Top 25 Music Manga

These comics are all about music enjoyment or performance, regardless of the genre or ability level of the musicians involved. These characters’ souls are filled with music!

Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

They each had their motives for wanting to die. Juri Mutou is the daughter of a once-famous pianist whose career ended after she was born. Juri tried suicide three times as a teenager as a result of a terrible occurrence. She has come to despise her mother. Her life is tainted by a terrible history. Her aunt Monica, a member of the clergy, asks her to visit a death-row inmate. Yuu is a death row convict accused of murdering three people. This has resulted in many suicide attempts within his detention cell. He regularly receives messages from Monica, who wishes to assist him but perceives this as pity.  But when Yuu decides to meet Monica to say that he wants her to stop sending letters. He encounters Juri, a meeting that would change both of their lives.

Sayonara Piano Sonata

Enter Hikawa Naomi, the son of a music critic, and Ebisawa Mafuyu, a teenage prodigy pianist who mysteriously vanished from the music world. They created a rock band with musicians from both classical and rock music. It is one of the top music manga.


Nana Komatsu is a naïve, uninspired high schooler who spends her days following one crush after another. At the age of 20, she boards a train bound for Tokyo in the hopes of reconnecting with her current lover. Nana Osaki, on the other hand, is fiery and self-assured. After joining a local band in high school, she falls in love with music and was one of the band members. When choosing between her love and her musical career, she chooses the latter and divorces her partner. On her 20th birthday, she takes the same train as her namesake and travels to Tokyo, where she aims to be a top vocalist. The two females with the same name but very different goals end themselves seated next to one other on their train ride to the city and, as luck would have it, eventually share the same apartment.

Teen Spirit

Hwee Kang is in a band with all of his pals and gets hired by a well-known corporation named JBL since they all have the appearance of celebrities. There are, nevertheless, great expectations. What surprises will they offer everyone at the audition, and what will Hwee Kang do? It is one of the top music manga.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Kousei Arima was trained to play the piano and painstakingly follow the score by his mother at an early age, and he easily topped every competition he entered. He acquired the moniker “Human Metronome” for his near-perfect performance. Every young musician looked up to him. However, after his mother died unexpectedly, he was tone-deaf due to the shock and subsequently vanished, never to be seen on stage again. Kousei’s life has become routine two years later, despite the support of his boyhood pals Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryouta Watari. He still clings to music, even though performing is still out of reach for him. This is until he meets Kaori Miyazono, a violinist who performs freely without the constraints of a score. A story of friendship, love, music and a single lie, Kousei’s life begins to alter and take on new color as Kaori assists him in resuming his musical career.


Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka squandered his middle school days listening to Japanese pop music and apathetically slogging through life—that is, until he had a chance encounter with the mysterious guitarist Ryuusuke “Ray” Minami. Koyuki learns what he has been missing all this time when Ray introduces him to western rock music and sparks his ambition to learn to play the guitar. Despite several obstacles on his road to rock stardom, Koyuki refuses to quit the passion that has given his life meaning, balancing it with school, a job, and friends. As Koyuki and Ray strive toward fulfilling the guitarist’s goal of the ultimate band, Beck recounts the narrative of the love and trials that come with establishing a professional career in music.

Aozora Yell

As a youngster, Ono Tsubasa watched a Shirato baseball game on TV and was awestruck by the Trumpet player in the band. She is now enrolled at Shirato High School to study the Trumpet. There, she meets Yamada Daisuke, the baseball team’s catcher. They work together to achieve their goal of playing at Koushien. It is one of the top music manga.


The plot revolves around Yuu Haruna, who recently relocated to Tokyo with his sisters after their father was forced to relocate due to a job. A high school student runs into him when he is buying supper and is looking at his Twitter account. The female snatches Yuu’s phone destroys it and smacks him before leaving Yuu lying on the ground, thinking he was shooting upskirt photographs of her. This girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, also attends the school to which Yuu is moving. Fuuka, unlike other individuals, does not own a cellphone and prefers to listen to music on a CD player. These two eventually get close and decide to create a band with their pals and pursue the professional world of music. With Fuuka around, what will now become of Yuu’s new life in Tokyo? It is one of the top music manga.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite.

Mitsuki Kouyama, twelve years old, has sarcoma in her throat. Though this uncommon disease may be treated by cutting her vocal cords, Mitsuki rejects it because she wants to be a pop singer and fulfill her childhood vow to Eichi Sakurai, her first love who has moved to America. She lets her health worsen as she accepts her terrible fate, unable to recover and maintain her voice. Mitsuki encounters two shinigami Takuto Kira and Meroko Yui one day when fleeing her music-hating grandmother’s home to attend an audition. Takuto and Meroko explain to Mitsuki that she would die in a year after realizing she can see them. Takuto, moved by Mitsuki’s struggle, grants her the power to turn into a healthy sixteen-year-old girl. It is one of the top music manga.


