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Today we present you with a list of the best webtoons. In South Korea, webtoons are extremely popular among students. Webtoons, often known as ‘manhwa,’ are the South Korean equivalent of comic books. They are frequently turned into Korean dramas. Manhwas aren’t only for fun, but they were designed with that in mind initially. They are frequently intended to feed adolescent children’s imaginations about the mysteries of the universe. These manhwas also convey a variety of morals and lessons to the children. They occasionally point up societal blunders that are difficult to rectify. This is a fantastic approach to teaching the next generation about the types of individuals they should aim to be.

Solo Leveling

The plot of Solo Leveling centers around Sung Jin-life. woo’s Suddenly, ‘gates,’ or portals, as they might be more appropriately termed, have begun to materialize throughout South Korea. These portals connect the worlds of monsters and humans. A subset of humanity has begun to gain superpowers to keep the whole species from being carried away from Earth. Our primary character is the weakest link among these superhumans known as hunters. Jin-woo and a group of fellow hunters explore a hazardous dungeon one day. Even though Jin-woo dies inside it, it completes all of the challenges he was meant to complete to escape alive. Jin-woo then finds himself in a hospital bed. He realizes that certain things have changed about him as a hunter.


Noblesse is a dark fantasy novel about a nobleman who has been sleeping for almost 800 years. He is blissfully ignorant of how much the world has changed and how far humanity has come in science and technology. Noblesse begins with Rai, a nobleman, waking up in an abandoned building in modern-day South Korea. When he exits this skyscraper, he continues touring Seoul, the cosmopolitan South Korean metropolis. He can track down and reconnect with his former servant Frankenstein. Rai, along with Frankenstein, begins to settle into modern life in the present. When he enrolls in high school, he makes friends with Shin-Woo, Ikhan, and Yuna. Together with his friends, Rai starts his dangerous adventures against a secret organization that helps him uncover several hidden truths about his past.

The Sound Of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart was South Korea’s longest-running webtoon, lasting 14 years. It is, in fact, a webtoon in the comedy genre. There is no clear plot in The Sound of Your Heart. Instead, it chronicles the lives of a man named Jo Seok, his fiancée Ae-Bong, their family, and friends as they encounter bizarre events daily. Each scenario is so amusing that the reader will be left gasping for air. If you don’t want to read almost 1000 episodes of the popular webtoon, you may watch it as a South Korean drama.


Kubera, another popular webtoon, is written in the fantasy genre. She chronicles the lives of a small-town girl with the same name, Kubera. She discovers one day that a demi-god or a strong Sura had murdered everyone in her little village. According to the story’s idea, A Sura is an eternal entity capable of taking both human and animal-like forms for pleasure. Kubera encounters a magician named Asha and starts on an exciting adventure to reclaim all of the people who are important to her.

Cheese In The Trap

Cheese In The Trap is without a doubt one of the most well-known webcomics of all time. It was then transformed into a K-Drama and a film. Cheese In The Trap is a must-read for all romance fans. It chronicles the life of Seol Hong. Seol is a diligent young student. She had a long hiatus from school and has now returned to her studies. Meanwhile, her senior in high school, Jung Yu, is regarded as the ideal boy by everybody. His name precedes his ‘excellent reputation. When Seol becomes connected with Jung Yu, she believes her life has taken a terrible turn. The rest of the plot chronicles the evolution of their relationship dynamics and how it forever affects their lives.


Bastard is a webtoon centered on the struggle of a little kid named Seon Jin. Because of his weak demeanor and quiet attitude, Seon Jin is frequently harassed by his peers at school. Seon Jin’s father is a serial murderer as if he didn’t have enough difficulties. He must reluctantly aid his father and be a loyal partner in all of his filthy activities. Seon Jin’s father is a prominent figure in Korean society. Nobody knows, though, about the deadly monster he is beneath all the nice words. Seon Jin is scared of spending time with his father at home. Suddenly, Seon Jin’s father becomes interested in Yoon Kyun, a new transfer student at his school. It is now that Seon Jin must choose between saving the girl from his father’s monstrous instincts and being a ‘bastard’ to his father by betraying him.

