Top 10 Manga About School Bullies

Bullying is an extremely sensitive topic that needs to be shown in the right light, especially given the age and the generation we belong to. Bullying is the result of a human tendency to pick on someone perceived as ‘weaker. But that doesn’t make it right. It is important to note that not every anime shows the right way of dealing with bullying.  So here’s a list of the Top 10 Best Manga About School Bullies.

Great Teacher Onizuka

This program is about a gangster who becomes a teacher and rehabilitates a group of troubled pupils. Onizuka has been labeled as a problem kid his whole life, and he doesn’t fit into society’s standards. As a result, we have an all-out honest brute who has simple life goals. Yet can’t avoid dealing with his pupils’ problems throughout the program. He dares to go to lengths that most professors will not. If you want to understand that life isn’t only about fitting in and that it’s OK to be yourself, this is a must-see. Number one on our list we have. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.

Koe no Katachi

Koe no Katachi is a narrative that doesn’t go far with what it’s trying to convey. It’s unique in that it demonstrates how fickle-minded individuals can be by presenting the perspectives of both victims and perpetrators of bullying. It tells the tale of Ishida Shouya’s transformation from a ferocious terror in elementary school who was solely concerned with his wants to a young man who cared and empathized with others in need. It convinces you that no matter what errors you’ve made in the past, you’re a decent person at heart if you regret them and accept them for what they are. You’re about to go on a journey to redeem yourself, and facing your anxieties is simply the first step. This is an important tale that should be on everyone’s must-see list. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.


Onimaru is one of the smaller villains of the series Mazinger Z. While he isn’t on the level of the previous bully on the list, he’s still a pretty big nuisance of the series. He is a bully at Shiro Kabuto’s school and his primary victim is Mitsuo. He’s the typical bully that constantly picks on those smaller than them due to his insecurity and cowardice. Onimaru finally changes his ways after Mitsuo tricks him into getting into the Stronger T4 and takes him on the thrill ride of his life. After this ride, Onimaru stopped the bullying and realized Mitsuo is stronger than he’ll ever be. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.


Shouya Ishida is the main character in the anime series Koe no Katachi/A Silent Voice. He is the series’ main male protagonist, and he is a bully to the female protagonist Shouko Nishimiya from the start. Ishida was a lone wolf in primary school and was the target of persistent bullying by the new pupil, Shouko Nishimiya. While the bullying continues, Shouya attempts to move on from his faults and extends a hand of friendship to Shouko. It was revealed that his bullying was merely a front for his genuine affection for her. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.


Elfen-Lied has the distinct honor of being the home of one of anime’s most obnoxious bullies. Tomoo is a young kid who heads a gang of bullies at the series’ orphanage, which also happens to be home to Kaede. One of the things that cause Kaede to go over the deep end is Tomoo’s relentless bullying. Something is being pushed too far when your bullying causes someone to despise the human race. Kaede was subjected to some very heinous acts by his group, including the murder of a puppy companion of hers. After this pushes her over the brink, she breaks them apart with strength. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.


The bullies from the first Devilman series were some terrible individuals, even though they weren’t as bad in Devilman Crybaby. They not only tried to kill an innocent rabbit, but they also irritated Miki and beat up Akira Fudou with real weapons on a few occasions. While these bullies were among the foulest youngsters early in the series, they atone for their actions by rescuing Miki at the end of the series. The entire world is thrown into turmoil by the announcement of demons among humanity. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.


Seongbin Cha, a nerdy-looking youngster, lost his sister, who was also his sole family member, to a bullying act to impress a huge business named TrollFam, according to the manga. Seongbin pledges to defeat all bullies and rid his homeland of the disease. As a result, he establishes a persona and a ViewTube channel centered on stomping on bullies. Overall, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the decent plot and great visual style made this webtoon feel completely immersive. So far, I’ve loved it and can’t wait to read more! It is one of the best manga about school bullies.

The Boy of Death

He is a weak student who can’t stand up for himself when confronting his bullies. Fed up with being the victim and being abused physically and mentally, he decides to commit suicide; that’s where he meets with a devil-like woman who offers a deal to him. He can acquire the power of any one of his choice who’s dead(e.g., Bruce Lee) if he tears the card of death. It is one of the best manga about school bullies.


Every kid in our world is born under the protection of a deity. Some gods are more powerful than others. Some gods are more powerful than others. Children born to lesser gods are ostracized by society and are unable to enter high school. Instead, kids must get employment following the completion of middle school. On this planet, a high school is a place where students learn to use their greater gods. They all have one thing in common: if the proper price is paid, they may grant wishes. Lee-Rang goes back in time for a few seconds and pays the price. To reverse his request, he must return to high school and attempt to employ his cat god’s abilities once more.

I Had That Same Dream Again

An unhappy girl who engages in self-harm, a woman ostracized by society, and an old woman looking to live out her twilight years in peace–what could three such different people have in common? That’s what grade schooler Koyanagi Nanoka is trying to find out. Assigned by her teacher to define what “happiness” means to her, Nanoka sets out to get to know these three strangers – and through them, perhaps, come to know herself too.

We apologize for any offense. But every media does reflect some aspects of the culture responsible for creating it. I guess I should have made it more precise in the post that manga does not reflect all of Japanese culture. It probably just speaks to the individual creators’ experiences, and some things are also probably exaggerated because drama sells better than facts.

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