Top 10 Manga Where MC Is A Sword-Wielder

The main characters depict the actual image of the mangas. So today we decided to embark on a journey to rank the Top 10 Manga Where MC Is A Sword-Wielder. If you love action manga, then you’ll love this list. Hope you enjoy it.


This anime focuses on a man named Guts, who was born from a hanged corpse and raised by his adoptive father as a mercenary. His adoptive father, Gambino, was forced to kill in self-defense. When Guts was noticed by the Band of the Hawk, he forced him to join the group after defeating him in a battle. There’s so much more to this and I don’t want to spoil it for you. So go ahead and watch it. It is one of the Top 10 Manga Where MC Is A Sword-Wielder.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?  

In Orario, fearless adventurers join forces in search of fame and fortune in a monstrous underground maze known as the Dungeon. However, although wealth and fame are enough incentives for most people, Bell Cranel, a man who may become an extraordinary hero, has bigger plans. He wants to pick up girls. Is it wrong to face the dangers of Dungeon alone in a one-man guild blessed by a fallen goddess? Perhaps. Is it wrong to dream of playing a hero for the hapless girls in the Dungeon? May not. After one unfortunate adventure, Bell quickly discovers that anything can happen in a maze – even accidental encounters with beautiful women. Only problem? It is he who winds up the girl in danger! It is one of the Top 10 Manga Where MC Is A Sword-Wielder.

Vinland Saga 

A strong fighter named Thors has killed in a battle ruthless Viking Askeladd a long time ago. Thorfinn, the son of Viking Askeladd, witnessed his father’s death and vowed to avenge his father in a glorious duel. Thorfinn was recruited to Askeladd’s ship and began to work with the crew. They looted settlements and deceived the naive army. Thorfinn spends his time honing his fighting skills to win a reward. Will Thorfinn be finally able to defeat Askeladd? 


This is another interesting recommendation you’ll love. The story is about a young boy who witnessed the massacre of his family by a Yoma and moments later a Claymore comes in to kill the Yoma. The young boy named Raki interacts with the Soma who was appointed to kill the demon in the village. The Claymore named Clare saved Raki when he was confronted by Yoma who had taken the form of his brother. With no place to go Raki follows Clare on her adventure. 

Rurouni Kenshin  

It is a well-known adventure, martial arts, and romance Japanese manga written by Nobuhiro Watsuki. Rurouni Kenshin is about a peaceful wanderer named Himura Kenshin who was a former assassin and killed many. Himura now wanders the countryside of Japan helping people and offering protection to people after participating during the Bakumatsu in the hopes of atoning for the sins and the murders he committed in his former profession. 


Bleach is an anime/manga with a little bit of everything. It’s a well-known adventure, action, thriller, and supernatural fictional manga. The story focuses on an impulsive teen named Ichigo Kurosaki, whose parents were attacked by a corrupt spirit. If was them he meets a soul reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. While protecting his family the reaper got injured and at that moment Ichigo accepted Rukia’s offer and become a reaper as a result. The boy then sets out on a quest to protect his family and save his friends. Will he be able to do so? 


InuYasha is a great recommendation for action manga lovers. This show focuses on a girl named Kagome, a 15-year-old who possesses the Shikon Jewel. She is attacked by a demon wanting the jewel who sends her 500 years in the past. During the battle, the jewel broke into several pieces so she teams up with InuYasha a dog demon to gather them before they fall into the wrong hands. 

Attack on Titan  

Attack on Titan is another must-watch for Naruto lovers. This series is set on the time when humanity was on the brink of extinction and was forced to live a life within three walls to protect themselves from Titans, humanly looking, giant creatures. The story focuses on Eren, adoptive sister Mikasa and childhood friend Armin. The first attack resulted in the death of Eren’s mother since then the three of them decided to join the Scout Regiment, take revenge, and reclaim the world from the Titans. 

Black Clover 

Black Clover is an action, adventure, fiction, and fantasy anime/manga. The series is set in the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom where two orphans Asta and Yuno were raised. Asta was born without magical power in a world full of magic whereas Yuno was born with great magic powers. On the coming of age ceremony, Yuno received the great Four Leaf Grimoire and Asta received an old Five Leaf Grimoire which indicated that a devil lies in it. They both considered each other as their mortal enemies because they had the same goal of becoming the Magic Emperor. But their journey is filled with thorns.  

Rave Master 

Rave Master is a great adventure fiction and fantasy anime. I really don’t want to give any spoilers so I will just tell you a little bit about the plot. The story starts when war broke out between two kingdoms using magical stones against each other, Symphonia and Raregroove. Symphonia kingdom created five magical stones of pure holy power called the Rave Stones to counter the evil Dark Bring stones of Raregroove kingdom. These stones were wielded by one person who is known as the Rave Master.  

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