The Breaker

The Breaker is yet another action and martial arts high school tale. It chronicles the life of Shioon, a young kid who is often assaulted and harassed by his peers. One such incident in which he gets beaten up is witnessed by his new English instructor. Mr. Chun Woo, on the other hand, refuses to assist him. Shioon, on the other hand, gets chastised by his instructor for not standing up for himself and standing firm. He soon discovers that Chun Woo is more than simply an English instructor; he is a well-skilled martial arts warrior. Shioon is adamant about learning from him. Chun Woo challenges Shioon to a bridge leap, demonstrating his dedication to the art form. The story then follows Shioon’s story as he discovers the hidden treasures of learning ‘murin’. The Breaker is followed by a second part titled The Breaker: New Waves.


Untouchable is another webtoon in the romance genre on our list, with approximately 140 episodes. It has a very high online rating of around 9.68 out of a total of 10. Sia Lee, in Untouchable, is another archetypal vampire who touches humans to drain their energy. She differs from other vampires in that she does not suck blood. The plot twist occurs when Sia falls in love with her next-door neighbor Jiho, who suffers from germaphobia and refuses to let anyone touch him. To find out what happens to their relationship, read the webtoon.

Tower Of God

People who have a strong desire for something in their lives come to the Tower of God. Each of the 135 floors contains a series of tests that a person must pass to fulfill their desires. Each floor is more difficult than the one below. People work hard to reach the top of the tower and become Rankers – people who have realized their dreams. Baam is a young boy who enters the Tower of God and begins to face the challenges that each floor throws at him. However, one fascinating fact about Baam is that he has no desires of his own. Baam simply wishes to see his friend Rachel and catch up with her as she begins this journey before him.

Girls Of The Wild’s

Girls of the Wild is a mash-up of every popular webtoon genre out there. It covers everything from action to martial arts to romance to high school drama. Wild’s High School was previously an all-girls school with a mixed martial arts emphasis. However, it has recently become a co-educational school and has begun accepting boys. The plot revolves around Song Jae Gu, a freshman at Wild’s High School with less than ideal ideas about women. His ideas stem from his childhood abandonment trauma caused by his mother’s abandonment. Jae Gu has had to care for his younger siblings since their mother abandoned them. The school holds an annual championship league called ‘Wild’s League’ where the girls fight with each other brutally to become the champion.

About Death

About Death is a webtoon that has approximately 22 episodes. If you’re a fan of the genre but have limited Hangul skills, these episodes are all available in English. As the title suggests, About Death views life as a borrowed time – a pause between birth and death. The webtoon attempts to investigate and comprehend death through the lives of the characters. In the webtoon, a god-like powerful figure has the miraculous ability to communicate with people who are on the verge of crossing over from the world of the living to the world of the dead. About Death delves into issues that we face daily, such as suicide, relationships, friendships, love, loss, and regrets.

Oh! Holy

Oh! Another popular romance webcomic, Oh! Holy follows the lives of two childhood friends who have lost touch. But don’t be fooled: this webtoon is a high school romance, with the characters reconciling in their final years of high school. Holy and Jaimee have personalities that are opposed. However, something about their friendship helps them rekindle their dormant relationship, which will hopefully blossom into romance. While Holy is an outcast, Jaimee is a popular student at school. Meanwhile, the Holy has an uncanny ability to communicate with ghosts.


Dice is a fantasy-themed webtoon with a lot of fans. It’s every video gamer’s dream. By playing a game, players can restart their lives and reverse all of their experiences, according to the theory in Dice. In this case, the online game we’re talking about is a dice game. Tae Bin is an exchange student who attends the same school as Dong Tae. While Dong Tae’s life is made miserable by his classmates’ constant bullying, Tae Bin is extremely popular. Tae Bin and Dong Tae happen to sit next to each other in class. Tae Bin suggests that he and Dong Tae play the rumored dice game one day. The storyline then follows how drastically their lives change after they pick up the magical game.