The Light Music Club engages in easy and uncomplicated activities, or so Yui Hirasawa believes at first. When Yui goes to leave the group formally, she discovers that if she does, the club will no longer be able to function. This puts Yui in an awkward position. To preserve Yui, its members—the mature Mio Akiyama, the lively Ritsu Tainaka, and the ladylike Tsumugi Kotobuki—decide to perform an instrumental piece. The music not only makes her happy, but it also convinces her to stay at the Light Music Club. While the sounds of joyful females fill the Light Music Club’s clubroom, the members manage academics and their love. They may play around once in a while, but that makes high school life in K-On! Even more exciting!

Oshi no Ko

 Ai Hoshino, sixteen, is a brilliant and gorgeous idol who her admirers like. She embodies the ideal of a pure, youthful virgin. But not everything that glitters is gold. Gorou Honda is a rural gynecologist who adores Ai. So when the pregnant idol arrives at his hospital, he is completely perplexed. Gorou assures her of a safe birth. He has no idea that an encounter with a mystery individual will result in his untimely death—or so he believes. When Gorou opens his eyes on the lap of his idol, he discovers that he has been reincarnated as Aquamarine Hoshino—newborn Ai’s son! With his world flipped upside down, Gorou quickly discovers that the world of entertainment is lined with thorns, where talent does not always beget success. Will he manage to protect Ai’s smile that he loves so much with the help of an eccentric and unexpected ally?

Nousatsu Rock Shounen

Fujisaki Maki used to have a tranquil existence, but when she tries to aid Nobitani, who is being bullied, everyone starts abusing her! Because Nobitani feels bad, he offers Maki tickets to see a popular local band named ‘East Robo.’ Maki chooses to attend the concert, and throughout the performance, the main singer sings a ballad while staring at Maki?! It is one of the top music manga.

Sakamichi no Apollon

Kaoru Nishimi has been moving schools since he was a youngster. Because of his intelligent character and wealthy upbringing, he has always been viewed as a social outsider when he transfers. However, after relocating to Kyushu for his first year of high school, Kaoru meets the class president Ritsuko Mukae and, surprisingly, the infamous school delinquent Sentarou Kawabuchi. Sentarou, on the other hand, is continually getting into fights and skipping class, whereas Kaoru is an honors student. However, one thing unites these two opposed personalities: music. One day, Ritsuko invites Kaoru to her family’s record store when he discovers Sentarou doing jazz drumming in the basement. Kaoru, being a classical pianist, has little knowledge of jazz. However, impressed by the performance, he, along with Sentarou, begins to open his mind to the genre.


Shuichi Shindou is desperate to propel his band, Bad Luck, to the top of Japan’s music charts. He could have a shot with his determination, talent, and satiny singing voice. But Fate throws a kink in his well-oiled system in the form of a gorgeous stranger named Yuki, a romance writer with a sassy attitude. Yuki is Shuichi’s harshest critic, but as the two young artists get closer, friendship, and maybe something more, is certain to bloom. It is one of the top music manga.

Seishun Pop!

Sakuta likes to wear his headphones in his ears at all times because he enjoys hearing the world via them. He is particularly fond of the band INCEST and its vocalist, IVE (pronounced eve), whom he regards as an idol. When he goes to the music store one day, he comes across a concert ticket for INCEST. Sakuta attends the performance. He also sees IVE, who he recognizes as the new transfer student that arrived at his school on the same day he did. When their gazes connect, the music and IVE’s singing both come to a halt. She walks down the middle of the aisle towards Sakuta, and the next thing he notices IVE is hugging him tightly, saying, “I’ve wanted to meet you!” WHAT!? It is one of the top music manga.

Detroit Metal City

Souichi Negishi is a typical young man, shy and reserved. He enjoys flowers, strolling, and listening to popular music on the radio. However, he is also Krauzer II, the frontman of Detroy Metal City (DMC), Japan’s most popular underground metal band! Souichi wants to alter his life and start playing Swedish pop songs with calm and loving lyrics instead of DMC’s violent and obscene ones, but his attitude and conduct drastically change when he’s with his band. It is one of the top music manga.

Piano no Mori

 An abandoned piano sits in the middle of a forest. You could hear music emanating from it if you go by, and seated in the chair is a little kid named Kai Ichinose. He lives with his young single mother, a prostitute, and he is a bit of a nuisance at school, protecting transfer student Shuuhei Amamiya from class bullies. Shuuhei hails from a musical family. Therefore he is expected to follow in their footsteps. He works hard every day to live up to his parent’s expectations. Meanwhile, Kai, with the assistance of his instructor, a former pianist legend, aspires to not only equal Shuuhei’s level of accomplishment but also to become the finest pianist from Japan. This rivalry between the two friends will not only raise their talents to new levels but will also inspire other rising pianists from all over the world.


