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25. Kandagawa Jet Girls 

Jet racing has become a mega-popular extreme sport around the world, and for good reason! The Jetter pilots a high-speed watercraft and is connected to the Shooter, which fires a water pistol at competing teams. It all adds up to some explosive, wet, and wild action as they race to the finish line and compete for dominance. Rin Namiki is among the rivals, and racing is in his blood. Rin aspires to be the legendary Jetter like her mother. After meeting the cool shooter Misa Aoi, it seems that the Rin dream is finally within reach! Each race brings them together as a team, closer than ever to their dream of becoming the best racer on the water. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

24. Agent AiKa 

There was a major catastrophe on Earth which caused most of the land to be covered with water. Meet Aika Sumeraga, a scrap collector who discovers everything from nostalgic treasures to lost technology from the deep – at the right price. During a routine task to find a purported source of energy, Lagu comes face to face with a man named Hargan and his harem of scantily clad women named Delma! Aika is thrown into the middle of a conspiracy. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

23. Popotan 

Imagine a mansion with a Christmas supplies store that pops up out of nowhere, featuring three beautiful sisters and a maid robot, all with very different personalities and figures. These sisters are looking for information that they can only get from “popotan”, their term for dandelion flowers. After getting a hint, the court and the girls disappear. Their journeys take them through many places, and as they search, they encounter a diverse cast of characters, but what exactly is the information they are so desperate for? It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

22. Endro! 

In the land of Naral Island, the land of magic and swords, humans and monsters live together. Once upon a time, there was a terrifying Demon Lord, but long, long ago, the first Hero defeated the Demon Lord who appeared on Naral Island. The Demon Lord has been reborn over the centuries, but every time a Hero appears to defeat him … Now, these young girls are attending the Adventurer’s Academy to prepare to defeat the Demon Lord, who will one day resurrect. It is the start of a laid-back, fantastic life without the sign of the Demon Lord for the four who hope to become a team of heroes. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

21. Daphne in the Brilliant Blue 

Maia Mizuki has just shattered all her hopes and dreams. Not only did she fail the entrance examination of the Ocean Agency, a well-known maritime law enforcement agency, but she was also penniless, homeless, and alone. She was involved in a gun battle between two scantily clad women and a pair of robbers. These women are from Nereids, a private detective agency that will do anything as long as the price is right. One thing leads to another, and Maia takes a job for the Nereids, where she gets housing and food. Her job ranges from collecting rent to saving animals to catching criminals. Now all she has to do is reconcile her “crime-fighting” life with her dream of becoming part of the Ocean Agency one day! It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

20. Citrus 

Yuzuko Aihara, a high school student whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, will be reviewed soon. Due to her mother’s remarriage, Yuzu moved to a new all-girls school which is extremely strict. Her real education is about to begin. From day one, the carefree Yuzu makes enemies himself, namely the beautiful but strict student council president Mei. So what happens when a depressed Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is her new half-sister who has come to live with her? What’s even more surprising is that when Mei surprises Yuzu and kisses her unexpectedly, what does it all mean? It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

19. Burst Angel 

In the future, Tokyo fell victim to syndicates, havoc-hungry people who go mad and other groups who don’t like to follow the rules. In response, an organization called RAPT was created to maintain its definition of “peace”. However, in the underground, science involving humans and powerful mechanics develops in a steady phase, but for what purpose? Meet our four angels who know how to kick your butt and start hell whenever you need it. Their motto? Shoot first, talk later. Their mission? So that what seemed impossible could of course be possible … It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

18. Battle Athletes 

After a thousand years of expansion, people entered a war with aliens, which was to be resolved in the fight for physical strength. Although the alien race was physically superior to humans, humanity won, bringing humans into a new era of physical fitness and competition. Currently, Akari Kanzaki has entered the University Satellite training facility in the hope of becoming the newest Cosmic Beauty, a title reserved only for the most physically fit. Join Akari as he faces fierce rivals and challenging competitions to become the best combat athlete of all! It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

17. A Centaur’s Life 

Becoming a teenager is never easy, especially for centaurs! Himeno is a sweet, shy girl who, like many teenagers her age, struggles with the hardships and torments of attending high school. The difference is that he is a centaur, but she is not alone. All of her classmates are supernatural creatures, wearing horns, wings, tails, halos, or otherworldly outgrowths. However, despite their fantastic nature, Himeno and her best friends – Dragonwing Nozomi and Kyoko with their spiral horns – are down-to-earth, fun-loving teens who grapple with the problems of life and love in a mostly normal school. setting. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

