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10. Gyo 

The country is invaded by ferocious fish with sharp metal legs, consumed by death and destruction! During the slaughter, Kaori embarks on a desperate mission to find her missing boy before he dies. Faced with the four-legged killer sharks powered by squid machines and the myriad dangers of Tokyo. Now an urban war zone, Kaori must find the truth behind these mechanical monsters. It is one of the top zombie anime.

9. Seoul Station 

Near Seoul Station, an old man who might have died sank into the body of a homeless person. Soon, the streets are filled with cruel zombies that desperately want to feed. Hae-sun, who ran away, witnessed a terrible scene, while her boyfriend and her father Suk-Gyu desperately searched for her. As the attacks turn into attackers, the government announces a blockade of the stations. Leaving the uninfected to fight desperately against the dangerous undead. With the number of zombies exploding, people with no home to return to now have to flee. It is one of the top zombie anime.

7. Resident Evil: Degeneration 

It’s been a while since Raccoon City, the source of the T virus outbreak, was removed from the map by the military. Umbrella Corporation’s stock price plummeted and was replaced by a new pharmaceutical company called WilPharma. However, unlike its predecessor, WilPharma is developing a vaccine that can turn people into bloodthirsty zombies. Claire Redfield just landed in Wilpharmy to visit a friend because she found herself in the center of a bloody slaughter full of zombies. Leon Kennedy and members of the Special Response Team are called in to save Claire and the other survivors at the airport, saving an important member of WilPharma in the process. What caused the new T virus recurrences? Claire and Leon must get to the bottom of it before the wicked enemies can carry out their plans … It is one of the top zombie anime.

6. Sankarea 

Chihiro is a macabre high school student who collects horror movies and thinks sex with a zombie chick would be awesome. But while the idea of ​​death is tempting, faced with the actual death of his beloved cat, the teenager is bent to grief and determined to bring his deceased companion back to life. Every night he sneaks into an abandoned building and tries to brew a resurrection potion. There he meets Rea, the beautiful daughter of the wealthy Sanek family. However, the girl has her troubles and, after a mistake, she is bombed! Now the horror fanatic lives his dream with his zombie girlfriend, but how will the couple handle Rei’s new diet and the advent of rigor mortis? It is one of the top zombie anime.

5. Highschool of the Dead 

As the infected approached Rei and Takashi’s school, it led to a gruesome blood bath that killed most of the students and staff or turned into zombie-like monsters that spread throughout the world. Together with a few other survivors, Rei and Takashi began to find their families in a world that was rapidly falling apart. Governments have collapsed, the deadly disease is out of control, and people all over the world are just trying to survive each day … It is one of the top zombie anime.

4. Is this a Zombie? 

Ayumu was killed by a serial killer – at least he was. When the mysterious Eucliwood Hellscythe revives him, he turns from human to zombie, to his horror. Now, in addition to not being able to die, the boy has to take care of the whims of his supernatural, silent companion – but things get worse from there. Just like Ayumu accidentally stole a magical girl named Haruna, his embarrassing job is to become a magical girl! By adding a hostile vampire ninja to his dwelling, will Ayumu be able to maintain his new home life, fight the attacking monsters, and track down the person who killed him, while trying to preserve what remains of his dignity? It is one of the top zombie anime.

3. Is this a Zombie of the Dead? 

The world’s most qualified zombie is back for another round of dressing up, decaying, undead adventures in the only show where all chicks get a corpse! When Ayumu broke Haruna’s magic chainsaw and unexpectedly showed her love of beautiful pink dresses throughout the school, the second season was shocking! This is followed by an incident with a terrible dance that turns out to be a curse – and an embarrassing trip to the cafe where all the zombie roommates work! But the shenanigans take on bigger problems when the mysterious.

2. Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic 

Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler Sebastian are back! And in the next case, Ciel and Sebastian tread rough waters. Onboard the Campania luxury liner, the two are investigating an illegal experiment on humans to raise the dead. But the closer to the truth, the closer to your death! Will this be their last affair, or will a hellish butler keep them afloat? 

1. Mo Dao Zu Shi 

As the founding master of the Demonic Sect, Wei Wuxian wandered in the world, and the chaos he created was hated by thousands of people.  He was eventually stabbed in the back by his dearest shidi and killed by the mighty clans who came together to incapacitate him. He plays the body of a madman who was abandoned by his clan and then reluctantly taken by the cult cultivator Lan WangJi, his archenemy, famous among the clans. 

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