The Gamer

The Gamer is a webtoon that sits at the crossroads of science fiction and comedy, with a dash of action and adventure thrown in for good measure. Again, the webtoon follows the life of Han Jee Han and is based on the fantasy of living your life based on your level in a certain game that everyone is playing. Han Jee Han awakens one day to discover that he possesses the abilities of an RPG player. It is, however, completely unexpected! He then embarks on a journey to discover how he obtained these abilities and then tries to level up in the game in the most efficient way possible.

Days Of Hana

While we are accustomed to reading about vampires falling in love with humans, Days of Hana belongs to the same fantasy genre but is very different. In this webtoon by artist Seok-woo, we see a werewolf, who is commonly thought to be a vampire’s arch-enemy, fall in love with a human. This webtoon’s theory envisions a world in which werewolves regard themselves as loyal servants to their human masters. Haru is the werewolf here, and Hana is the girl. The name of the webtoon is an interesting play on their names. The Korean word for the day is also ‘Haru.’ The plot revolves around the forbidden love story that develops between Haru and Hana.


Lookism is a popular webtoon about a boy named Daniel (Park Hyun Suk) who can switch between his two bodies. Both of his bodies put him through opposed life experiences. On the one hand, he is bullied by his classmates, but on the other hand, he is a handsome young man who everyone adores. This webtoon depicts the harsh reality of our society, in which people are treated differently based on their physical appearance. Daniel is a handsome boy during the day, but at night, he returns to his reality. The story follows Daniel’s life as he becomes a celebrity with his day-face and gets into the entertainment industry but late at night when the world sleeps, Daniel returns to his original body.

Itaewon Class

Park Sae-royi is a young high school student who aspires to join the police academy. His hardworking father is a single parent who does his best to provide a comfortable life for his son. Sae-father royi’s is murdered by a dangerous businessman of high social standing over a minor feud. Sae-royi opposes him and is imprisoned as a result. After completing his sentence, Sae-royi returns to Seoul and attempts to open a small restaurant in the Itaewon neighborhood to make his father proud. Itaewon is one of Seoul’s liveliest neighborhoods, with all of the city’s best clubs and restaurants. As he embarks upon this journey, Park Sae-royi also starts to plan out his revenge against the powerful chaebol heir who murdered his father. Itaewon Class has been adapted into a K-Drama of the same name starring Park Seo-Joon in the lead.

Ringing If You Like

Ringing If You Like is another popular webtoon with a K-Drama screen adaptation called ‘Love Alarm.’ Ringing if You Like is set in a futuristic world where apps can determine whether someone within a 10-meter radius loves you. However, what happens when you ring someone’s alarm even if they do not reciprocate your feelings? The plot of this popular webtoon follows the lives of Hwang Sun-Oh, Kim JoJo, and Lee Hye-Yeong, who form a complicated love triangle when both of their friends fall in love with the same girl. To find out who JoJo eventually ends up with, read Ringing If You Like.

True Beauty

True Beauty is a rare webtoon that, if you’re willing to look at it that way, highlights a negative aspect of South Korea’s mainstream society. It is about a young girl who watches make-up tutorials on YouTube and begins to apply the techniques to herself. As soon as she begins to wear make-up in public, her popularity at school skyrockets, and she quickly becomes the most popular girl with the prettiest face. But the question is how long she can hide her true self behind layers of make-up. And how will her situation change once people learn about her? The drama depicts the harsh reality of growing up in a society that elevates beauty to the highest level – above all else.

Navillera, a Netflix Original Series starring actor Song Kang, was recently adapted. ‘Like a Butterfly’ is a webtoon about people’s very real fear of growing old and regretting not doing something with their lives. Dukchul Shim is a 70-year-old man with a lifelong desire to dance. Even more surprising is that he wishes to learn ballet. His body, however, seems to give up on him every day, no matter how hard he tries. He wishes he had begun at least ten years ago when his body was more capable than it is now. Dukchul meets Chae-rok, a 23-year-old ballerino with dreams and ambitions of his own, on his journey to become a dancer. While Dulchul finds himself envying Chae-rok’s youth at times.

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