16. Kanamemo 

After the death of her grandmother, 13-year-old Kana Nakamachi runs away from home convinced that her absent parents are selling her. She tries to find a job, but because she doesn’t want to hire a girl her age anywhere without parental consent, she comes back to the fore. And then, to make matters worse, a young girl named Yume stabs her bicycle in Kana and collapses! After this chance meeting, Kana learns of a vacancy at the press company Yume works for and quickly applies. Now Kana has secured a permanent job, delivering newspapers along with her new associates: the energetic Yume; quiet Yuki; drunk and perverted Haruka; money-hungry Hinata; and the deputy head of the elementary school, Saki. From memorizing your paper path to learning to ride a bike, to mending her scary smile, Kana’s new life is just beginning. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

15. Magical Witch Punie-chan 

Punie is the princess of the Magic Land that is compatible with the throne; but before she can inherit her and become queen, she must travel to Earth to prove to her mother, Esmeralda, that she has what it takes. In this strange new land, Puna is a lovely girl who is very easy to get along with. When she’s upset, she uses her magic cane to get into business! And when magic is out of the question, Punie uses the wrestling move known as “Surrender” to defeat the enemy like a true queen. Together with his mascot Paya-tan, Punie will make new friends and defeat new enemies with style! It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

14. Sakura Trick 

Best friends Haruka and Yuu have just started their first year at Misato West High School, a facility scheduled to close in three years. The duo is inseparable from high school, but moving to a new school means making new friends. So together, the couple decides to share something special that they won’t do with the other girls: they’ll share a passionate kiss. Now the two, along with their new comrades Kotone, Shizuku, Kaede, and Yuku, are embarking on their high school days together, having a blast – and sharing loads of intimate kisses along the way. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

13. Madlax 

The country of Gazth-Sonik has been involved in the civil war for more than a decade, struggling to stay afloat amid attacks by the anti-government faction known as the Garza. As lies and corruption infiltrate the political food chain, a mysterious book in the possession of a young girl may be the only key to uncovering the truth and ending the war. This book, however, is wanted by many. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

12. El Cazador de la Bruja 

Ellis is a young girl who has a strange ability to manipulate molecules and has an unfortunate case of amnesia. After accidentally killing a professor in an experiment, Ellis fled to Mexico and lived in the care of an old lady for many years, but her past eventually caught up with her. The men try to catch her, dead or alive. He meets bounty hunter Nadie, who befriends her and helps her escape; and together they decide to head south to Winay Mark’s “Land of Eternity” to find clues about Ellis’s past. What is the origin of Ellis’ power and what does Project Leviathan have to do with it? It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

11. Bubblegum Crisis 

The year is 2032. Tokyo has been devastated by a great earthquake. A new city, MegaTokio, has risen from the ashes. Humans now live side by side with androids known as Boomers. They carry out many servants and tedious tasks that humans despise, but these artificial servants come at a price: they tend to go crazy and attack those they were built for. Hope is in Knight Sabers, four young women in modern armored suits and enough firepower to hold back an army – but is it enough to stop the greatest threat from MegaTokio? It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

10. Brave Witches 

In September 1944, thanks to the efforts of the Allied forces with the 501st Combined Fighter Wing “Strike Witches” at their center, Neuroi’s nest in the skies above the Republic of Gaul was eliminated, ensuring the security of Western Europe. The Allied forces took advantage of this victory to seriously plan their resistance in Central and Eastern Europe. The 502nd Combined Fighter Wing “Brave Witches” was preparing to accept an order to deploy at its base in St. Petersburg in the Orusi Empire … Hoping humanity behind its backs, brave Witches of the 502nd Eastern Europe. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

9. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 

Illya loves magic girls, but most of all she loves her brother and wants him to pay more attention to her. So when a talking magic wand shows up offering her a chance to make her dreams come true, it seems too good to be true, and she hesitates. But unfortunately, her touch is the only consent needed, and now Illya is trapped in a magical girl! On the other hand, she has all the powers that come with her work – such as magic rays, shields, and incredible sweetness! But her path to love is dangerous as she now has to acquire powerful and magical items known as class cards.It is one of the top anime with a female main character.


