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Hey, fellows today we are embarking on a journey to present you with the best list of survival anime. So here’s a list of the Top 10 Best Intense Survival Anime that you’ll love watching. Hope you enjoy it.  


This series revolves around a 22 years old unemployed boy named Sakamoto Ryoto who lives with his mother. In reality, he has nothing really special about him but in the online world. He is the world’s strongest player in a combat game, Btooom! One day he wakes up on an island having no memory of why or how he got there. Ryoto while wandering finds a stranger and asks him for help. The stranger in response throws a bomb and at that moment Ryoto realizes that he is stuck in the real-life version of Btooom! and his life is also in danger. Will he be able to survive? It is one of the top survival anime.

Attack on Titan 

Attack on Titan deserves to be on this list. This series is set at a time when humanity was on the brink of extinction. They were forced to live a life within three walls to protect themselves from Titans, humanly looking, giant creatures. The story focuses on Eren, his adoptive sister Mikasa and their childhood friend Armin. The first attack resulted in the death of Eren’s mother since then the three of them decided to join the Scout Regiment, take revenge, and reclaim the world from the Titans. It is one of the top survival anime.

Future Diary 

Yukiteru Amano is the main protagonist of the show and a loner who spends most of his time writing in a diary on his phone. His only friend was imaginary, Deus Ex Machine, who later turned out to be not so imaginary. Deus challenges him to play a game of survival, a battle to the death to become Deus’s successor and the God of time and space. The only weapon he has to survive with is his diary. There is a total of 12 people and each contestant must use their diary to eliminate each other. What will Yukiteru do? It is one of the top survival anime.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0  

At the beginning of the summer break, Mirai Onozawa, a middle schooler frustrated with her parents, takes her overly cheerful brother to a robotics exhibition. The exhibition took place on the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. Due to her certain conditions, Marai in a fit of anger wished for the world to tear apart and these thoughts came true in the form of an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. The power of this natural disaster unraveled before their eyes. Later on, a single mother named Mari Kusakabe decided to help these siblings survive. It is one of the top survival anime.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin 

This anime takes place after World War II in 1955. Mario Minakami arrives at the reformatory along with six other boys who are put in the same holding cell as his. The seven of them were arrested on serious criminal charges. The seven of them came from different pasts but shared the same fate and were forced to do time in the reformatory. As time passed the boys developed a bond and shared the suffering and humiliation inflicted by a sadistic guard. Will these seven inmates be able to survive? It is one of the top survival anime.


Fate/Zero is a prequel to Fate/stay night. The Einzbern family after being defeated in the successive wars of The Holy Grail is determined to win the next one and elects to hire the Magnus Killer, Kiritsugu Emiya. Kiritsugu spends the next six-year preparing for the war and along the way unknowingly forming a family with their daughter,  Irisviel. The Magnus Killer, facing six other participants, stands in the middle of a very dangerous survival game. What will happen next? 

Mujin Wakusei Survive  

This anime sets in a distant future where the earth becomes inhabitable and people live in colonies on the surrounding planets. A transfer student named Luna is the main protagonist of the show. She along with her robot dog and six other classmates are mistakenly thrown through a gravity storm and are landed on uninhabited land. Will Luna, her robot pet Chako, Kaoru, Howard, Meganekko, Bell, Ojou, and Shingo be able to survive? 

Sword Art Online 

This series is about a multiplayer virtual reality game where players cannot leave of their own free will and must win to survive or die. The show focuses on an avid gamer and beta tester named Kirito who enters the game on the day of its launch. He is met by a challenge from the designer, to conquer he must defeat the final boss. Will he be able to survive for that long? 

Terra Formars  

The 21st-century scientists started a space plan and were tasked to warm up mars to make it habitable for humans. They came up with a plan to send cockroaches and mold. The mold would absorb the sunlight and the insects would be the mold’s food source. In the year 2577, when the first manned ship was sent to mars they find mutated humanoid cockroaches. The crew members were killed so the earth send their best warriors to eradicate the bugs and claim Mars back. 


A schoolgirl named Yuki Takeya and her friends Yuri, Miki, and Kurumi are members of Megurigaoka High School’s Living Club. As the sole survivors of a zombie outbreak in the city, the girls try to keep Yuki safe as she seeks out fun school activities.  

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