Top 20 Manga Where MC is a Trash That Becomes OP

Manga has become a popular genre worldwide, and one of the most loved tropes in the manga is the underdog MC who rises to become overpowered. It’s always satisfying to see a character go from a weak and trashy individual to an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. In this list, we’ll be showcasing the top 20 manga where the MC is trash that becomes OP.

“Solo Leveling” by Chugong:

In a world where portals have opened up, connecting it to a world of monsters and magic, Jin-Woo, a weak and low-ranked hunter, is suddenly granted a special ability that allows him to level up like a game character. As he gains power, he uncovers a dark secret about the world and sets out to become the strongest hunter.

“The Beginning After the End” by TurtleMe:

King Grey, a powerful sorcerer, dies and is reborn as a baby in another world. He retains his memories and uses his knowledge to become a prodigious mage. However, his peaceful life is disrupted when he gets embroiled in the politics of the new world and finds himself on a path to becoming a great leader.

“Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken” by Fuse:

After dying, Satoru Mikami is reincarnated in a fantasy world as a slime monster. However, he soon discovers that he has a unique ability that allows him to absorb the powers of other monsters and become stronger. With his new abilities, he sets out on a journey to explore this new world and make a name for himself.

“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” by Fuse:

Satoru Mikami dies and is reincarnated as a slime in a fantasy world. However, he quickly gains new abilities and becomes a powerful monster. He sets out to make a new life for himself and meets various allies along the way, building his nation and becoming a respected leader.

“The Rising of the Shield Hero” by Aneko Yusagi:

Naofumi Iwatani is summoned to a fantasy world to become one of four heroes tasked with saving the world from destruction. However, he is betrayed by his companions and framed for a crime he did not commit. He becomes ostracized by society and must use his wits and newfound powers as the shield hero to clear his name and save the world.

“Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” by Ryo Shirakome:

Hajime Nagumo, an average high school student, is summoned to a fantasy world along with his classmates. However, when a dungeon exploration goes wrong, Hajime is left behind and must fend for himself. With his new powers and determination to survive, he sets out on a journey of revenge and becomes one of the strongest adventurers in the world.

“Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody” by Hiro Ainana:

Suzuki, a programmer, is transported to a fantasy world and gains the ability to level up like in a game. He decides to take advantage of this new power and explores the world, gaining new skills and abilities along the way. However, he soon finds himself caught up in a conspiracy that threatens the safety of the world.

“Re:Monster” by Kanekiru Kogitsune:

When an unnamed protagonist is killed and reincarnated as a goblin, he discovers that he has the unique ability to devour and absorb the powers of other creatures. With his new abilities, he sets out to become the strongest goblin and eventually build his kingdom.

“Overlord” by Kugane Maruyama:

After being trapped in a game, Momonga decides to embrace his new life as the powerful undead ruler of a kingdom. As he builds his strength and discovers more about the world, he becomes embroiled in political intrigue and must fight to keep his kingdom safe.

“The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” by Heesung Nam:

After losing his job and falling into debt, Lee Hyun starts playing a virtual reality MMORPG called “Royal Road” to earn money. He chooses to play as a sculptor, a class that is seen as weak and useless by other players. However, as he creates beautiful sculptures and gains experience, he begins to realize the hidden potential of his class. With his determination and ingenuity, Lee Hyun sets out to become the strongest sculptor in the game and create a name for himself. Along the way, he discovers dark secrets about the game’s creators and fights against powerful enemies to protect his friends and allies.

“Konjiki no Moji Tsukai (Golden Word Master)” by Tomoto Sui:

Kanji Tatsumi is a high school student who is suddenly summoned to a fantasy world by a beautiful princess named Roroa. There, he discovers that he possesses a rare ability called “Golden Word Master,” which allows him to manipulate the very fabric of reality through the use of written language. With his newfound power, Kanji sets out on a journey to explore this new world and uncover the secrets behind his abilities. Along the way, he encounters various friends and enemies, including the mysterious and powerful “Scriptures,” who seek to use Kanji’s powers for their purposes. With danger lurking around every corner, Kanji must use his wits and his Golden Word Master abilities to survive and protect his friends.

“Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” by Rifujin na Magonote:

After dying in a traffic accident, a 34-year-old NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) named Rudeus Greyrat is reincarnated into a new world as a baby. Realizing that he has been given a second chance, Rudeus resolves to live a fulfilling life in this new world, using his knowledge from his past life to become the most powerful magician in existence. With the help of his magical talent, Rudeus navigates the dangerous world of magic and politics, forming close relationships with powerful allies and battling deadly foes. However, as Rudeus grows in power, he must also confront his inner demons and face the consequences of his actions.