Kashou Minaduki, the son of a large group of Japanese pastry chefs, moved out and opened his candy store, La Soleil. While unpacking his things, Kashou found two kittens that his family raised inboxes: Chocola and Vanilla. At first, he tried to send them back, but they begged and pleaded until he gave up. Now they run La Soleil together. They had a wonderful time with the help of Shigure, Kashou’s sister, and other cats from their family: Azuki, Maple, Cinnamon, and Coconut. One day, when Chocola goes out to do some errands, she meets a kitten. The story begins with their meeting. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

7. Anne no Nikki 

Anne Frank is a Jewish girl living in German-occupied Amsterdam during World War II. When Anna’s father learns that his family is in imminent danger, he takes Anne and her family to live with four others in a secret, safe place. In these cramped and cramped rooms, Ania and the rest live in darkness and low voices, always fearing discovery. For two years, Anne confides in Kitty, her diary in which she confesses her dreams and wishes and documents her life in the basement. As stocks begin to shrink and relationships become more complex and hot, Anne continues to write, dreaming of a life where she is free. It is one of the top anime with a female main character.

6. Strike Witches TV 

In 1939, an unknown enemy called Neuroi appeared. Their purpose is unclear and their origins unknown, but they attack and destroy any signs of human civilization encountered. Since conventional weapons are useless against them, humanity has developed a strike unit known as the Strike Witches to fight the Neuroi. Miyafuji Yoshika is a girl with exceptional healing powers but lacks control; she stayed scouted to join the Strike Witches and fight Neuroi, but all she wants is to take over her family clinic. After witnessing Neuroi being attacked on the way to find out if her father is still alive. Miyafuji decides to fight back and protect the people around her. Who or what are the Neuroi? What do they want? 

5. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! 

Kurihara Misato is more talented than other female high school students, so she is always alone, unable to live the way she wants. When she was reborn in a different world after a tragic accident, she wanted a chance to make normal friends and live a normal life. So she asked God for one thing, “Give me skills that are average for this world!” But the abilities that God bestowed on her were not “ordinary” at all… and now this girl who was reborn in the magical real world is fighting for simple and ordinary happiness! 

4. Strawberry Panic 

There are 3 prestigious female academies on Astraea Hill known as St. Miatre, Spica, and LeRim; and although the schools are separate, they share one campus and a dormitory. Nagisa Aoi is a 10th grader who has decided to move to St. Miatre’s Girls’ Academy. Although her transition has been smooth so far while exploring the Aoi campus, she accidentally falls off the hill, sees the beautiful Shimuza, and quickly (not to mention embarrassingly) faints. Nagisa is still dating Shimuza but soon discovers that she is “Etoile” – a respected girl in all schools.

3. Canaan 

Terrorism is on the rise, and the Ua virus is. A biological agent with a 100% mortality rate has been released to the population. In Shanghai, Canaan is an almost unstoppable soldier who wanders the streets, always in the way of the bullet. She is synesthetic – a person who can use all five senses at once – with a burning desire for revenge and a past shrouded in mystery. While the Ua virus is infecting more people in the city, other routes are crossing Canaan, including Minoru, a freelance journalist; Maria, a close friend of Canaan who became infected with the Ua virus and lost her memory of the incident; and The Snakes, a dark and brutal group with mysterious themes. Danger looms at every turn for Canaan and, ultimately, for the rest of mankind. 

2. Bloom Into You 

Yuu has always loved shoujo manga and is waiting for the day when she gets a declaration of love that will make her heart flutter with bubbles and hearts, and yet when a high school classmate confesses her feelings to her … she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yu enters high school, still unsure how to react. Yuu then sees the beautiful student council president, Nanami, rejecting the admirer with such maturity that she inspired her to ask for help. But when the next person to confess to Yu is Nanami herself, does her shoujo romance finally begin?  

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica 

One night, Madoka has a terrible nightmare – against the deserted landscape, she watches a magical girl fight a terrifying creature and fails. The next day, the teenager’s dream comes true when the girl – Homura – arrives at Mitakihara Junior High as a transfer student, mysteriously warning Madoka to stay as she is. But when she and her best friend Miki are sucked into a twisted world of illusion and meet a magical being named Kyubey, the couple discovers that the magical girls are real and they can choose to become one of them. All they have to do is sign up with Kyubey and agree to fight the witches who spread despair in the human world, and they’ll get one wish in return. However, as the omen of Homura suggests, there is much more to becoming a magical girl than Madoka and Miki realize. 

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