The crash is about a girl named Hana who possesses an uncommon talent. Her house is a talent agency, and she uses her “gift” to assist her mother. When she sees someone with fame potential, she physically has nosebleeds. Naturally, she keeps this a secret from her peers. Hana is assigned to discover a new amazing talent for the company’s anniversary. That’s where the narrative begins.

Fukumenkei Noise

When they were little, Nino Arisugawa and Momo Sakaki had pledged that if they ever were separated, they would use their song to locate each other again. On the other hand, Momo vanished without a trace, leaving Nino with an uncontrollable need to scream. As a result, she begins to wear a mask. Nino meets Kanada “Yuzu” Yuzuriha, a boy her age who composes music and gives her the moniker “Alice” during this period, although she is still mourning her first love. Nino is smitten by his music, while She smites yuzu. They used to meet at the beach every Wednesday, but then Yuzu stopped coming one day. Six years later, Nino and Yuzu meet in high school—unbeknownst to Nino, Momo has also enrolled.

AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei

People all around the world adore the popular idol group AKB48, and Hiroko Yoshinaga is no exception. She aspires to be a member of AKB48, but stage anxiety prevents her from attending every audition. Yoshinaga, who has failed so many times, chooses to audition one more time before quitting forever. Minoru Urayama, despite his disdain for idols, wishes to assist Yoshinaga in realizing her goal. Under the guise of a female named “Urakawa Minori,” he auditions for AKB48, hoping to help Yoshinaga through the process. However, when both Yoshinaga and “Minori” are recruited, things go far better than planned! Minoru must keep his secret hidden, all while supporting Yoshinaga’s dreams and finding one of his own.

Ao no Orchestra

Aono Hajime was a prodigious violinist until he became dissatisfied with the instrument owing to personal issues. He is in his third year of middle school and is having difficulty deciding on an academic route. He meets Akine Ritsuko, a fiery novice violinist who aspires to attend a high school with a prestigious symphony group one day at school. Time begins to move again for him as he becomes closer to Ritsuko and is reintroduced to the world of violinists. This is the beginning of a young play in which sounds and hearts reverberate in unison.

Shiori Experience: Jimi na Watashi to Hen na Ojisan

Shiori used to be a guitarist in a high school light music club, but her first public performance was ruined when her brother ran away from home with a lot of debt to become a musician in Tokyo. She is now a high school teacher, living a monotonous, uninteresting existence while paying off her debt until she encounters the spirit of none other than legendary musician Jimi Hendrix. This is where the narrative of a 27-year-old lady on her journey to become a music icon begins.

Pichi Pichi Pitch: Mermaid Melody

Lucia is a newcomer to the school. She and her sister own and operate a popular public bath. When Lucia meets a fantastic-looking surfer dude, there’s only one problem: Lucia is a mermaid—not just any mermaid, but a princess on a quest to defend the seven seas from an evil power bent on seizing control of the aquatic world. With such responsibilities, there isn’t much time for romance. On the other hand, Lucia strives to preserve her planet and win the love of gorgeous Kaito.


Ren Taki travels to Vienna after her father’s death to fulfill a commitment she made to him: to attend the Melite Conservatory of Music. During her journey, she encounters the seductive musical wunderkind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is startled to learn of her plans to attend Melite. Melite happens to be an all-boys school! Ren enrolls in the school under the male pseudonym “Rentarou” after speaking with the headmaster. Mozart, who is sworn to secrecy, is placed as her roommate. Ren meets quirky students like Johann Sebastian Bach and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in this new environment, but hiding her secret from them is a difficult and never-ending task because they all reside in the same dormitory.

Love Live!

Otonokizaka High School is located on the outskirts of three cities: Akihabara, a rapidly growing pop culture mecca; Kanda, a conservative, cultural city where history and tradition rule supreme; and Jinbo, a peaceful neighborhood intended for a more mature, smart populace. In the middle of this cultural confrontation, the school is on the verge of closing owing to dwindling enrolment. With the school set to dissolve in three years, nine female students band together with one goal in mind: to establish a pop idol group to restore the school’s popularity and prevent it from closing. “There’s just one thing we can do to preserve our cherished school…become music stars!” Their objective is simple: become an overnight phenomenon and use their national media exposure to advertise their school and attract a flood of new students to the struggling neighborhood.

That’s it, folks! The list of top music manga comes to an end. I hope you loved our collection and comment down if you think about any other music manga that should be added to this list!

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