“Nidome no Yuusha (The Hero Who Returned)” by Kizuka Nero:

Kaito Okami is a hero who has just defeated the demon king and saved the world. However, he is betrayed by his party and killed in cold blood. In his dying moments, Kaito vows to exact revenge on those who wronged him. Miraculously, Kaito is reincarnated in a world similar to his own, and he sets out on a mission to become stronger than ever before. Using his knowledge of his past life, Kaito quickly rises to become a powerful hero, feared and respected by all. But his thirst for revenge is still burning, and Kaito will stop at nothing to destroy those who betrayed him.

“The New Gate” by Kazanami Shinogi:

Shin Oonuma is a beta tester for a popular virtual reality MMORPG called “The New Gate.” However, he suddenly finds himself trapped inside the game after it is shut down for maintenance. With no way to log out, Shin is forced to navigate the dangerous and unpredictable world of the game, fighting powerful monsters and forming alliances with other players. As he progresses through the game, Shin discovers that the world of The New Gate is not what it seems, and he must use his wits and his strength to uncover its dark secrets and find a way back to the real world.

“Tsuyokute New Saga” by Abe Masayuki:

After being betrayed by his own country, the great knight Sagara Sousuke is transported to another world, where he is reincarnated as a young boy named Wendelin. Using his past life experience and knowledge, Wendelin sets out to become the strongest warrior in the world. Along the way, he forms alliances with powerful magic users and battles fierce monsters, eventually becoming a legendary hero in his own right. However, as Wendelin grows in power, he must also confront the dark secrets of his past and face the consequences of his actions.

“Goblin Slayer” by Kumo Kagyu:

In a world where goblins are considered to be weak and lowly creatures, a young adventurer named Priestess joins a party of adventurers to earn money and gain experience. However, things quickly take a dark turn when the party is ambushed by a group of goblins, and Priestess is the only survivor. Traumatized by the experience, Priestess is rescued by a mysterious man known only as Goblin Slayer, who is infamous for his single-minded dedication to hunting down and killing goblins. Together with Goblin Slayer and a team of other adventurers, Priestess embarks on a dangerous quest to eliminate the goblin threat once and for all.

“World Customize Creator” by Takeru Uchida:

After being transported to a new world, high school student Tagami Yusuke discovers that he has the power to create and customize everything around him using a special ability known as “World Customization.” With his newfound power, Tagami sets out to explore this new world and create his ideal world, filled with beautiful landscapes, powerful allies, and advanced technology. However, as he delves deeper into his world, Tagami discovers that there are dark forces at work, threatening to destroy everything he has created.

“Danmachi: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” by Fujino Omori:

In the city of Orario, adventurers from all over the world come to explore the dangerous depths of the Dungeon, a labyrinthine complex filled with monsters and treasures. Bell Cranel is a young adventurer who dreams of becoming a hero, but he quickly realizes that he has a long way to go before he can achieve his goals. With the help of his goddess partner Hestia and a growing group of allies, Bell embarks on a quest to become the strongest adventurer in Orario and protect the ones he loves from the dangers of the Dungeon.

“Against the Gods” by Mars Gravity:

In a world where power is everything, Yun Che is a young man who possesses a rare and powerful ability known as the “Evil God’s Legacy.” With this power, Yun Che sets out to become the strongest fighter in the world, using his skills to conquer powerful enemies and win the hearts of beautiful women. However, as he rises to the top of the world, Yun Che discovers that there are dark forces at work, threatening to destroy everything he has worked for. With his skills and his determination, Yun Che must fight against the gods themselves to protect his loved ones and achieve his goals.

“Kenja no Mago (Wise Man’s Grandchild)” by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka:

After dying in a traffic accident, salaryman Shin Walford is reincarnated in a magical world as a young boy named Merlin. Raised by powerful wizards, Merlin quickly learns to use magic and becomes one of the most powerful wizards in the land. However, his lack of knowledge about the world and its politics often gets him into trouble, and he must rely on the guidance of his friends and mentors to navigate the dangers of this new world. With his incredible powers and his determination to protect those he loves, Merlin sets out to become the greatest wizard in the land and defend his new home from all threats.

There you have it, our top 20 manga where the MC starts as trash but becomes OP. These manga series are perfect for readers who love to see the underdog win against all odds. From fantasy worlds to alternate realities, these mangas showcase the power of hard work and determination. We hope this list helps you find your next favourite manga to read.

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