by mental illness. The fight behind the dumpster started the fate of the enemies who became lovers between Cheng Ke, a young champion who couldn’t take care of him, and Jiang Yuduo, who reacted violently for no reason. Since then, they have become the only redemption in their dark life. You are my antidote, I will take you when I get sick. It is one of the top shonen anime.

10. No. 6 

Sion is intelligent, highly educated, and has a privileged life within Wall 6, one of the six city-states that were built after the world was destroyed by war. But Sion’s comfortable existence changes forever when she meets Nezumi, an escaped convict, on the eve of his twelfth birthday. Due to his help in keeping Nezumi safe, Sion loses his rights and is forced to live in the lower town where he becomes a normal citizen. Four years later, Sion and Nezumi returned to a dangerous conspiracy that left a series of dead bodies.  What is going on in No.6? It is one of the top shonen anime. 

9. Love Stage!! 

His father and brother are famous singers, his mother is a recognized artist, Izumi Sena was born into a family of super animators! However, unlike his other family members, Izumi is an otaku who aspires to become a comic illustrator. One day he gets caught up in the role of a woman in a TV commercial. Izumi’s actor, Ryoma, falls in love at first sight after meeting him. It turns out they met 10 years earlier, and Ryoma’s attractiveness hasn’t changed even after he found out Izumi was a boy. It is one of the top shonen anime. 

8. Spiritpact: Bond of The Underworld 

Tanmoku Ki is an exorcist responsible for purifying the spirits of the world, and in so doing serves as a priest to protect the balance between heaven and earth at the expense of his own life. His destiny, however, is not only to fight evil spirits who constantly strive for his life and spiritual powers but also those who crave his position and influence. Their attacks never stop, and Tanmoku Ki must always fight. In the midst of all this, the only person Tanmoku Ki can face as completely as himself is You Keika, who is the spiritual shadow of Tanmoku Ki. Are they just “exorcists” and “shadows of the spirit”? What fate brought them together? It is one of the top shonen anime. 

7. Junjou Romantica OVA 

OVA is divided into three separate stories. The first one is called “Junjou Egoist”: the couple Kamijou Hiroki and Kusama Nowaki are going on a Shindai train journey. The second is called “Junjou Terrorist” and refers to the pair of Miyagi You and Takatsuki Shinobu who find it difficult to accept the age difference between them. The last one is called Junjou Romantica, which refers to Usami Akihiko and Takahashi Misaki. They remembered when Usami coached Takahashi in his college entrance exams. It is one of the top shonen anime.  

6. Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi: World’s Greatest First Love 

Ritsu fell in love with a boy when he was in high school and he broke his heart since then Ritsu’s view of love changed forever. Now a weary adult Ritsu has just moved to Marukawa Shoten in hopes of publishing literature, only to be told that he will be working in the shoujo manga department instead. Worse, his boss is brash, rude, and seems interested in him! However, Ritsu’s biggest surprise is yet to come as he discovers that his boss is his past lover! It is one of the top shonen anime.  

5. Junjou Romantica 2 

Misaki got into university and still lives with the eminent writer Akihiko – a man who, as always, is persistent in his pursuit of a relationship with Misaki. However, when editor Akihiko insists that Misaki keep his distance to avoid Misaki’s scandals and stubbornness in full force, the boy finds it difficult to admit his benefactor’s feelings. As if things couldn’t be more complicated, the arrival of Haruhiko, Akihiko’s brother, triggers another gearshift key. Now that Haruhiko is showering Misaki with gifts and Misaki’s indecision grows, will Akihiko and Misaki finally see their relationship develop? It is one of the top shonen anime.  

4. Semantic Error 

Chu Sangwoo, a computer science major, is the epitome of a strict and disciplined person. Working on a liberal arts group project with effortless freeloaders, Sangwoo wisely decides to remove their names from the final presentation. But he couldn’t imagine how much he would become with a person whose plans to study abroad had been thwarted by this project. The person involved: The campus star everyone knows, Jang Jaeyoung of the Design Department. He has everything from skills, family, background, looks, family, and good relationships except for one huge problem: Chu Sangwoo. What happens when an engineer and an artist with very different personalities have to work together? Jang Jaeyoung is like a semantic error in Chu Sangwoo’s ideal world. Will Sangwoo be able to debug it? 

3. Shanhe Jian Xin 

Yan Wushi walked a path full of blood and dead bodies. He never believed in the good nature of humanity. The more so because he did not believe that there could be someone of great kindness and a sense of justice who cares so much for others without asking for anything in return. One day, Shen Qiao, who was the sect leader on Mount Xuandu, the largest Taoist sect under heaven, was challenged to a duel, but somehow fell off a cliff. Yan Wushi happened to pass down there. Seeing Shen Qiao being seriously injured and dying, he suddenly had a perfect idea … After thousands of autumns, who could remain forever? 

2. Doukyuusei 

Rihito Sajou is an outstanding student with excellent results in each subject on the High School Entrance Examination. Hikaru Kusakabe plays guitar in his band which performs live and is popular with girls. These boys would never cross. But one day Hikaru offers Rihito to help prepare for the upcoming choir festival, and the two start talking. When the two get together after school, they connect through songs and begin to harmonize as their hearts beat together. It starts slowly, but soon their feelings for each other build up, and they both realize they are in love. Hikaru’s emotions are frivolous, pure, and direct, causing Rihito to hesitate at first but gradually open up his heart. Boys learn about each other and each other. But there’s more to this…

1. Heaven Official’s Blessing 

Xie Lian, the heir to the throne of the Xian Le Kingdom, successfully ascended to Heaven on his third attempt, despite subsequent demotion. However, he accidentally breaks the Golden Palace of heavenly officials. Without human worship, Xie Lian must descend into the secular world to exorcise the spirits that can help him sustain his divinity. During his adventure, Xie Lian meets two heavenly officials and a mysterious young man in red. The Four, as a team, experience many strange events and gradually learn about the dark past of the seemingly dazzling Heaven. 

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